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OYO 33374 Hotel KC
OYO 33374 Hotel KC Budget
railway station, Bathinda
₹ 706
₹ 1054 per night
33% OFF
Capital O 33480 Hotel Amsun Pride
OYO 28176 Hotel President
OYO 28176 Hotel President OYO Rooms
behind new Bus Stand, Bathinda
4.7 Excellent
185 Ratings
₹ 1089
₹ 1702 per night
36% OFF
OYO 30948 Hotel Highway Inn
OYO 30948 Hotel Highway Inn Budget
2, Barnala Bypass, Hazura Kapura Colony, Guru Gobind Singh Nagar, Bathinda
₹ 834
₹ 1245 per night
33% OFF
OYO 28162 Hotel Prince
OYO 28162 Hotel Prince OYO Rooms
Mehna Marg, near Old Bus Stand, Bathinda
4.7 Excellent
261 Ratings
₹ 720
₹ 1125 per night
36% OFF
OYO 14860 Hotel Silver Star
OYO 14860 Hotel Silver Star OYO Rooms
Sadbhawna chownk, near railway station road, main bazar, Bathinda, Bathinda
4.5 Excellent
534 Ratings
₹ 1071
₹ 1673 per night
36% OFF
OYO 30127 Hotel Sabina International
OYO 3404 Hotel Ahluwalia Regency
OYO 18336 Hotel Appreciate
OYO 18336 Hotel Appreciate OYO Rooms
Behind New Bus Stand, Bathinda
4.6 Excellent
880 Ratings
₹ 655
₹ 977 per night
33% OFF
OYO 29679 Hotel Umang GG
OYO 29679 Hotel Umang GG OYO Rooms
Near Fouji chowk, Bhatinda, Bathinda
4.6 Excellent
60 Ratings
₹ 669
₹ 1046 per night
36% OFF

Bathinda was earlier known as Bikramgarh, but was renamed by the Bhati Rajput Kings of Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer. The city is about 3,000 years old and formed part of the Kushana Kingdom under the rule of Kushan King Kanishka. The town was also ruled by Mahmud of Ghazni, Prithviraj Chauhan, Iltutmish, Mohammad Ghori, Razia Sultana, the Mughals as well as the princely Patiala. Bathinda is rich in heritage and culture. For tourists looking to take in the sights and sounds of the city, there are several places that will grab travellers’ fancy. Bathinda can be aptly described as a quiet, friendly city, which has witnessed visits from a few foreign tourists.

There are a number of hotels and restaurants located near the bus station. The bazaars between the bus station and Bathinda’s fabulous fort are fun places to visit during a short trip there. The Quila Mubarak in Bhatinda has been in existence since the time of the Kushana Kingdom under Kanishka. The fort is the place where Razia Sultana, the first Empress of India, was defeated and put in prison. It is among the best tourist attractions in the city. The Bir Talab Zoo is another popular attraction in the city. The zoo is spread over 161 acres and was set up in 1978 by the Red Cross. It is now governed by Punjab’s forest and wildlife protection department. The zoo houses a number of rare and endangered animal, reptilian and bird species. Bhatinda is renowned for its multicultural influences which came about after Sikh and Rajput kings ruled the city. For those looking to understand the city better, these attractions are a must visit. An evening stroll along Bathinda Lake is heavenly. The promenade near the lake’s shores is peppered with a number of eateries that attracts locals and tourists.

One can opt to take a ride on Kashmir-styled Shikara boats. The best time to visit the city is during the winter months – from November to February. Winters are characterised by a dip in mercury and generally pleasant weather. The temperature ranges from 34°C to about 4°C. The high temperatures in summer are not conducive for a visit. Travellers could also visit the city during the pleasant monsoon season. Though a quaint city, Bathinda is home to a number of hotels. For those looking for premium or budget OYO Rooms will be in for a treat. There are rooms located near the railway station and bus stand. For those looking to stay near the bustling part of town can choose to book an OYO room near Mall Road or 100 Feet Chowk. There are also a number of affordable hotels in and around Qila Mubarak, Rose Garden and Bathinda Lake.

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Can you suggest few 4 star hotels in Bathinda
Bathinda luxury hotels can be reserved at low rates by simply choosing the "Premium" option under the section "Property Type" on the left side of the hotel list page. You may also choose these luxury hotels in Bathinda by applying Price filter. These hotels are well designed and offer high quality services and amenities.
Does OYO provide discounted hotels in Bathinda
You can find many OYO hotels in Bathinda3 with the best deals and offers. If available, the discounts will be auto applied to your Bathinda hotel booking.
Please suggest a list of cheap hotels in Bathinda?
Are you looking forward to a pleasing guest experience at a market down price range? You can book economical or budget hotels in Bathinda by just clicking on this link-
Please suggest best 3 star hotels in Bathinda
You can get low priced hotels in Bathinda, offering convenience and comfort by selecting filter of your choice on 'Price' and 'Property Type' columns on the left of the Bathinda hotels list page.
Suggest few cheap hotels in Bathinda that provides AC facility
Browse through the list of hotels in Bathinda with ac and book hotel of your choice from the given link:
Where can I go through a list of 5 star hotels in Bathinda?
Elite hotels in Bathinda offer state of the art accommodation, flawless service and attention to detail. On your left side of the page you will find a filter named as Property Type, under which you can select 'Premium' or 'Elite' or 'Flagship' to book luxurious hotels in Bathinda .