September 21st, 2017 by Garusha Katoch

Experiencing the world unfiltered; exploring the lanes and streets. Taking charge of your days and truly discovering yourself.

Travelling alone is one of the most liberating experiences you will ever have. No matter where you go or how you do it, it adds a new perspective to your understanding of the world around you and within you.

However, it may seem like a daunting task, especially if you are travelling solo for the first time.

So, to help you plan easier and enhance your experience, here are a few tips that will make you take that leap of faith:

1. Choose your destination


Whether you are looking forward to some adventure sports or you yearn for respite in the lap of nature, choosing a destination that meets your purpose of travelling is the first step to your planning.

Thanks to the internet, you can easily preview your potential travel destination.

2. Pack light

Pack Light

As a solo traveller, it is always better to pack light to avoid unnecessary baggage and liabilities.

Check the weather conditions of your destination and pack your clothes accordingly.

Keep all your essentials in a carry-on bag. Don’t forget to pack important documents and ID cards.

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3. Choosing your Hotel


Picking a safe hotel for yourself is vital, especially when you are travelling alone. Find safe hotels that suit your budget and requirements well in advance to avoid any hassle once you reach the destination. You can find best deals on hotels at OYO.

4. Stay connected

Stay Connected

Make sure your family or friends know your whereabouts. It doesn’t have to be a constant update of your location, but letting them know what you are up to every once in a while gives you a sense of security to enjoy your trip.

5. Safeguard yourself and your valuables

Safeguarding Valuables

Don’t flash your valuables in public. Keep all your expensive belongings- phone, cameras, wallets, jewelry etc. in your handbag/backpack or in a safe and secure locker.

Never leave your hotel without a medical kit and your cell phone. Have a copy of your emergency contacts and your documents on you.

Exude confidence and always stick to main roads and well-lit areas.

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6. Freeze the moments

Freezing the moments

Take a lot of pictures during your travel. This way, you will have the best moments of your trip preserved forever. Share them with your friends and family.

7. Blend in

Blend In

The best part of a solo travel is you get to meet and interact with new people. Put your phone away and make new connections. Observe the locals. Mix up with the people, and share stories.

You may end up forging friendships that last forever.

8. Don’t shy away from eating alone

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We are usually so used to dining in a group that the thought of eating alone strikes as an odd and uncomfortable one.

Let go of that inhibition.

Chat with the servers and gain some knowledge of cuisine.

If you love to read, carry your book. When you start feeling a little uneasy or conscious sitting alone, you can crack open your book. Occupy a booth to offer you more privacy.

The best part of eating alone? You don’t have to share your meal!

9. Be Open To Adventures

Open to Adventure

Try to break out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to indulge in extreme activities. Engage in mini adventures – go on a hike or perform at an open-mic night. The advantage of not being with a group is that you’re more likely to be open to activities you wouldn’t otherwise indulge in when the people you know are around.

By the end of your trip, you will not only have created beautiful memories but will also have a renewed passion for exploring and understanding the world.

Are you ready to go out and meet the world on a solo trip?



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