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Road Tripping Through America’s Coastal Highways

From the historic pathways of New England to California’s winding coastal roads, there’s no shortage of gorgeous routes in the US. The enchanting scenery and never-before experiences are the main motivations behind travelers opting for road trips. 

The USA offers grand adventures to those with wanderlust, a heart for adventure, and a desire to explore. The standard is quite elevated – from Blue Ridge Parkway’s natural beauty to Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. However, the geographic diversity makes it difficult to decide on the best way, and we will help you locate the best coastal highways. Also, the write-up will offer a fair share of light on why you should check into OYO rooms and how it will help you with the best. 

Most Scenic Coastal Highways In America

The country has a fantastic range of choices! Whether traveling solo, with friends or wanting to take the whole family along, here is a list of some of the best coastal highways to experience while driving your vehicle. 

1. Road Trip Through West Coasts Volcanic Legacy

Of all the exclusive road-tripping experiences by the coastal bay, this is the place if you want something lesser known and exquisite. The 500-mile Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway helps you participate in a fascinating driving experience. You get to explore the volcanic past and present of the world. You will find yourself witnessing the deep consequence of decisive natural forces.  

You can begin your adventure from California’s Lassen Volcanic National Park, encountering hydrothermal areas with bubbling mud pools and boiling water. Also, you will see the towering 14,000ft Shasta Mountain peak, eluding its charm and grace. Above all, the Crater Lake is the most important highlight of the trip. It is a 6-mile-wide caldera-forming out of the collapsing mighty Mount Mazama. 

2. Drive Through The Olympic Peninsula Loop  

The Olympic Peninsula Loop stretches for 329 miles in the northeastern continental USA. The road offers breathtaking views of the landscapes, which include isolated lakes, stunning beaches, and lush rainforests. Astonishingly, you can also complete 600 miles of hiking trails here, and for the Twilight fans, the route takes you to Forks, home of the Cullens.

To make the most of the entire road trip, visit the Hurricane Ridge. It is located at a height of 5,242ft, offering mesmerizing views of the snow-capped Olympic National Park. Move ahead and also take a stroll in the park. The expansive area is filled with canyons and ridges, making for an offbeat experience.  

3. Explore Oregon’s Coastal Highway

Visitors often overlook Portland’s home state, but those who are passionate and have an eye for detail understand the true beauty of the place. A road trip along the Oregon Coast Highway is a true delight! Traveling 350 miles to Oregaon’s last coastal city in the north will take you a week to cover and complete.

As you drive through, stop and explore the oldest aquariums on the West Coast. Then, continue to the Ecola State Park to enjoy a pleasurable stroll by the seaside. If you are interested in wildlife, Canon Beach, Oregon, has multiple species available. Finally, relish the breathtaking views for the final dozen miles until you reach your terminus in Brookings.

4. Road Trip Along West Coast National Parks

If you have three weeks or more to spend on holiday, plan a road trip through America’s West Coast National Parks. Explore the greens and spend time amidst nature. This can be the best trip you will cherish forever. The route covers 4,000 miles, helping you explore the finest beauties of Washington States, Oregon, and California. 

While you might be familiar with parks like Crater Lake, Death Valley, and Yosemite, the route has 20 more parks to explore and enjoy at your own pace. According to the travelers, the route is a comprehensive package offering the best views of the USA’s deserts and forests alongside oceans.    

5. Drive From San Diego To Santa Barbara

Do you wish to capture mythical Californian sites on a week-long road trip? Then, this is the route you shall take. The  220-mile route lets you explore the unmistakable Californian beach vibes. Start in San Diego to partake in the fusion of American and Mexican cultures and then continue ahead to explore the authentic nature of  La Jolla and Coronado. 

Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Venice Beach provide a great city view as you drive ahead. Also, you can stop at Disneyland and make your way through Anaheim and then explore the coastal neighbors of the place. To add to the fun, you can drive far north and soak in the Sun at Malibu’s beaches before finally reaching your destination, Santa Barbara.  

How To Find The Best Hotels In USA?

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In the last few years, road trips have become increasingly popular worldwide as people are getting more into the work-from-home environment of today. While America has the most versatile roads to hit for you any day, the coastal routes offer the best feeling on a vacation. Adding to your comfort, you can always book into OYO hotels.

Call us at +1 6282027586 for hotel booking-related questions in the USA. Whether you are traveling solo or with friends, we have unique properties that will suit your taste.

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