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No spiritual journey in India is complete without making a stopover at Haridwar in Uttarakhand. The place where the holy river Ganga meets the Indo-Gangetic Plains, Haridwar is home to various Hindu temples and ghats by the river, dating back several centuries.

Frequented by millions of devotees around the year, taking a dip in the river at ‘Har Ki Pauri’ is believed to wash off all sins. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Haridwar proves to be a great vacation option for pilgrims, seekers of spirituality and admirers of nature.

Best Time to Visit Haridwar

The best time to visit haridwar for pilgrims would be during the Kanwar Mela in July, and during Diwali in October/November.

Otherwise, the months between October and February are best suited for a visit since temperatures can soar high during the peak summer months from March to June. July to September see heavy rainfall making it a lull period for activities.

Places to Visit in Haridwar

(i) Take the ropeway ride to Chandi Devi Temple, one of the oldest temples in Haridwar. You can enjoy the sight of lush green Shivalik Hills through the glass windows of the cable car. Alternatively, a three-kilometre long trek beginning at Chandighat also leads to the temple.

(ii) Mansa Devi Temple is a centre of immense religious importance to Hindus and one of the must-visit sites for those on a spiritual trip. The temple can be reached most conveniently via cable car.

(iii) Har ki Pauri, located in the centre of the city, is believed to be one of the seven holiest places in the country. The sacred Ganga Arti at this Ghat is a grand ritual where priests perform prayers against the backdrop of the ringing temple bells and floating diyas.

(iv) A trip to the Rajaji National Park can be taken as a detour from a pilgrimage. The Jungle Safari will take you to the interiors of the forests where you can easily spot elephants, leopards, bears, deer and peacocks.

(v) The Daksh Mahadev Temple located in Kankhal is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A famous mythological site, this temple holds immense religious importance for Hindus.

No only these above places, you have many more places to visit near haridwar to make your family weekend memorable.

Where to Eat in Haridwar

(i) Have a fulfilling lunch buffet in the city at Haveli Hari Ganga Restaurant at Ramghat.

(ii) Chotiwala at Subhash Ghat is one of the oldest restaurants famous for serving delicious ‘Chola Bhaturas’.

(iii) Try crispy hot puris and sabzi at Hoshiyarpuri on Ramghat.

(iv) Kashyap Kachori Bhandar on Gau Ghat is known as the best place to have spicy kachoris with green chutney.

(v) Sweets including Rasmalai, Rabri and Halwa are extremely popular at Mathura Walon ki Prachin Dukaan.

Where to Shop in Haridwar

(i) Shop for intricately carved stone idols, metal utensils, sweets, colourful glass bangles and cane baskets from the flea shops at Moti Bazar.

(ii) The streets of Kankhal are lined with vendors selling Rudraksha seeds known to have beneficial properties.

(iii) Government Handloom & Handicraft Emporium has a wide variety of religious, as well as wood handicrafts on display.

Sit by the ghats in Haridwar, meditate and soak in the good vibes of the atmosphere around you. This ancient land’s feel-good setting will help you connect with your higher self.

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