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Bangalore is famous for its waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries, but when it comes to beaches, there are not many options; wait, this is what you thought but you are wrong. There are many beach destinations near Bangalore that you must explore if you are a beach bum. Everyone has explored the beaches of Goa but now it’s time to explore the other beaches of our diverse country.

Here are some of the top beaches near Bangalore for an exciting getaway. Get ready to “Let the waves hit your feet, and the sand be your seat.”

Top 16 Beaches Near Bangalore

  1. Karwar Beach
  2. Devbagh Beach
  3. Kaup Beach
  4. Malpe Beach
  5. Om Beach
  6. Gokarna Beach
  7. Kudle Beach
  8. Panambur Beach
  9. Mangalore Beach
  10. Elliot’s Beach
  11. Marina Beach
  12. Tannirbhave Beach
  13. Auroville Beach
  14. Varkala Beach
  15. Mahabalipuram Beach
  16. Kolavipalam Beach

Beaches Near Bangalore In Karwar

Karwar- One of the Best beaches nearest Bangalore

Karwar is famous for its scenic beauty. The place is home to many attractions- beaches, temples, and waterfalls. It is also famous for its historic monuments and structures like the Sadashivgad Hill Fort which encompasses a temple.
A few beaches that you may visit here are:

1. Karwar Beach

Karwar beach is known for its cleanliness and mystic beauty. Apart from being charming, and beautiful with amazing views, it also offers a wide number of water sports for you to enjoy. This is the beach to go to if you are looking for a weekend away from the chaos of Bangalore. The children love it here especially because of the water scooters and refreshments that are found along the beach and families can be seen visiting the beach in large numbers especially during the summer holidays. It is also a great place to camp and enjoys bonfires in the winter nights.

Location: Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 521 km NH 48

Best Time to Visit: Round the year

Things to Do: Engage is street shopping in the shacks by the shore, enjoy local sea food- especially prawns and crabs, enjoy the wonderful sunsets by the beach.

2. Devbagh Beach

If you wish to experience the local lifestyle of the region, a visit to Devbagh beach is a must. It stays clear of all commercial activities, so you can have a peaceful time by yourself. As the name of the beach suggests, Devbagh means the Garden of the Gods, and the beach is really a very pristine one. The crowd on the beach is never large, which is why the beach is quiet and is the ultimate place for relaxation. It is, however, the perfect getaway for couples.

Location: Kali River Delta

Distance from Bangalore: 527 km NH 48

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Things to Do: Enjoy a walk along the beach with your partner, explore the tiny cliffs by the beach, enjoy stunning views of the sunset.

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Beaches Near Bangalore In Udupi

Udupi- One of the Best Beaches near Bangalore

With intricately carved temples, architecturally brilliant buildings and monuments, lush forests and lip-smacking cuisine, Udupi is a famous tourist destination. But that’s not all there is to it! The coastal town is also home to many sprawling beaches that you must visit:

3. Kaup Beach

This beach is an ideal getaway in the coastal region of Udupi. You can spend some alone time seated on the rocks looking out as the sun sets over the sea. Enjoy the sound of the waves as they crash against the shoreline. A glimmering lighthouse on the beach further adds charm to its beauty and is still a beacon which helps the locals at night to find shore if they are out with their boats. The beach is frequented by photographers and a number of sea birds perch on the beach at the distant rocks. The beach has a number of stalls and the evenings always see a large group of locals coming here.

Location: Padu, Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 390 km via NH 75

Best Time to Visit: Round the Year

Things to Do: Click some amazing photographers with sea gulls, enjoy a tour of the lighthouse, explore the rocky beaches with the sea spray crashing over it.

4. Malpe Beach

With its magnificent view and the palm trees dotting the shoreline, Malpe Beach is a popular tourist spot ideal for beach lovers. The palm trees are the highlights of the beach and the cars have to be parked a little distance away so as not to affect the beauty of the place. The tea stalls in the beach serve flavored and masala chai and there are a number fritter stalls as well to be found along the perimeters. Located near the Malpe port in Udupi, this is one of the most popular beaches that can be accessed from Bangalore. The natural port here is a major fishing harbor and watching the activities of the fishermen as they come and go is a real pleasure who mainly belong to the Mogaveera community. The beach is known for a number of sea sports like parasailing and jet skiing. The prices are also very reasonable and weekenders come here in huge numbers. The coconut industry here is also thriving and one can buy a number of items produced from coconuts in the shops near the beach.

Location: Udupi, Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 406 km

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Things to Do: Enjoy water sports here like jetting and parasailing, watch the activities of the Mogaveera community, sip on fritters and masala tea.

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Beaches Near Bangalore In Gokarna

Gokarna- One of the Best Beaches nearest Bangalore

With its beautiful beaches and heart-stirring landscapes, Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrimage town and a hub for beach lovers. A few beaches in Gokarna are:

5. Om Beach

Famous for being shaped like the auspicious symbol Om, Om beach attracts tourists round the year. The sun-kissed beach lined by coconut groves makes it an ideal spot to relax and unwind. The beach is known for its cleanliness and is also frequented by foreign tourists. Relaxing by the beach with a coconut in hand is one of the best ways to spend time here. The beach is quite popular for sunbathing and fishermen are often seen taking out their boats to the sea.

Location: Gokarn, Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 489 km via NH 48

Best Time to Visit: August to February

Things to Do: Spend time sunbathing and watching the fishermen come and go.

6. Gokarna Beach

Located close to Mahabaleshwara temple, Gokarna beach is most popular with pilgrims visiting the temple. This beach has become a go-to place for its wonderful stretches of sprawling shoreline. Moreover, Gokarna has garnered quite a reputation for its Ayurvedic getaways and for those who want to replenish their minds and souls. The beach is often seen full of people who want to take in the goodness of the sun and the mineral-rich air of the sea.

Location: Dandebhag, Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 485 km via NH 48

Best Time to Visit: Round the year

Things to Do: Indulge in Ayurvedic treatments in the Ayurveda centers, live the high life in the many high-end resorts here, indulge in simple, holistic meals at the boutique restaurants.

7. Kudle Beach

This is one of the most famous tourist spots of Gokarna. Take a walk on the beach while the cool waters of the sea slightly spray your feet. Watch the sunset over the sea making the view postcard-worthy. The beach is often used for local photoshoots. The beach sees a considerable crowd on the weekends and it is quite easy to get here because of the easy connectivity provided by the local transport.

Location: Kudle Beach Road, Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 488 km via NH 48

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Things to Do: Enjoy spa treatments in the spas along the beach, take a walk on the clean shores, enjoy a swim in the shallow waters.

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Beaches Near Bangalore In Mangalore

Mangalore- One of the Best Beaches near Bangalore

Karnataka’s port city, Mangalore is famous for its tall swaying coconut palms, temples and pristine beaches. Some of the beaches in Mangalore are:

8. Panambur Beach

One of the most pristine beaches in the city, the Panambur beach is located close to the new Mangalore Port. One can see a number of ships and boats along the region and it provides a wonderful view. The blue skies, sea, and sands of the beach get a dash of color during April, as the beach hosts a kite festival. The locals come here in huge numbers during the festival and the region host a small fair as well. The beach is also one of the busiest during the weekends.

Location: New Mangalore, Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 390 km via Mysore Road

Best Time to Visit: February to April

Things to Do: Enjoy the Kite Festival here, get up close and personal with the activities in Mangalore Port, shop in the street stalls lining the beach

9. Mangalore Beach

The beach is known for its serene beauty. The beach has Yakshagana performance which attracts the most number of visitors to the beach. At the time of this performance, people dance to the tune of the drums.

Just don’t confine yourself to beaches, because Mangalore tourist places contain many more including temples, churches, museums, etc. The sight here is stunning with the locals performing with the beautiful backdrop of the sea behind. People come here from the neighboring states as well to get a glimpse of the festivities here.

Location: Panambur, Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 35682 km via NH 75

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Things to Do: Enjoy the Yakshagana performance by the beach, sip on fresh coconut water, enjoy the fish dishes in the restaurants here.

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Beaches Near Bangalore In Chennai

Chennai- One of the Best Beaches near Bangalore

The fourth-largest city of India, Chennai has a number of temples, churches, and beaches. The city holds the nightlife that you just don’t want to miss.
A few beaches in Chennai are:

10. Elliot’s Beach

One of the cleanest beaches in Chennai, Elliot’s beach is one of the most significant landmarks for tourists as it provides them with a number of cuisines and an array of restaurants. The restaurants here are especially amazing because of the seafood that is served here and they are the favorite haunt of the tourists and locals alike. It is the perfect place to enjoy the cosmopolitan air of Chennai.

Location: Basant Nagar, Chennai

Distance from Bangalore: 351 km via NH 48

Best Time to Visit: January to March

Things to Do: Enjoy the cuisine in the local restaurants, go shopping in the shacks lining the beach, enjoy pony riding with the kids

11. Marina Beach

Marina Beach is a natural, urban beach in the city of Chennai. It comes under the list of the most crowded beaches in the country. Stretched out to a distance of 13 kms, Marina beach gives you an awe-striking and enchanting experience. Sections of the beach are filled with shops of every kind and one can enjoy a number of snacks along the beach as well. One can also enjoy horse rides along the beach and many people come here to enjoy the sunset.

Location: Tamil Nadu

Distance from Bangalore: 350 km via the Mumbai Highway

Best Time to Visit: Round the year

Things to Do: Take a walk along the sandy shores, indulge in snacks that line the beach, take a horse ride, or simply gaze at the cosmopolitan crowd that visits the place.

Other Beaches around Bangalore

There are quite a few other beaches around Bangalore which you can visit.

12. Tannirbhave Beach


One of the most popular beaches in Mangalore, Tannirbhave Beach can be accessed by a ferry ride, which is the most exciting part about getting to the beach. It costs only INR 10. It is located near a place called the Sultan Battery. It is also famous for Tannirbhavi Tree Park, which is located close to the beach. Do not forget to visit the Fatima Church while you are here, and it creates a wonderful view of the sea at the backdrop. The beach is well maintained and has quite a few amenities for the public like concrete benches, proper toilets and a parking lot. All of this makes visiting this beach really a pleasure.

Location: Mangalore in Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 358 km via NH 75

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Things to Do: Visit the Tannirbhave Tree Park, Fatima Church and take a ferry ride

13. Auroville Beach

auroville beach

Visiting Pondicherry is always a delight and if you are visiting from Bangalore, then be sure to visit the Auroville Beach. The beach is situated by the road leading to Auroville and is located about 12 km from the main town of Pondicherry. The waters are clean and shallow near the beach which makes it a great place to swim, even for the children. It is a popular location for surfing and beginners can also take lessons here. The beach has many points of entry and exit and it is lined with restaurants and guest houses so spending a weekend here is no trouble at all. You must of course, visit Auroville Ashram and Village nearby and pick up items made by the local craftsmen.

Location: Periyamudaliar Chavadi, Tamil Nadu

Distance from Bangalore: 313 km via NH 77

Best Time to Visit: Round the year, beach closes at 6:30 pm

Things to Do: Visit Auroville Ashram nearby, take a swim in the clean waters of the beach and take surfing lessons if you want to.

14. Varkala Beach

varkala beach

Located in Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, Varkala is a large beach that shares the waters of both Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. It is also known as the Papnasham, which means that taking a dip in the waters of the beach washes away all sins. The highlight here are the cliffs that like the beach and it creates a splendid play of light and shadow during sunsets. They are specifically known as Varkala formation because of the soil type and have been given special status by the Geological Survey of India. Those visiting the beach must visit the Sivagiri Mutt, on the top of the Sivagiri Hill. And if you are in time, you might even get to visit the ten day festival of the very revered Janardan Swami Temple. Weekenders enjoy a lot here because there are a number of water sports to be enjoyed here like parasailing and jetting. Horse riding is also allowed by the beach. There are a number of water spouts and spas here as well and they are a great source of relxation.

Location: Thiruvanthapuram in Kerala

Distance from Bangalore: 677 km approx, via NH 44

Best Time to Visit: September to February

Things to Do: Take a dip at the pristine waters to wash away your sins, explore the Varkala formation, visit the ten day festival at Janardan Swami Temple.

15. Mahabalipuram Beach

mahabalipuram beach


The Mahabalipuram Beac, located in Mahabalipuram, is always high on the list of vacationers. Not only does the beach offer a splendid spot to relax, but the shore temples here are the main attraction, which were built by Pallava kings. It is also a great place to enjoy water sports like diving, surfing and motor boating. There is a snake venom extractor center which the visitors can visit and a crocodile bank and children simply find these too exciting. There are a number of sculptural locations along the beach like Tiger’s Cave, Five Rathas, and the Dakshina Chitra. Spending some time here will leave you with no dearth of activities. Be sure to try the local cuisine here which is found in the eateries along the shore.

Location: Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu

Distance from Bangalore: 347 km

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Things to Do: Have a look at the magnificent shore temples, enjoy water sports of all kinds, try the delectable and authentic South Indian cuisine along the beaches.

16. Kolavipalam Beach

kolavipalam beach

Situated in Calicut, the beach is located in Northern Kerala. One of the major attractions here is the Olive Ridley turtle population, which is why the Beach is also known as Turtle Beach. The beach is lined by long stretches of coconut groves and the ambiance here is very relaxing. The beach is about 312 km away from the Bangalore city and a weekend here would be ideal. Since it is a comparatively less crowded beach than the other beaches of Kerala, it is mostly preferred by those who are looking for some peace and quiet.

Location: Calicut, in the Northern part of Kerala

Distance from Bangalore: 312 km

Best Time to Visit: September to December

Things to Do: Sunbathe on the pristine beaches, gaze at Olive Ridley turtles as they come and go.

So slather on some sunscreen, put on your sunglasses and head straight to these sprawling sandy beaches near Bangalore, and explore the beaches of South India. Your getaway from Bangalore will surely be a very relaxing one.

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