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Unforgettable Memorial Day Weekend Getaways Near Top US Cities 

As Memorial Day approaches, it’s time to plan your perfect getaway! Whether you’re in search of family-friendly fun, historical exploration, thrilling adventures, or simply relaxation, we’ve curated a list of top destinations near major US cities, including Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi TX, Oklahoma City OK, Jackson, Tulsa, Branson MO, Baton Rouge LA, Irving TX, and Las Vegas. And with our conveniently located hotels catering to every type of traveler, your Memorial Day weekend is sure to be unforgettable. 

Houston, TX: Family-Friendly Fun 

Destination: Houston offers many family-friendly activities, from exploring Space Center Houston to enjoying a day of fun at the Houston Zoo. 

Accommodation: Stay at one of our hotels near Houston for easy access to all the attractions. Enjoy comfortable and affordable stays perfect for families. 

San Antonio, TX: Historical Exploration: 

Destination: Dive into history at the Alamo or stroll along the iconic River Walk for a glimpse into San Antonio’s past. 

Accommodation: Choose from our selection of hotels near San Antonio to make the most of your historical exploration. Enjoy convenient amenities and budget-friendly rates. 

Corpus Christi, TX: Thrilling Adventures 

Destination: Corpus Christi offers exciting adventures, including windsurfing, kayaking, and dolphin watching along the Gulf Coast. 

Accommodation: Book a stay at one of our hotels near Corpus Christi for easy access to outdoor activities and waterfront fun. Enjoy comfortable rooms and pet-friendly options. 

Oklahoma City, OK: Relaxation Retreat 

Destination: Escape the hustle and bustle with a relaxing retreat in Oklahoma City. Visit the Myriad Botanical Gardens or unwind at Lake Hefner. 

Accommodation: Stay at one of our hotels near Oklahoma City for a peaceful getaway. Enjoy amenities like pools and spacious rooms perfect for relaxation. 

Jackson, MS: Southern Charm 

Destination: Experience the charm of the South in Jackson, with its historic landmarks, vibrant arts scene, and delicious Southern cuisine. 

Accommodation: Explore our selection of hotels near Jackson for a taste of Southern hospitality. Enjoy comfortable stays and easy access to local attractions. 

Tulsa, OK: Adventure Seekers 

Destination: Thrill-seekers will love Tulsa’s outdoor adventures, including hiking in Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness or exploring the Gathering Place. 

Accommodation: Choose from our range of hotels near Tulsa for an adventure-filled weekend. Enjoy comfortable accommodations and proximity to outdoor attractions. 

Branson, MO: Family Fun and Entertainment 

Destination: Branson offers a mix of family-friendly attractions, including Silver Dollar City, Dolly Parton’s Stampede, and live entertainment shows. 

Accommodation: Stay at one of our hotels near Branson for easy access to all the fun. Enjoy comfortable stays and budget-friendly rates. 

Baton Rouge, LA: Southern Hospitality 

Destination: Immerse yourself in Southern hospitality in Baton Rouge, with its rich history, cultural attractions, and mouthwatering Cajun cuisine. 

Accommodation: Book a stay at one of our hotels near Baton Rouge for a taste of Louisiana charm. Enjoy comfortable rooms and convenient amenities. 

Irving, TX: Urban Exploration 

Destination: Explore the vibrant city of Irving, with its cultural attractions, shopping centers, and dining options. 

Accommodations: Stay at one of our hotels near Irving for a convenient urban getaway. Enjoy comfortable stays and proximity to city attractions. 

Las Vegas, NV: Entertainment Capital 

Destination: Experience the excitement of Las Vegas, with its world-class casinos, entertainment shows, and vibrant nightlife.  

Accommodation: Choose from our range of hotels near Las Vegas for an unforgettable stay. Enjoy comfortable rooms and easy access to the city’s attractions. 

Book your Memorial Day weekend getaway with OYO and make the most of your holiday. With our conveniently located hotels and accommodations to suit every type of traveler, your adventure awaits! Call us to book your wonderful stay at +1 6282027586.


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