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Best Time to Visit Igatpuri

Best time to Visit Igatpuri

Igatpuri is a popular weekend and holiday destination in Maharashtra and it provides a wonderful view of the Western Ghats. Those who live in the chaotic big cities of Maharashtra, like Bombay or Pune, will find Igatpuri to be a haven of calm and serenity. The place is easy to reach by car and the roads are very well maintained. It is known for its scenic beauty and its ample greenery. While one can visit the region at any time of the year, the best time to visit is during the monsoon and the winters.

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Igatpuri in Monsoon

Monsoon at Igatpuri

Monsoon at Igatpuri

The monsoon months of July to September sees the meadows in full bloom. There are a number of flower trees here which bloom and the freshness is amazing. The months of March to May, which comprise the summers, are really dry and scorching and so the spell of showers during the Monsoons turns this cozy spot into a picture postcard. Well, at times the monsoons can be a bit too heavy, which is why some tend to get stuck when they are unable to get out of the city in time, but that is very rare.

Even driving in the rain is a lot of fun and the monsoons are very different here when compared to a city. One really gets a chance to come close to nature as one has never done before. The temperatures are around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius or even less, and it is one of the most pleasant times of the year.

Go for a walk in the rain or simply enjoy the view from your hotel room with a steaming cup of coffee and you will not want anything else to do. There is a reason why Igatpuri is also known as the Fog City and it seems like one is roaming into the clouds in this region.

Igatpuri in Winter

Winter at Igatpuri

Winter at Igatpuri

The biggest attraction of the region is the Igatpuri weather. Another time to visit Igatpuri is during the winter months. Since Maharashtra is situated in the southern part of India, the winters are not very long and cold here. The winter months last only till about February and the temperature ranges between 15 degrees Celsius to about 22 degrees during the day, with the temperature at its highest in the noon and late afternoon. The best part of visiting this place during this time of the year is that there are a number of activities like hiking and sightseeing one can engage in, which is perhaps not always possible during the heavy showers of the monsoon.

Some of the most notable places to visit in Igatpuri are the Bhatsa River Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, Ghatandevi Temple and Vipassanna Center. There is also the Igatpuri Pagoda that one can visit and one can also go for treks on the scenic trails like Bitangad Trek, Camel valley, Kalsubai Peak, and the Kulanggad trek. The Igatpuri Plateau looks straight out of a fairytale with its majestic beauty.

Igatpuri in Summers

Summers at Igatpuri

Summers at Igatpuri

Try not to visit during the scorching summer months if you are planning to do a lot of sightseeing. The trails are not very hard and they are especially perfect for first-timers. However, the monsoons can make the trails slushy and it could become difficult to trek so winter is the best time to plan all your outdoor activity.

While all these places can be visited very much during the monsoon months as well, the torrential downpour could make you skip out things from the itinerary. If it is not too much, make it a point to visit Igatpuri twice, once during the winters, to catch up with all the sightseeing and the beautiful activities that the region has to offer and once during the monsoons, just to experience the unadulterated beauty of the region. The difference is remarkable and is yet another testimony to the fact that how nature and seasons can affect a place.

Igatpuri is seeing increased traffic in recent times as more and more people are becoming aware of the beauty of the place and the reviews that this place has garnered, thanks to people talking about the amazing experience they have had on social media. It is amazing how such a beautiful and cozy place is situated pretty close to a city and is yet unaffected by it or its pollution. Do choose your timing and be sure to visit this amazing destination for your next weekend trip.'

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