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OYO 16791 Blue Ocean Resort
OYO 16079 Outback Resort
OYO 16079 Outback Resort OYO Rooms
OUtback resort, Beach no.5,Govind Nagar,Havelock, Havelock
4.3 Very Good
40 Ratings
₹ 3905
₹ 7811 per night
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What is a good time to visit Havelock?
The good time to visit Havelock is the winter season between the month of October and March. During this time the place does not experience humidity and the weather is good for outdoor activities on the beach. The summers in this season can get hot and humid and are not ideal for enjoying the outdoors. Havelock can also be visited by tourists who love rain during monsoons.
Is the city covered by metro/bus network? What is the best way to travel across the city?
Havelock does not have a metro network. This place has a bus network that runs between the famous beaches and covers the areas in between. The most preferred mode of transport in Havelock is Jeeps. You will also find plenty of auto rickshaws on the island which ply to nearby areas. The rates of all the public modes of transport are standardized. One very unique mode of transport available in Havelock are ferries which go to various spots on the island also to the nearby islands.
How to reach Havelock?
To reach Havelock, you will have to reach Port Blair and from there you can take a ferry or a helicopter to reach Havelock. You cannot reach Havelock by train or road. Port Blair has an airport that receives flights from cities like Chennai, Vishakhapatnam and Kolkata.
Which are the famous beaches in Havelock?
Havelock is an island and has a lot of beaches to enjoy. The top beaches that you must visit are Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Kalapathar Beach and Elephant Beach.
What to buy in Havelock?
Shopping in Havelock can be a costly affair if you do not know how to bargain. The best things to buy here are sea shells artefacts, wooden jewellery, show pieces, swimming gear and clothes.
What is the official language of Havelock?
The official languages of Havelock are Hindi and English. Tamil and Bengali are also spoken here.
Which are the best islands near Havelock?
Havelock is surrounded by many equally beautiful islands. Some of the islands that you should check out are Port Blair, Jolly Buoy, Neil Island, Ross Island, North Bay Island and Cinque Island.