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Looking For The Best Winter Vacation Destinations? Our Top Picks

Are you planning a perfect winter getaway in the US? Here is a guide for you!

Winter holidays in America are fun-filled and memorable based on how you plan your holiday. The US perfectly offers everything regardless of your wish: enjoyment in the snowy areas, warm winter accommodation, prolonged playtime with children, or some time to explore and admire nature’s beauty. The winter season is a spectacular time when you can enjoy mesmerizing, clean white snow and witness the impeccable nature’s view. America has many enthralling options, from Lake Tahoe’s untouched beauty and cool pools in Palm Springs to Mount Rainier; these Winter Wonderlands are a must-visit destination. So, this winter season, escape from your daily routine and get stunned by the scenic view of these places.

This blog curates a list of the best winter destinations in America where you can participate in several adventure activities, such as snowboarding, hiking, sledging and more. To experience this fun, plan your trip and book your stay in OYO hotels for an amazing winter vacation in the US!

Best Winter Vacation Destinations in the US

The following are some of the best winter destinations in America, which is known for their snow-white charism, winter activities, and beauty:

Palm Springs

The warmness of Palm Springs in California makes it one of the best winter destinations in the United States. The temperature here during the winter season is reasonably pleasant. It boasts thriving fine-dine restaurants, tourist centers, shops, accommodations, and festivals like the January Palm Spring International Film Festival. Besides that, hiking and exploration are some of the top activities here. The Tree National Park is a good hiking point; after this, you can move towards the hot springs. 

Winter is the peak season in Palm Springs as business activities and streets become busier. Spend your day hiking, walking through the busy streets, exploring the culinary scene, and sightseeing, after which you can relax at OYO hotels.


Phoenix is another beautiful winter destination in the US. The sun shines brightly over the city throughout the year, but during the winter season, it is sublime. During this time of the year, the average temperature in Phoenix, Arizona, reaches 55-60°F, with little precipitation. This makes the scenic views absolutely phenomenal. Hiking, biking, and golfing are some of the best outdoor activities in the Valley of the Sun. The desert city offers much more! Al Fresco dining opportunities and festive wintertime events are astonishing. Visit the desert city this winter and attend the events.

Key West

Key West in Florida is one of the US’s top warm winter vacation destinations. The temperature range is in the mid-70°F, which is perfect for long days of outdoor activities, such as spending quality time on the beach in the sunshine or the water. You can stroll on the beach, explore by kayaking the mangroves, or go for iconic snorkeling or dolphin spotting cruise. If you are traveling with your little munchkins, you can take them to the Shipwreck Museum, Butterfly Conservatory, or Key West Aquarium. Couples can set off on the Sunset Sailboat Cruise and enjoy live music and delectable dishes.


Despite the cold temperatures, Anchorage, in Alaska, is worth visiting during winter. The mysterious and gorgeous Northern Lights make Anchorage a top destination. The gleaming aurora borealis dancing in the sky is a treat to watch. Braving the cold to witness the natural phenomena for the Northern Lights Tour is worth the experience. Other iconic winter experiences in Anchorage are strolling through the Matanuska Glacier and hiring a local guide to explore the Wonders of Anchorage in the winter season. 

Anchorage is one of the quirkiest places to visit, and it is a time when exciting events are hosted in the city. The Fur Rondy, a local festival, is a month-long event hosted since 1935. You can expect competitions like outhouse races, snow sculptures, and reindeer running. With adequate winter gear, Anchorage can be one of America’s most preferred winter destinations.

How to Discover Good Hotels in America for Winter Vacation?

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Irrespective of whom you are traveling with or where you are traveling, OYO stands apart as the optimal host. Search for hotels near me, regardless of which part of the country you are in, and you will discover various hotels nearby with the above facilities. We ensure a comfortable and welcoming experience for family vacations. 

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So, that is all about the best winter travel destinations in the US. Now you know where you should visit in America in the winter season. Book your reservation and experience the exclusivities of the winter season in the US for yourself. The focal point of traveling during the winter season is that you can often get rock-bottom and last minute hotel deals. OYO offers substantial discounts on hotel reservations during winter in places such as Orlando and Anchorage. Therefore, why wait? The winter holidays are approaching. Book your stay in an OYO townhouse and make the most of your winter vacation. Contact us at +1 6282027586 for more information on bookings and reservations!

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