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Homestays in Shillong

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is known to be “the abode of clouds”. Centred in the Khasi Hills, Shillong attracts outdoor enthusiasts, families on vacation, and nature lovers. The cool climate, unique food, and rich culture are enhanced by all of the amenities of a modern Indian town.
The iconic hill station in Northeast India has a lot to offer to visitors. Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park, Ward’s Lake and its walking trails, the Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Cultures, and the forested Shillong Peak are popular destinations just minutes away from homestays in Shillong.

Holiday Homes in Shillong

Travellers are certain to enjoy Shillong’s winding streets, old-time charm, and an abundance of cafes. To explore the city in the eyes of the locals, it is best to book a holiday home in Shillong. Hosts and locals are warm and welcoming, not to mention full of suggestions on the best places for great food, drinks, and adventure.
Whether you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of bigger cities or are simply ready to adore the picturesque views, book yourself a homestay in Shillong with OYO Home to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Gather your travel buddies and get planning because your villa in Shillong is calling!

Amenities at Homestays in Shillong

Shillong can be explored on your own with the advice of locals. Hiring a cab or renting a vehicle will allow you to explore the city and its natural beauty on your own terms. Your OYO Home host would be glad to share their opinions on the best places to go depending on the season you visit Shillong. Also, the guests can get in touch with the housekeeping staff at the homestay to recommend some local and traditional dishes that you can try!
Local insights are not the only amenities you’ll enjoy while in a homestay. Each OYO Home offers a warm and private atmosphere to guests, which is ideal for groups or families travelling together. Also, expect a large yet affordable home with all of your needs provided for- generally including temperature control, RO water, a refrigerator and simple kitchen, geysers, wardrobes, and a TV. In the common areas of the home, you will find a seating and dining area. Homestays in Shillong are well maintained to meet your expectations. Parking for your rental car is provided too. Given the presence of such an extreme range of services, you don’t need more reasons to convince you to book your villa in Shillong.

Best Homestays in Shillong

The best homestays in Shillong offer close proximity to great food and nightlife yet are not far from the natural attractions and abundant beauty that the region is quite well known for. Check out these five premium holiday homes by OYO Home:
1. Independent 2BHK in Laitmakurah boasts of a TV, power backup, geyser, parking facility, CCTV cameras, and a common room/ dining area. Previous guests have been very happy with the comfortable linens and caring staff.
2. Serene 2BHK in Garikhana, near Ward’s Lake, has a TV, common room/ dining area, parking facility, and CCTV cameras. This is a great choice for those who like having a full kitchen in their homestay.
3. Elegant 2BHK in Laitmakurah has a kitchen, parking facility, geysers, CCTV cameras, and a TV. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a decked-up living room
4. Adorable Stay near Lankyrding has 6 rooms. Great for larger groups that are looking for quality stays. Parking facilities, CCTV cameras, geysers, and a large dining area ensure that this homestay is fully equipped for your needs.
5. Functional Home Stay in Laban in Shillong is an ideal choice of stay for business and leisure travellers, offering fine services such as free wi-fi, complimentary breakfast, TV, geysers, and CCTV cameras. There is also a common room downstairs. Perfect for corporate retreats!
In a place like Shillong, there are plenty of luxurious holiday homes to choose from.

Budget Homestays in Shillong

Travelling on a budget is possible in Shillong! You can enjoy a great time while availing all of the comforts of home at less than INR 800 per guest per night. Check out these five more economical OYO Home options:
•Elegant Studio in Myllieum is a great option for lower budgets. A kitchen, TV, and CCTV cameras ensure you have peace of mind during your stay. Past guests were pleased with the amenities at such a low cost.
•2BHK Shillong Cantonment near Bishnupur is a good option for those who need two rooms while on a tight budget. A TV, parking, kitchen, CCTV cameras and a dining area are all included.
•Lady Hydari Park Hill View Stay is located in Laban near the famous park. You’ll find a TV, geyser, power backup, and CCTV cameras here. Fantastic for travellers hoping to spend time enjoying at the nearby parks, lakes, and waterfalls.
•Hilltop View 2BHK is on the outskirts of town in Upper Lumparing and boasts a fantastic view of Shillong as well as the Khasi Hills. Small groups or families can relax here, with parking, CCTV cameras, geysers, TV, and a full kitchen after a day of exploring the area.
•Hilltop View Studio is on the same property as Hilltop View 2BHK and it has the same amenities. It’s a fantastic option for a solo traveller or couples.

Homestays Near the most Popular locations in Shillong

Foodies would enjoy staying in the Laitmakurah neighbourhood of Shillong due to its close proximity to highly rated restaurants and cafes.
For groups, there are plenty of options for holiday homes in Shillong where the groups and families can enjoy each other’s company without having to be restricted to single rooms. A family vacation, a friends’ reunion, and even corporate retreats can use homestays for comfortable and budget-friendly lodging. After a long day of exploring the city, return to your villa in Shillong to experience a comfortable and exciting stay.

Make use of the search filters when you are looking for a homestay in Shillong. If you book ahead of time, you can actually book a homestay at a great discount depending on the number of people staying with you and the location of the homestay. Lots of options will fit into your budget for every season, no matter what your budget is. That is the great thing about homestays: you get the best place to live in at a comfortable cost, so you can actually enjoy the beauty, food and culture of Shillong without constantly worrying about exceeding your budget. With OYO Home, you can choose from 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and studio homestays to entire holiday homes. Staying at these stunning places will give you a feel of the authentic Shillong life and truly allow you to enjoy your vacation.

Nature enthusiasts would be comfortable in any part of Shillong, but Upper Lumparing is noteworthy. It is quite easy to travel in Meghalaya since it is such a small state. You can go from one end to another within a day and come back to wherever you are staying. This ease of travel makes Shillong the perfect destination for short, relaxed trips. But Shillong too has its share of prime areas where all the exciting things happen. If you are travelling to Shillong and planning to stay in a homestay, pick one that is close to the majority of the activities you plan to do. A villa in Shillong is another great option if you’re travelling with a large group and are looking to enjoy some privacy along with the benefits of scenic views and great accessibility.

Staying in the middle of the city is the best way to explore the food and nightlife, and since Shillong is so small, it is important to pick a few key areas to stay in. You can stay near the Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Cultures or Lady Hydari Park if you plan to spend a lot of time within the town. You can also look for listings further from the centre of town since there are some beautiful homestays in the outer part of Shillong as well. The Elephant Falls Waterfall, Umium Lake, Nohkalikai Waterfall, and Mawsmai Caves are great places to witness Shillong’s natural beauty while having the opportunity to dip your feet in the water. Ward’s Lake and its hiking trails are also a great area for travellers to stay in, especially if you find a good, comfortable homestay. And the most talked-about destination for travellers is the forested Shillong Peak where visitors are guaranteed to have a spectacular view of the Khasi Hills that surround the town. A tiring day of exploring multiple locations definitely deserves to return to an accommodation like a villa in Shillong that offers all the comfort and services for a top-notch stay.

Q. How to find an affordable holiday home in Shillong?

Finding an affordable holiday home in Shillong is not a difficult task. Do not assume that you will get sub-standard rooms for the price you pay. All budget holiday homes listed on OYO Home give you all the amenities required to stay peacefully. These homes are clean and hygienic. You can click on the link below to browse the OYO website. Now, use the price filters to narrow down choices that fall in your budget. Just confirm the property you like and book it on OYO’s page.

Q. How many homestays in Shillong are available for booking?

At any given point in time, you get to choose from multiple homestays in Shillong. There are plenty of choices and the numbers keep increasing every year. During the holiday season, a lot of people flock to Shillong and homestays are often preferred over regular hotels because of their affordable and warm nature. This is why you should book your stay in advance to avoid disappointment. These homestays are situated in locations like Nongmynsong, Bara Bazaar, Keating Road, Laitlum, Rilbong and near Bethany Hospital.

Q. What are the basic amenities available in homestays in Shillong?

When you stay in a holiday home, you will require certain basic facilities to ensure you spend a peaceful and satisfied time. All properties in Shillong give you this peace of mind. You can expect full power backup in case of power cuts. Since Shillong is mostly cold, geysers are fixed in the rooms. The bedding is cozy, comfortable and keeps you warm. You can use clean RO water to drink or cook. There is also a kitchen attached to these properties. The kitchen is equipped with utensils, tableware, induction stoves, and microwave ovens. You can also use the fridge in the kitchen to store food and beverages.

Q. What is the price range of homestays in Shillong?

Depending on how big a property you choose, the number of rooms available and the facilities offered, there are different price ranges for these homestays. Affordable stays fall under the lower budget category. These are clean and safe properties with all basic facilities available. Slightly higher end properties offer better amenities and good views usually. There are also luxurious OYOxDesignhomes you can pick from. You can visit the OYO app or website and use the price filter to find all the options in your price range.

Q. Will there be any caretaker or housekeeping staff available at the homestay?

Homestays in Shillong don’t come with caretakers. However, OYO Home will ensure that the cleaning and maintenance staffs keep the property ready and neat when you check in. All your concerns and queries during the stay period will also be answered by OYO.

Q. How will I manage my meals in a homestay?

Since all properties come with a functional kitchen, you do not have to worry about where your next meal comes from. Right after you check in, you can explore the kitchen and find all the amenities you need to start preparing some hot beverages, an easy meal or some light snacks. Lots of guests like to pack their home-made food for the day’s trip. This prevents them from eating at random restaurants and spoiling their health. If you are cooking in the property’s kitchen, make sure you try your hand at the local Meghalayan delicacies like the Jadoh, Nakham Bitchi, Pumaloi, and Pudoh.

Q. How can one commute from homestay to the major parts of the city?

The Shillong city bus and the Bazaar bus both connect to different important parts of the hill station. The city bus also reaches all tourist destinations. Apart from these, the major mode of transportation is taxis. You can book taxis for the whole day and go from your homestay to major parts of the city easily. Taxis are available in plenty all over the hill station.

Q. Which are the best budget homestays in Shillong?

There are multiple options for budget homestays in Shillong. You can choose from studios, suites, apartments, cottages, and villas. Few properties are located closer to the city centre bustling with markets and tourists. Few others are situated away from the action, with only greenery and mountain ranges around. All these budget homestays give you all the necessary amenities and comfortable living spaces. Below are a few homestays in Shillong

  • OYO Home 22088 Hill View Stay
  • OYO Home 24484 Elegant Studio

Q. Which are the famous and luxurious homestays in Shillong?

If you are visiting Shillong to unwind and get away from life’s monotony, staying in just any homestay will not suffice. You will have to choose luxury properties that ooze comfort and style. Some of these properties are located around the best viewpoints in Shillong. The facilities in these properties include televisions, ample parking areas, CCTV cameras, and open gardens. Here are a few top luxury homestays to choose in Shillong.

  • OYO Home 24865 Adorable Stay
  • OYO Home 22583 Hilltop View Studio
  • OYO Home 24961 Delightful Studios Motingar

Q. Do I need to book the entire property or will I be able to book an individual room?

It depends on what your priorities are. OYO Home allows you to book the whole property or an individual room. If privacy is very important to you, you will enjoy the stay better if you book the entire property. For others who find money a deciding factor, booking an individual room is cheaper.

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