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Located around a green, deep volcanic lake, Nainital is Kumaon’s largest settlement and renowned hill resort. The town occupies a steep forested valley around a lake with a similar name – Naini. It was founded by Brits who missed home. One can spot a hotel in every nook and cranny of the town. The good news? There are forested hills around the lake. For tourists looking to enjoy a few peaceful days of solitude and calm, Nainital should definitely be one of your choices. Despite being surrounded by hills, the town has all the trappings of a busy city, including a bustling bazaar and an intricate maze of walking tracks. There are a number of beautiful viewpoints that overlook the Himalayan peaks in the distance.

Nainital - Best time to Visit

For tourists, this is an easy place to relax and unwind, binge on local food, while also embarking on a horse ride or paddle on a lake. From about May to mid-July and October, Nainital is packed to the rafters with holidaying honeymooners and families. The best time to plan a trip to Nainital is between April and June, and then between September and October.

Nainital - Places to Visit

The bus stand and the road leading to Bhowali are proximate to Tallital (Lake’s Foot). The 1.5 km promenade referred to as the Mall, leads to Mallital (Lake’s Head), situated at the northwestern end of the lake. One can find a number of guest houses, restaurants and hotels along the Mall, between Mallital and Tallital. Most of the shops are located in Bara Bazaar. Naini Lake is the town’s centerpiece and is known as one of the emerald green eyes of Sati, Shiva’s wife. After her self-immolation act, the eyes fell to earth. Boatmen will give you quite a long ride around the lake. Snow View, at 2270m, can be reached by a cable car. On a clear day, one can get a panoramic view of the Himalayas, including Nanda Devi.

There are the usual food, carnival and souvenir stalls, in addition to Mountain Magic – the amusement park with bumper cars, trampolines as well as a flying fox. There are a number of churches in the area as well, including St John’s Church, St Francis’ Catholic Church as well as the Methodist Church. This apart, there is a Jama Masjid and Gurdwara in the town. The temperature is mild during any season in Nainital. The Nainital winters could freeze to the bone. The town’s climate is regulated by the lake. It usually rains every afternoon around the lake area. The best time to plan a trip to Nainital is between April and June, and then between September and October. For those wanting to visit the town during the monsoon, do so at your own risk. As stated earlier, one can find a number of accommodation options in Nainital.

Accommodation in Nainital

There is a slew of premium and budget OYO hotels in the town. For those wanting to stay in the town’s central zone, Mall Road is the perfect option. Staying near Mallital is also a good option for tourists. OYO hotels dot the areas near Ayarpatta, High Court, Naukuchia Taal and Bhimtal.OYO provide hotels which offer services equal to 4 star hotels in Nainital. There are many option in hotels which provides services better than 3 star hotels in Nainital and 2 star hotels in Nainital. Nainital hotels on Mall road always welcome its guests with pleasant and neat rooms and excellent services. Nainital hotel price are displayed on our website so there is no hidden cost and bookings become easier when you know the prices. Nainital hotel and resort booking is very easy as we give option to pay online so that there is no hassle while paying for your stay.

Nainital budget hotels with tariffs are available for customers so that they don’t have spend a lot of time searching. We provide Nainital hotel lowest price for our customers. Nainital hotels under 1000 are viable for the ones who do not want to spend a lot on their stay. Nainital hotels with bar are also there if someone wishes to stay at a hotel like that. There are many Nainital hotels with swimming pool as well.
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Questions and Answers

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What are some of the budget and premium accommodation options in Nainital?
With a wide range of accommodation options being offered by OYO Rooms, there is no need to look elsewhere.
One can pick from range of hotels, premium hotels and homestays in Nainital
Some of the popular Budget rooms 👍
  • OYO 26195 The Mk Villa
  • OYO 5175 Hotel Rama Blue Point
  • OYO 28173 Hotel Reeva
Premium rooms 😃
  • OYO 5589 Pine Oak Resort
  • OYO 020 Hotel Silver Tree Inn
  • OYO 23298 Hotel Uttaranchal Inn
Explore more hotels in nainital
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How can I book homestays in Nainital?
Homestays in Nainital that are situated in places offering the best views of the mountain ranges. Explore the best homestays in Nainital to enjoy your stay in the city. Holiday homes in Nainital offers spectacular views of mountains, valleys, and serene lakes. Explore more 🏠holiday homes in Nainital
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What are some of the best economy and luxury accommodations near the railway station?
The nearest railway station to Nainital is at Kathgodam which is 34 kilometres away, at the Kumaon foothills. You can find decent accommodations from OYO Rooms near the railway station:
Budget rooms 👍 :
  • OYO 14802 Hotel Virus Bistro
  • OYO 24199 Hotel Ojus Tower
  • OYO 26649 Hotel Shhalom
Premium rooms 😃 :
  • OYO 3600 Hotel Royal Windsor
  • OYO 23298 Hotel Uttaranchal Inn
  • OYO 26967 Villa Bianca
  • View more hotels near the railway station in Nainital
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    What are some of the best economy and luxury hotel options near the Bus Stand?
    The bus service to Nainital bus stand is quite frequent from nearby prime cities makes this a central point here. Just book your OYO Rooms accommodation close to the bus stand and walk in as soon as you get off your bus:
    Budget rooms:
    • OYO 22268 The Janvi Cottage
    • OYO 8985 Summer King
    • OYO 16895 Holiday Homes
    Premium rooms:
    • OYO 4889 Hotel Moon 2
    • OYO 26967 Villa Bianca
    • OYO 12222 Hotel Silverton
    View more hotels near bus stand in Nainital 😃
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    What is a good time to visit Nainital?
    Although the weather in Nainital is pleasant all year round, the best time to visit here would be during the months between March and May as these are the summer months and the tourists can go sightseeing without any interruption. Winter time is from October to February here and temperatures can go as low as 0°C. Hence, it is advised to carry heavy woolens if you are traveling around this time.
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    What are the activities we can do in Nainital?
    Naini Peak is the most popular sightseeing spot here and also the highest peak in Nainital. It’s over 2600 m above the sea level so you can imagine the breathtaking views you get from this altitude. With its perimeter extending about 2 miles, Nainital Lake is a peaceful spot you can try some boating or yachting in. Tiffin Top is a popular tourist spot that gives you a panoramic view of Nainital. People usually pack food, bring it here and have a picnic here. For religious minded folk, the Naina Devi temple, one of the 51 Shakti Peeth is a must see.
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    What is the best food that you can eat here?
    Street food is a must-have here in Nainital. If you know any locals, make sure to taste some home cooked Kumaon dishes like aloo ke gutke, and bhatt ki churkani. For your sweet tooth, treat yourself to Nainital's famous bal mithai. Bun tikki is another simple, unique food that you will find here- a burger bun with a delicious aloo tikki wedged in between.
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    What is the best way to travel across Nainital?
    The best way to cover Nainital is by foot as this is the best way to experience the culture and traditions of the place. The pleasant climate makes this an easy task too. Just stroll down Mall Road, which is the core of the town and you will get a feel for the spirit of Nainital. If you don’t want to walk, then cycle rickshaws are an easily available option you can choose. The markets here open early and close also early, so the travellers can find rickshaws easily after 8 in the morning but not many beyond 6 pm. Tourist taxis can be rented if you wish to travel for excursions outside the city.
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    What are some good places in Nainital to get great food?
    For authentic Nainital sweets, Mamu’s Naini Sweets is a great place to visit. This sweetmeats shop is located in Bara Bazaar. Sonam Fast Food is a famous eatery in Bhutia Market where you should try some momos and thupkas. Lakshmi Restaurant in Mallital is well known for its bun tikki and samosas as well as its kadak masala chai. Sakleys off Mall Road is a great place to taste some mouth-watering pastries. They have a great dinner menu too if you want to go the whole hog. Nainital’s very own Chandni Chowk is a great place for lacchha parathas and jalebis and of course, the special dry fruit- saffron flavoured milk.
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    I want to avoid the crowded Mall Road but want to stay near the lake. Suggest a place.
    Mall Road runs parallel to the lake and connects Mallital and Tallital, the two ends of the town. Mallital is a good place to choose as it still retains its old world charm with some age-old buildings adding to the beauty of the place. It is at the head of the Lake and quite close too.
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