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Hotels in Kasauli

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OYO 24634 Kasauli Pinegrooves Inn Saver
OYO 24634 Kasauli Pinegrooves Inn Saver
OYO 24634 Kasauli Pinegrooves Inn Saver
OYO 24634 Kasauli Pinegrooves Inn Saver
OYO 24634 Kasauli Pinegrooves Inn Saver
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Questions and Answers

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What are the best budget & premium options available to stay in Kasauli?
OYO Rooms offer a lot of hotel options for various categories such as budget hotels in Kasauli, premium hotels in Kasauli and homestays in Kasauli. Kasauli is a serene town located near the beautiful city of Chandigarh. You can find OYO rooms in Kasauli at the starting range of Rs. 638 for one night like the OYO 24634 Kasauli Pinegrooves Inn. If you want a premium option you can go for the OYO rooms at OYO Home 12185 Wayside Villa which costs Rs. 2,685 per night. View more hotels in Kasauli
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What are some of the best economy and luxury hotel options near the railway station/bus stand?
OYO Home 13347 Studios is within 0.3 km proximity of the Kasauli Bus stand and would cost you around Rs. 1,600 per night. Though Hotel Marina is one of the cheapest OYO hotels available in Gulmarg, it is a premium category property. OYO Home 12185 Wayside Villa would cost you around Rs. 3,169 per night and is at a distance of 0.7 m from the bus stand. View more hotels in Kasauli
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What are some of the best economy and luxury accommodations near the Airport?
The nearest airport to Kasauli is Chandigarh and here you can find some of the best options from OYO Rooms:
Budget accommodations
OYO 5785 Silver One
OYO 16948 Hotel Jp Palace
OYO 11886 Hotel Crystal
Premium accommodations:
OYO Hotel 27061 Magnum
OYO 9575 Hotel Absolute Comfort
OYO 1100 Hotel Kwality Regency
View more hotels near the Airport in Chandigarh
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How many hotels are available for booking at OYO in Kasauli?
There are over 60 OYO room hotels available for booking in Kasauli. The exact number may vary depending upon availability.
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What is the price range of hotels in the City?
The price for the OYO rooms in Kasauli ranges between Rs 580 to Rs. 2900 per room for one night.
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How far is Kasauli from Chandigarh and how to reach there?
The distance between Kasauli and Chandigarh is 58.2 km. You can reach there by bus, train or even drive in your own car from Chandigarh easily.
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What are the places to visit in Kasauli?
Gilbert Trail and the Monkey Point are the most popular spots to visit in Kasauli. Christ’s Church and Sunset point are two other amazing spots to relish your stay in Kasauli. When you are in the mood for some shopping, just head down to Mall road. And, if you want to enjoy the cool valley breeze, timber trail is the best family activity to do in Kasauli.
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Why do the hotel fares change so frequently in City?
Hotel fares can change due to several factors like location or the services and amenities offered. Hotel prices are also subject to the forces which decide the equilibrium rates in the market. As Kasauli is a popular city and closer to major urban centers of Northern India, the rates are usually dynamic due to the services offered and time visited. Prices are relatively higher during the peak season.
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Is the city covered by bus/cab network? What is the best way to travel across the city?
Yes, there is a local bus service provided by the government that runs throughout the city. You can easily get to know the bus timings and routes. Other than this, you can also travel in a car. There are also a lot of narrow lanes in the city where it’s best to walk.
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How can I book budget friendly homestays in Kasauli?
There are so many budget friendly homestays in Kasauli offered by OYO Home. These offer a perfect environment to de-stress, clear your mind and soothe your nerves. You can click on the link mentioned below to identify homestays that offer complete value for money and do not cost a bomb. Are you looking for a cosy vacation spot that charms your heart and soul? Then Kasauli is the perfect destination. Located in between Chandigarh and Shimla, this beautiful little town in Himachal Pradesh oozes serenity and calmness. The best way to explore this quaint town is by staying in homestays.
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