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Located on the banks of the Chambal River, Kota is a small city in Rajasthan which boasts of a rich heritage while also being quite famous for its temples, gardens and palaces. It was earlier known as Kotah and is famously known as the Education City of India and the Industrial City of Rajasthan.

Best Time to Visit - Kota

The months between October and February are the best to visit this culturally rich city as the temperature ranges between 14 to 30-degree celsius during this time, making it cool and pleasant to stay in.

Places to Visit - Kota

Kota is quite famous in the country for being a major coaching hub for preparations of competitive examinations. It is home to a plethora of medical and engineering coaching institutes; some of which are the best in the country. Being quite famous for ‘Kotadoria’ saris, you will find an abundance of fine translucent muslins which are known as Masuria Malmal in the city. Maharana Bhimdeo started the concept of weaving in Kota way back in the 18th century and today Kota saris are absolutely traditional pieces and are an important trademark of the city. You will find several textile shops selling a variety of Kota Doria clothes all over the city. Also known for Kota Stone, you will find several varieties of limestone which are fine-grained with the industry of Kota stone polishing playing a vital role in the city’s economy. There are several budget hotels in Kota where you can find comfortable accommodation for yourself.

OYO Rooms: Hotels in Kota

To make the most of your trip when in Kota, be it for business or pleasure, it is essential that you find the perfect accommodation for yourself that allows you to utilize maximum of your time while also offering comfort and ease throughout. If you are in search of a budget hotel in Kota which offers leisure then you must choose from the many OYO Premium rooms easily available around the city. The OYO Rooms near Central Square Mall in the Gumanpara area are easily accessible to the Nayapura Bus Stop. Guests staying here can visit nearby tourist spots such as the Chambal Garden and Seven Wonders Park. Moreover, it is the perfect place for shopaholics as the City Mall and Gumanpura Market are also quite nearby. For those looking to make a short trip to the city, the OYO Rooms near the Kota Railway Station are the best option. It is also nearby to famous tourist spots, temples and local markets which offer parking facilities and complimentary breakfast. Check into the OYO rooms at an affordable rate near the Allen Career Institute. This is just the place for students and parents on a city tour exploring the coaching institutes in the city. With the University of Kota in close vicinity, the OYO rooms in AD Circle are yet another great option for students. These are some of the best Kota hotels which offer parking and laundry facilities along with complimentary breakfast for its guests. If you are visiting the city to indulge in some great retail therapy then the OYO Premium rooms in Ballabhbari is where you need to check-in. Being a stone’s throw away from some of the best malls in the city, it is located at walking distance to several historical palaces, gardens and parks making your stay enjoyable and memorable. This hotel offers parking facilities along with complimentary breakfast too. Book your OYO room today and make your trip to Kota an enjoyable and relaxing one.

Events in Kota

Kota Dusshera: September
When talking about Dusshera, you might think you have seen and heard it all. But Kota ahs something special up its sleeves. With a Dussehra celebration happening as a big fair (mela), you will get that rural touch as you see artisans come from far and wide to sell their beautiful wares. Villagers also gather in traditional dresses to offer prayers to Lord Rama by performing elaboate dances and cultural programs to celebrate victory over Ravana. Towering effigies of Ravana are burned with addition to a captivating procession from the Royal Palace to the fair ground, featuring decorated elephants, camels, horses folk dancers livening up the streets. Don't miss out on this one and only Dusshera Mela by booking your OYO in Kota now!
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Questions and Answers

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What is a good time to visit Kota?
The arid summers of Kota are long and really hot. These months stretching from March to June are best avoided because the temperatures average around 40°C. Monsoon comes right after and temperatures do dip but there is the possibility of heavy rainfall during this season, which can make sightseeing rather difficult. Winter, late November till the end of February, is the best time to visit here because the temperatures soar to a maximum of 30°C during this time, which is still pleasant enough.
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What are the best places to visit in Kota?
The man-made Kishore Sagar Lake and the beautiful Jagmandir Palace made of red sandstone are prime attractions here. There is a museum right here too, the Brij Vilas Palace museum. Garh Palace or City Palace is another ancient example of the stunning architectural style followed by the Rajputs. The Maharao Madho Singh Museum is located inside the Garh Palace and has on display many of the world-famous Kota miniature paintings. The presiding deity of Kota, Karni Mata, is worshipped at her temple near Abheda Mahal, which is built on the banks of a tank. The temple of Daad Devi Mata, the royal household’s deity, lies about 18 kilometres from Kota, surrounded by lush greenery. On your way to Daad Devi Mandir, stop at Charan Chauki where Lord Krishna is said to have stopped when he was going to Dwaraka from Mathura.
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What is the best food that you can eat here?
Poha with hot jalebis is an excellent breakfast food to have here. If you want some wholesome food, then head to any of the many messes here at lunchtime for the thali that has chapathi, rice, daal, veg side dishes plus sweet dish. Dal bati churma gives you the authentic taste of Rajasthan. Daal kachoris and onion kachoris (at Brijwasi or Jodhpur Namkeens) are great snack time foods. Patties and noodles at roadside stalls are also hot favourites here. Mohan Chat Centre’s Paani Pataashe (a version of Paani Puri) is famous too.
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Is Kota covered by a bus network? What is the best way to travel here?
Public transport, that is, the bus network system is quite good here in Kota and buses connect almost all parts of the area quite well. You can get around quite easily by bus. Autos are also very easy to get here, and they offer a cheap way to get around although more expensive than buses.
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If I want to make a nature trip, what are good spots to see in Kota?
The Daad Devi Temple location was chosen by the Rajput rulers for its peaceful location in the middle of a forest. Apart from this, the Chambal Garden, a carefully nurtured picnic spot right on the banks of the river Chambal is a great place for nature lovers. Enjoy a boat ride here on the river, visit the National Chambal Ghariyal Sanctuary here and enjoy the diverse bird population and the natural beauty of the location. Mukundara Tiger Reserve, about 50 kilometres from Kota, is another good stop for you. You will not just catch sight of majestic tigers here, but also panthers, bear, deer, and wild boar alongside many birds. Gaiparnath temple with the ancient Shiva temple built in a deep gorge is a beautiful place for nature lovers. There is a waterfall here near the temple and the views of Chambal Valley’s forests and cliffs all around make for a stunning experience.
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Is there any easy- to- reach place I can take children to in Kota that has something out of the ordinary to offer?
The Seven Wonder Park may be a good option. In this park, you will find recreations of the seven wonders of the world all at one place, including the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Roman Colosseum - a one-stop spot to give your children a pseudo ‘world’ tour. The Seven Wonders Park is located in Bhallabhbari.
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What are the special items in Kota that I can shop for?
If you wish to gift something different to your loved ones, handicraft and Kota Doria sarees are the best options. Kota Doria sarees are sarees are exclusive to this part of the country and the original ones can be purchased from Hamid Bihari’s near Kaithoon Police Station. You can even see the saree being woven right before your eyes upstairs. Bharu Gali in Rampura Bazaar is another good place for these sarees. If you would like to buy them from the weavers directly, a good place to head to is Kaithoon, which is about 10 km from Kota and is easily accessible by bus.
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How to book a stay in a resort ?
There are some associated apartments with OYO rooms, which you can book for your stay. To find them, click on "Resort" option under "property Types". Check for the availability and book a room of your choice.
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What is Rajasthan famous for?
Rajasthan also know as land of Royals is famous for its cultural and royal heritage,stunning architecture and beautiful lakes, The Great Thar Desert and more.To know more follow the link
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Can you help me find some AC rooms in kota
There are many OYO associated hotels, where you can find AC rooms. To view them, please link on the link below. Check out for the availability and book an accomodation as per your desire .
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