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Have You Explored The Best Beaches In The USA?

When thinking about beaches, travelers usually plan an escape to a far-flung destination. But most of them fail to understand that plenty of beach enclaves in the US offer mesmerizing scenic views. From Hawaii to Florida, the options are endless, presenting some of the best amenities – food, vibe, and live music for you to enjoy. 

Have you ever thought about the process of choosing a beach or beaches? We are here to offer a steady overview of the most happening beach places. Also, we will help you understand why you should be booking into OYO hotels when visiting the beaches. 

The Best Beaches In The USA

Here is a list of some of the best beaches in the USA to help you pick the appropriate sandy spot for your next vacation. 

1. Maui

Maui is a unique space! It is not as vast as the Big Island nor as tiny as Lanai. As for the crowd, the island has a moderate demeanor compared to Oahu or Kauai. If you are searching for a beach offering complete vacation vibes, Maui is the place! From intriguing culture and history to impressive wildlife, it gets you close to the tranquility of the Aloha State. During your visit, you can dance out a step or two alongside skilled hula dancers, sail down a zip line, play golf along the coastal fairways, or snorkel alongside five types of sea turtles. If not interested in anything, visitors simply spend time soaking in the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

Divided into 5 distinct regions, travelers usually base themselves along the South or West Maui coast. But you can also take a road trip to Hana to encounter the scenic coastline of East Maui or explore the world’s biggest dormant volcano – Haleakala. Here, you will discover Maui’s one-time tribal battlegrounds in the Iao Valley State Park. Don’t miss out on the helicopter tour when you want a bird’s-eye view of it all.

2. Honolulu – Oahu

If you are searching for a beach that offers a blend of breathtaking scenery and cosmopolitan luxury, then Oahu is the place. More than any other island in Hawaii, this place stands out as an ever-charming beach destination with exquisite arrangements. It is the state’s capital city, Honolulu, showcasing an urban appeal of the island. Located nearby, here you will find multiple historic and cultural sites. The list includes the austere USS Arizona Memorial and the ornate Iolani Palace. Also, in Waikiki’s neighborhood, a skyline of resorts and high-rises offers the best view of the eye-catching white sand beaches. 

Plan a trip to the North Shore if you want a taste of rural Hawaii. You will explore the most exciting meandering hikes and radiant blue waters here. Apart from these, the dynamic cultural events, top-notch restaurants, and extravagant nightlife of Oahu turn it into the “Ultimate Gathering Place.” A location where you can check in to experience the core Hawaiian culture.

3. Clearwater Beach

Located just 25 miles from Tampa and St. Petersburg, Clearwater Beach is on a long, thin island off Florida’s western coast. Though it takes a few minutes to complete a trip to the towns, travelers have elaborated the journey differently. It feels like a different world, away from the big-city atmosphere they are leaving behind. Clearwater Beach in the USA is one of Florida’s best beaches. The laid-back space is known for its exquisite coastline. You will also find several other inducements worth participating in.

Here, you can try riding Jet Skis, parasailing, and paddleboarding, among the several water sports activities available. For those who want to keep things low key and quiet, you can take some time off and explore historical theaters around Clearwater Beach. Also, there are parks, casual beachside restaurants, and shopping districts. Visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to explore their renowned dolphin residents. For sports lovers, here you have the Philadelphia Phillies playing at Spectrum Field, practicing their MLB’s training season for spring.

4. Assateague Island

Located west of Virginia and Maryland, this barrier island is well-known for wild horses grazing along the beaches and trotting along the sand. You can always head to South Ocean Beach or North Ocean Beach on the Assateague Island National Seashore for a relaxing experience. 

You can easily spend the day building sandcastles and sunbathing in the rays. If you want to be more active, the island permits a myriad of beach activities. You can participate in paddleboarding, swimming, and kayaking. For a comprehensive experience, reserve a spot at one of Assateague’s campgrounds and spend time in the wild.

How To Find The Best Hotel In The USA? 

You can easily trust OYO properties for a suitable ambiance when looking for the best hotels in the USA. We always believe in offering quality stays that suit your budget. 

Even if you are looking for the cheapest OYO hotels in the USA, they will have vital amenities. The properties have CCTV-surveilled common spaces, besides being properly sanitized. The OYO rooms have an attached bath, free Wi-Fi, comfy beds with linen, and on-call housekeeping. 

If you are traveling at the last minute and do not have any place pre-booked, you can use the hotel near by me feature available on the OYO portal. Enter a location you are traveling to and find the most interesting property in your budget. You can easily get pet friendly hotels or hotels with a jacuzzi in the room if you wish to stay in one. 

Whether you are going with family or friends, as a couple, solo, or with pets, check out our portal (the app or website) to find some great hotels. There are property-specific pages for you to find all the hotel-related information. You can view amenities provided, customer ratings, discounts available, and nearby attractions. 


With the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico in the south, the USA’s coastline is fully exposed to ample water bodies. Thus offering access to awe-inspiring beaches. Helping you with the best of the stays are OYO hotels. After carefully reviewing the property-specific pages, you can book into any property that fits your budget. Also, you can call +1 6282027586 to inquire about the stay.

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