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Jog Falls promises an experience out of the ordinary which is what most of us crave anyway after enduring the same old routine day in and day out. The Jog Falls Karnataka is where you should be headed for a nice trip and there’s another special reason for visiting this waterfall.

This is one of the highest waterfalls in the entire country and one of Karnataka’s biggest landmarks. The Jog Falls is part of the Sharavathi River and is also called by several other names like Jogada Gundi, Gerusoppe Falls and Gersoppa Falls. The waterfall is situated in Karnataka’s Shimoga District and is 30 kilometres away from Sagara and 104 kilometres away from Shimoga. Bangalore lies 379 kilometres away from the Jog Falls.

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When Should You Visit?

Jog Falls
Jog Falls

Summers can be scorching here and hence you should aim for the monsoon season when the entire landscape literally comes alive or the winters when temperatures are pleasant and beckon you to the great outdoors! The waterfall is seasonal and you should view it in its full glory during the monsoons if you can. The place is a popular picnic spot in winters between November and February. The temperature can be low at this time although you can also participate in several water sports including river rafting, boating and kayaking as part of your trip.

Places to Visit Near Jog Falls

Some of the prominent destinations that you can visit nearby include the following:

  1. Kanoor Fort for its history, glory and beautiful architecture.
  2. Thyvare Koppa Lion and Tiger Reserve for a date with wildlife and if you’re lucky, for spotting one of the big cats in a splendid environment. The reserve is located approximately 12 kilometres away from Shimoga.
  3. Sigandur Village which is one of the most charming and quaint places you will ever visit.
  4. Honnemaradu- This is an island that is located on the River Sharavathi’s backwaters interlinked with the backwaters formed by the Linganmakki Dam. This island offers a multitude of watersports and adventure activities and is also a spot for getting some much needed peace and quiet. You can visit this place while on your trip.
  5. Tunga Anicut Dam- This dam is located 15 kilometres away from Shimoga and was built over the Tungabhadra River. There are boating facilities offered on this lake that you can take full advantage of with your beloved or family members for company!
  6. Siddapura- This is another quaint and charming small town located in the Kodagu District. The biggest take-aways here are the fabulous views of the Sahyadri Mountains in all their splendour and the pristine ambience.
  7. Sagara- Another small town that will wow you, this is situated roughly 30 kilometres away from the Jog Falls. There are many ancient temples which are located here in Sagara that you might want to visit.
  8. Sirsi- This is a place where a black marble idol of the elephant god, Lord Ganesha, is worshipped with great fervour every year. This is located in close proximity to the Jog Falls.

Getting There

Jog Falls

The Bangalore airport is the nearest to the Jog Falls and if you’re travelling by train, you can consider getting down at Sagara after taking a train from the Bangalore City Railway Station. There are buses going from Sagara to the Jog Falls. There are several buses running to this destination from Bangalore as well. You can also take a bus to Sagara for the first part of your journey and then hop onto another bus that takes you to the Jog Falls.

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