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Homestays in Mcleod-Ganj

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OYO Home Sunny Home Stay
OYO Home Sunny Home Stay
OYO Home Sunny Home Stay
OYO Home Sunny Home Stay
OYO Home Sunny Home Stay

OYO Home Sunny Home Stay

Naddi, Mcleod-Ganj
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Homestays in McLeod Ganj

Away from the urban lifestyle and amongst the Tibetan monks, McLeod Ganj will make you feel a part of another country. Uphill from Dharamshala, a half-an-hour drive, McLeod Ganj is a popular destination for those who find adventure heartening. From the narrow and inclined roads to the Bhagsunath Falls, everything about McLeod Ganj is an adventure.
A lot of people from all over India and Tibet often visit the city to find peace. The ambience, greenery all around, and the wonderful freshness in the air often leads to people living for days together even if they planned for a lesser duration. A number of homestays in McLeod Ganj come to rescue for those who prefer a budgeted and a comfortable stay. Also, if you prefer comfort and wish to enjoy your vacation at your own terms, you may choose from the catalogue of holiday homes in McLeod Ganj that allow you to enjoy the wondrous nature.

Holiday Home in McLeod Ganj

Enclosed between the mountains on each side and the monasteries across the entire city make this look like a different place altogether. McLeod Ganj also termed as 'Little Lhasa' is home to many Tibetan monks. Its culture is also influenced by the Tibetans who have flourished there due to the quaint ambience. McLeod Ganj is also where His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama lives and the monasteries there are majestic. They are peaceful and allow one to enjoy the serenity too. The people are helpful and the food is different from the rest of India. The food is simply superb and extremely healthy. They follow the steam cooking for many dishes and hence, the holiday homes in McLeod Ganj has happy guests all the year round. It is also a great place to shop for clothes, especially woolen which is hand woven. The caps sold there are amazing and have lovely designs that are irresistible.

Amenities in McLeod Ganj Homestays

In McLeod Ganj, almost all the properties have a majestic mountain view. The view of the Kangra Valley is breathtaking and even the balcony in your room would empower you to experience the power of mountains. So on a relaxed day, a day spent with hot coffee in your homestay in McLeod Ganj will be enough. While travelling with a larger group, a villa in McLeod Ganj will ensure that you have the best accommodation to stay at, with amazing services and views.
To make this and all the other days in McLeod Ganj memorable and comfortable, the rooms are supplied with ample of amenities. No matter what the weather conditions and temperature is, your homestay is always equipped with geyser for hot relaxed bath. Your afterbath arrangement of food is well taken care of by the staff at the homestay in McLeod Ganj. In case you are travelling alone, you will still not feel alone as the dining table in the homestay will certainly make you feel at ease. You may indulge in conversations with other members staying at the property. This may sound unlike today's era, where people are busy on their phones, but certainly something deep down we all want to relive or feel. So a hearty meal awaits you at the dining hall.
You may also get your dirty clothes washed in the laundry of the homestay in McLeod Ganj , keeping you fresh too. A mini fridge in the homestay empowers you to store some bakery stuff that you get in the nearby bakeries in McLeod Ganj that it very famous for. Each day of your stay, you can enjoy a different dish, bakery or contemporary, you will never be short of options. A fully equipped kitchen enhances the comfort for you to make your own special masala chai/coffee. You may enjoy that in the comfort of your room with a television or by being amidst the mountains in your balcony. Stay at a villa in Mcleodganj and the breathtaking view of snow-capped peaks is sure to leave you amazed

Best Homestays in McLeod Ganj

High-spirited visitors make a dull place in to a chirpy one. Imagine, you get an already chirpy place that is amenities galore, your happiness will know no bounds. Some of the best holiday homes in McLeod Ganj are mentioned here:
1. OYO Home 14518 Modern Mountain Clouds Naddi: What do you need when you get to stay at aneat clean place that falls under your budget? This budgeted holiday home in McLeod Ganj is a neat and clean place to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Not just the location, which is close to many sightseeing areas, but also the open place nearby, is an advantage. A guard and a care taker with 24/7 front desk assistance resolve any issues you may have.
2. OYO Home 14495 Cozy Sun Set View: If you enjoy some serenity and wish to be slightly away from the crowd, then this place is a wonderful homestay in McLeod Ganj. Well managed rooms and amidst the greenery, you will have a wonderful time here. You can easily take a taxi and reach this homestay to make the most of your trip.
3. OYO Home 13801 Cozy 3 RK Hill View: Astonished with the view from this holiday home in McLeod Ganj, you will want to stay here forever. A power back up, CCTV camera for additional safety and tastefully done rooms are great for a long stay. The property is managed by OYO Staff and has a balcony for a beautiful view.
4. OYO Home 17323 Cozy Stay: Self-service homestay is where you can independently manage and stay according to your whim. The place has various places nearby that offer wonderful and yummy food. So you have many options to explore and taste what you like. Besides, the place too has an in house restaurant so you don't have to travel much to look for your favorite options.

Budget Homestays in McLeod Ganj

When we plan for a holiday, although we do not think much about finance; however, if we save some money and spend the same in buying something for family, won't that be a great idea? Homestay in McLeod Ganj will certainly be a good place to stay because of its comfort and budget. Even though premier holiday home in McLeod Ganj are also available, and is a personal choice, a budgeted one also provides all amenities. Even on a limited budget, you can easily book a villa in McLeod Ganj from OYO Home and have an amazing trip.
This helps you save money which you may allocate to spend for some other activity. You may visit the places nearby and enjoy the great ambience and the fresh air that this Kangra situated city offers. You may go for a shopping expedition and bring yourself lovely souvenirs that will make you recall this city. When we say budgeted, we do not mean that the place is substandard; OYO Home has taken good care of the neatness and standard in the budgeted as well the premier holiday homes in McLeod Ganj. Not only this, some OYO Home also provides a CCTV Camera, laundry service and parking facility too. These facilities are within the money you pay for at the time of booking. No additional charges are levied for these. This certainly is a steal day with rooms beginning from as low as INR 800.
All the OYO Home where there is no parking, you may travel there by local transport which is cheap. But the best way is to walk your way and enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Walking amidst the lush greens of the trees will relieve you from many ailments that the city life may have given you.
Without much thought, go ahead and book yourself a comfortable and an easy to reach villa in McLeod Ganj to enjoy your vacations.

Homestays Near the Most Popular Location in McLeod Ganj

Homestays in McLeod Ganj are mostly in popular locations which are close to the sightseeing and the bakeries the place has to offer. With numerous monasteries and a long way to walk, you may choose your homestay according to your ability to walk. If you are on a health tour to McLeod Ganj, we suggest you live somewhere near the H.H. The Dalai Lama's Main Temple. Here you can witness how young monks pray and enjoy their stay among other monks.
In the same row you will find bakeries and restaurants, serving all types of food. If you are a non-vegetarian, then you will have more choices as the city is influenced by Tibetans. Vegetarians can try sweets, coffee, pastries and pure vegetarian food in some of the restaurants too. Thukpa is a major attraction of the city and tastes great in a winter night or afternoon. Other bakery items like pie and pancakes are a super hit breakfast as the city too has some British influence.
In the main city, if you like trekking and some adventure, then visit the Bhagsunath temple and falls beginning from the temple. It is a Shiva temple and the fall is at a height of 20 mtrs. The way to the falls is nicely fenced; however, it is not a game for a weak hearted. You will also come across sheep and the lovely shopping arcades on your way that will remind you of street markets in your city. With items galore, you will love everything about this place.
With OYO Home and their courteous and responsible staff, a homestay in any part of the city would not be cumbersome. Enjoy your stay at a villa in McLeod Ganj and make merry.

Q. How can I book a spacious and private holiday home in McLeod-Ganj?

There are some people who like small and cosy rooms while there are others who love larger spaces to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay. If you are the latter kind, then you should be picking spacious private holiday homes in McLeod-Ganj from the OYO website or app. Once you enter the website, you should use the OYO Home filter to narrow down holiday homes. You can now browse through individual properties to find out the property type you like. Check for the number of rooms, the presence of outdoor space and look through the property photos too. It will then be easy to pick spacious holiday homes that suit your needs. Explore the best available private holiday homes in McLeod-Ganj.

Q. How many homestays in McLeod-Ganj are available for booking?

You can pick from a reasonable number of homestays in McLeod-Ganj on the OYO app or website. These are all divided based on the location, price range and facilities offered. Once you use the OYO Home filter to eliminate hotel rooms on the website, you can pick the location of your choice. The top locations the homestays are available in are Dal Lake Naddi, Sunset View Naddi, McLeod-Ganj Square, Bhagsu Waterfall, and the Dalai Lama temple. If you are a smart traveller, you should be booking your room/property well in advance. You get better deals this way and the property that you like will also not get sold out.

Q. What are the basic amenities available in homestays in McLeod-Ganj?

The basic amenities that you can expect in homestays in McLeod-Ganj remain the same for both budget friendly and luxury homestays. Only luxury amenities vary. You can expect full power backup for all homestays that you choose. Clean and purified RO water will be available to help you cook and for drinking too. You also get basic tableware and cutlery. Other kitchen amenities including a fridge, oven, induction cook top and utensils will be stocked up too. You are free to use them for no extra cost.

Q. What is the price range of homestays in McLeod-Ganj?

There is no single price range for the properties you book in McLeod-Ganj via the OYO app or site. The price varies depending on the location of the homestay and the space and amenities offered. 1BHK homes cost lesser than 3BHK ones. Similarly, apartments are cheaper than villas and individual homes. You can use the ‘price’ filter option to eliminate any homestay that goes above your budget. Now you can look at the locations these are present in and then book the one that suit your needs. All homestays, irrespective of the price you pay, offer the best service and comfortable living space.

Q. Will there be any caretaker or housekeeping staff available at the homestay?

Some properties in McLeod-Ganj will have a caretaker. This means that you take care of your stay independently with the OYO customer team to assist you virtually for any queries and issues you might have. If privacy is important to you, then the best way to ensure that is to choose a self-serviced homestay. The cleanliness and hygiene part of the property will be taken care of by the housekeeping team. Their services are available on demand.

Q. How will I manage my meals in a homestay?

The best thing about choosing a homestay is not having to depend on restaurants for your meals. You can use the kitchen space to whip up simple meals. The oven can be used for heating pre-cooked food or making an entire meal. The induction stove is perfect to cook all kinds of delicacies you want, quickly and effortlessly. You can also store groceries and remaining food in the fridge for later use. Few top Himachali food choices that are simple to cook in your homestay are Babru, Chha Gosht, Mash Daal, Patande and Tudkiya Bhath.

Q. How can one commute from homestays to the major parts of the city?

Auto rickshaws and taxis are common transportation modes available all over McLeod-Ganj. These can be used for small distance travels or can be hired for half-a-day and full-day sightseeing. Apart from this, motorbikes are available for those who like to ride. Models from scooters to Royal Enfields can be rented and used to travel around.

Q.Which are the best budget homestays in McLeod-Ganj for stay?

There are so many options for budget homestays in McLeod-Ganj. Travelling can be fun and affordable when you choose such accommodations. These properties come with basic amenities. The rooms and the property will be clean and hygienic. You can sleep and relax peacefully, cook your food in the kitchen & carry it with you for sight-seeing, at these economical homestays. Below are a few options of homestays that cost next to nothing.

  • OYO Home 13801 Cozy 3 RK Hill View
  • OYO Home 17323 Cozy Stay
  • OYO 14518 Home Modern Mountain Clouds

Q. Which are the famous and luxurious homestays in McLeod-Ganj?

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation surrounded by great views and all the facilities you might need, the luxurious homestays in McLeod-Ganj are perfect for you. These are amazing to stay in and make you feel like royalty. You can use the below properties as an inspiration to book your own luxury property right away.

  • OYO Home 14495 Cozy Sun Set View
  • OYO Home 18595 Exotic Stay

Q. Do I need to book the entire property or will I be able to book an individual room?

OYO allows you to book an individual room or book the entire property through its website or app. You can browse through the property page and look for how many rooms are available before booking. There are also detailed property photographs to get an idea. You can make the choice of how much space you want depending on how many people travel with you and whether you are ready to share the property with other guests.

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