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Apartments in Guwahati (1 OYOs)

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OYO 8209 Stay Down Town
OYO 8209 Stay Down Town
OYO 8209 Stay Down Town
OYO 8209 Stay Down Town
OYO 8209 Stay Down Town

OYO 8209 Stay Down Town

Harimandir Path, Guwahati
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A city that is situated on the banks of the famous Brahmaputra River along the foothills of Shillong Plateau, Guwahati is the gateway to the seven states of the North-Eastern India.

Guwahati - Places to Visit

Surrounded by the hills, this city provides an extraordinary view of the flora and fauna present in the city. You must definitely pay a visit Guwahati, to know about the varied culture and traditions of the Assamese people and their unique yet warm way of welcoming you.

Accommodation in Guwahati

The presence of budget hotels, would add on to your comfortable and luxurious stay here, so make your reservations now!

Events in Guwahati

Ambubachi Mela: May-June
Held every year held in mid-summer (May-June), Ambubachi is one of its kind. All religious activities are shut down for a period of 3 days but you will be surprised to see as you enter the temple gates, the whole of temple complex is crowded with sadhus, sanyasis, tantric, devotees from faraway places and many foreigners from Nepal, Bangladesh. Adding to the holy ritual, this mela is very much awaited because of the mix in the crowd and the diversity and openness it brings with it. Situated in the Nilachal Hills, picturesque view of Guwahati city alongside the mighty Brahmaputra, this place is heavily jam packed with sanyasi women adoring long hair knotted and beaded from ages, people portraying Gods, sandhus singing to their own tunes and foreigners and hippies sitting alongside with these sadhus smoking up Ganja, all this under a shared love and devotion for Goddess Kamakhya. Visit Guwahati this summer and witness the one and only ‘Mahakumbh of the East’ with your all time favorite stay partner, OYO!
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Questions and Answers

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What is a good time to visit Guwahati?
Anytime between October and March is a great time for a visit to Guwahati because of the cool weather. Temperatures may dip to five degrees Celsius during this time. There are some important festivals celebrated during this time too, which makes this a great time to plan a trip. The summer (April- May) is not too hot here either but monsoons (June to October) may have heavy rainfall so you might want to avoid these months.
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What is there to do here in Guwahati?
There are plenty of religious spots to visit in Guwahati- Uma Nanda temple, Navgraha Temple, Kamakhya temple, Basistha Ashram temple, Bhuvaneswari temple and more. Apart from this, the Kaziranga national park and the Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary give nature lovers some amazing memories. The Brahmaputra river is a sight to behold too and a ferry ride over the waters is a popular tourist activity to indulge in.
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What are some of the budget and premium accommodation options in Guwahati?
OYO Rooms offers various stay options in Guwahati for you to choose from:
OYO 17180 Danni's
OYO 12808 Victoria Villa
OYO 14737 LG Towers
Capital O 2921 Hotel Nakshatra
OYO 14371 Treetops Guest House
OYO 9814 Hotel Parnil Palace 2
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What is the best food that you can eat here?
Street food in Assam gives you the best chance to taste some unusual cuisines including Tibetan, Burmese and Bangladeshi flavours apart from the quintessential Assamese favs. Momos and jhalmuri are the most popular items you MUST try here and you will find them at every street corner. Khaar, with its combination of veggies, pulses and meat, is a healthy local food that you must give a try. Luchi is a good food item to have at lunchtime along with a cup of strong, flavoursome Assam tea. Get a taste of unique Assamese fusion food with the Thukpa noodle soup and add in some Chinese flavour with the chowmein. Complete your meal with the sweet, cardamom flavoured Payash.
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Is Guwahati covered by Metro/bus network? What is the best way to travel here?
A good network of buses (including A/C, non-A/C, low rise buses) connects various parts of Guwahati making it a viable way for you to do your sightseeing in a pocket -friendly manner. You can also hire a taxi and travel more comfortably but it is more expensive than bus travel. The option of taking an auto to get to places is definitely a good option if you do not want to wait for a bus. Motorbikes are available on rent in many locations and if you know your way around fairly well, then this is a good option too.
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What are some of the best economy and luxury accommodations near the Airport?
Near Guwahati International Airport, you can find quite a few OYO Rooms both in luxury and budget segments:
OYO 17015 My Lodge
OYO 9800 Shree Krishna Guest House
OYO 22435 Ramdhenu Homes
Capital O 2921 Hotel Nakshatra
OYO Flagship 15828 Neexotica
OYO Flagship 14912 Silpukhari Bus Stop
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What are some of the best economy and luxury accommodations near the Railway?
Choose from a good selection of budget and premium accommodations from OYO Rooms near the Guwahati Railway station:
OYO 19732 Brajen's Sweet Home
OYO 16696 Swagatom Lodge
OYO 11651 BKR Guest House
OYO 19040 Zisuku Villa & Resort
OYO 15816 Green View
OYO 14869 Hotel Apollo
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What is the best way to see the Brahmaputra?
A ferry ride over the majestic Brahmaputra is a great experience. At sunset, you can see the whole river in all its ethereal glory with the waters reflecting the fading sun. Ferries leave every half hour from Fancy Bazaar so you do not have a long wait to experience this ride. There are private and government ferries and the government operated ones are far cheaper. Check beforehand when the last ferry for the day leaves Fancy Bazaar so that you do not miss out on the experience.
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Which are the main shopping areas in Guwahati?
You can take your pick from quite a few bustling shopping areas. Fancy Bazaar, towards the west end of the city centre, is one of the most popular ones where you can find branded clothing at cheap rates. Paltan Bazaar, in City centre, is where you must go to find traditional Assamese garments. At Ganeshguri, in the South of Guwahati, you will find a diverse range of things including perfumes, crafts, clothes and of course, great food. Pan Bazaar by the Brahmaputra is yet another marketplace where you can find the work of local craftsmen alongside pharmaceutical stores and sporting goods shops.
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How do I get to Kaziranga National Park from Guwahati?
Kaziranga is about located at a distance of 217 kilometres from Guwahati’s international airport. There are no direct trains to get to Kaziranga but it is well connected from Guwahati by state-run buses from Paltan Bazaar. You can also opt for a cab or hire a car (the most popular option) to make your way to Kaziranga from Guwahati via the main gate of the sanctuary on NH 37. Remember that Kaziranga is open from November to April every year so plan your trip accordingly.
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