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List of Hotels in San-Antonio, TX

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OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base West
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base West
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base West
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base West
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base West

OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base West

Valley Hi Dr, San-Antonio· 9.0 mi
4.3 (58 Ratings)·Very Good
Free Wi-Fi
+ 9 more
Sold Out
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland near Seaworld
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland near Seaworld
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland near Seaworld
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland near Seaworld
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland near Seaworld

OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland near Seaworld

2434 SW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78227· 9.4 mi
4.1 (117 Ratings)·Very Good
Parking facility
Free Wi-Fi
+ 11 more
Sold Out
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base North
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base North
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base North
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base North
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base North
4.4 (113 Ratings)·Very Good
Parking facility
Designated smoking area
Free Wi-Fi
+ 18 more
Sold Out
OYO Hotel San Antonio East
OYO Hotel San Antonio East
OYO Hotel San Antonio East
OYO Hotel San Antonio East
OYO Hotel San Antonio East

OYO Hotel San Antonio East

5530 Interstate 10 East, San Antonio, TX, 78219· 6.8 mi
3.7 (36 Ratings)·Good
King Sized Bed
Daily housekeeping
+ 26 more
Sold Out
OYO Inn & Suites Medical Center San Antonio
OYO Inn & Suites Medical Center San Antonio
OYO Inn & Suites Medical Center San Antonio
OYO Inn & Suites Medical Center San Antonio
OYO Inn & Suites Medical Center San Antonio

OYO Inn & Suites Medical Center San Antonio

Northwest Loop 410, San-Antonio· 6.0 mi
4.6 (26 Ratings)·Excellent
Parking facility
Designated smoking area
Free Wi-Fi
+ 18 more
Sold Out
OYO Hotel San Antonio near AT&T Center
OYO Hotel San Antonio near AT&T Center
OYO Hotel San Antonio near AT&T Center
OYO Hotel San Antonio near AT&T Center
OYO Hotel San Antonio near AT&T Center

OYO Hotel San Antonio near AT&T Center

S WW White Rd, San-Antonio· 5.3 mi
3.9 (33 Ratings)·Good
Pets Not allowed
King Sized Bed
+ 41 more
Sold Out
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Top budget hotels & places to visit in San Antonio

San Antonio in Texas has long been on top of travelers’ lists for its lively Tejano culture, stunning riverfronts, and historical attractions. This vibrant city boasts some of the top restaurants, bars, and cultural centers in Texas.

There are many exciting places that give you a taste of local culture and life including the San Antonio Riverwalk, Balcones Heights, Alamodome,Lackland Air Force Base, the AT&T Center, Seaworld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, theHistoric Sunset Station, and Wonderland of the Americas.

Be it Downtown, Alamo City, or Riverwalk, it should be no surprise that San Antonio has a slate of stays, all of which are conveniently located near top attractions and easily accessible. With so many hotels covering San Antonio’s grounds, you are sure to find a hotel that best suits your needs.

Whether you’re visiting by yourself or with family, you’ll find San Antonio to be a lively, safe, and fascinating destination to explore. And for a good stay, you can find mighty cheap hotels here with all comforts and amenities like a swimming pool and parking space.

Furthermore, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring budget hotels near San Antonio Airport as well.

About San Antonio

A stroll around the River Walk is enough to catch glimpses of this city and learn about its impressive and culturally diverse history of San Antonio.

From when it was discovered by the Spanish, followed by the Payaya Indians, to its latest developments, San Antonio certainly has had its share of historical tales.

Founded in 1718, the city allows you to immerse yourself in its history, be it in the museums or on the most famous battleground in the fight for independence while letting you embrace the modern-cultured, European-inspired cafes, bars, and outdoor experiences. Whatever style of traveler you are, you can undoubtedly find something to like in San Antonio.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit San Antonio is anywhere between November to April. It might be best to avoid the summers here; the temperatures can go to an extreme level, making exploring the city challenging. Let's say the summer season is not the finest for this destination. San Antonio is the most beautiful during Spring and Winter.

How to get to San Antonio

San Antonio has excellent connectivity with many domestic and international airports. The nearest airport is San Antonio International Airport located 8 miles from downtown San Antonio. Those taking the train can hop aboard Amtrak’s Texas Eagle which travels daily between Chicago and San Antonio through major cities such as Dallas and Austin. Interstate 10 running through San Antonio is the southernmost cross-country highway in the United States. Find affordable hotels near the airport for a good stay. If you live in a nearby city, traveling by road would be the most feasible option.

Getting Around

We suggest you hire a car to travel around the city. But, the streets downtown are relatively narrow, so you can park the vehicle in a safe place and cover the remaining distance on foot. Renting a car is very comfortable, but there is joy in exploring the city's public transport as well. Indeed, there is nothing different in the metropolitan transit here, but it is still fun. Furthermore, public transportation in San Antonio is very efficient and will not be too heavy on your pockets (bus tickets start from as low as $1.30), so you might save some dollars.

**Prices are subject to change

Neighborhoods In San Antonio

There are plenty of pretty places to stay in San Antonio. Each area in the city has its unique feature; some have excellent Tex-Mex cuisine, while some offer a great view and shopping experience. These are the best neighborhoods in San Antonio to visit.


The River Walk, art museums, historic markets, and other major city attractions are all located in the downtown district, which is the most prominent part of the city. In addition, you may see live theater at Majestic Theatre and Aztec Theatre. Finally, you will have a great culinary and shopping experience in the historic market square of San Antonio, where you will be treated to unrivaled hospitality and traditional food.


This neighborhood is lively and has beautiful, bright, colorful buildings, aesthetic house restaurants and bars, and multiple parks, including the San Pedro Springs Park, and Brackenridge Park, Botanical Gardens, and Japanese tea gardens.

Alamo Heights

You'll find charming zoos, golf courses, and a wealth of shopping opportunities here. Alamo Heights is a paradise of upscale shopping options, with fashion boutiques, beading shops, odd shops, and luxury showrooms.


A stay in Eastside would be ideal for sports enthusiasts. Check out the top hotels near AT&T center San Antonio with OYO; you'll be spoilt for choice. There is also a golf facility and sites like Comanche Park and Salado Creek that provide opportunities for bicycling, running, and other outdoor activities. It also allows you to dig into the history of the area. The well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, is also in the vicinity, so be sure to visit it.


The King William historic area, often known as San Antonio's Southtown, is known for its primarily Latino and Hispanic communities. An offshoot of the Riverwalk connects it to downtown and is also considered the starting place for the 7-mile long Mission Reach route, which leads bikers and strollers to San Antonio's ancient missions.


All foodies, assemble here. If you are in San Antonio and smell some fantastic steak and tortillas, you are probably in the Westside. You can pamper your taste buds at Garcia's, Jacala Mexican Restaurant, and Ray's Drive Inn; these are all famous and old restaurants that serve authentic Mexican food.

NorthWest Side

The Northwest side of San Antonio is what you call elegant and posh. You may find excellent high-end hotels near Medical Center San Antonio. There are also some tremendous retail opportunities in the vicinity. La Cantera has some of the city's most upscale shopping spots.

San Antonio Riverwalk

The San Antonio Riverwalk is the city’s most beautiful landmark. Visitors will find walkways with stone paths, charming bridges, and massive trees lining the bank, with several restaurants along the serene waters of the river. The San Antonio RiverWalk is popular with residents and tourists for a walk or a leisurely meal by one of the pretty outdoor patios. To make the most of the experience, visitors can also hop on board a slow-moving dinner cruise on the river.

If we were to sum up the RiverWalk in a single line, we'd say it's 15 miles of pure happiness, fun, excellent cuisine, and a brief tour of San Antonio's history. It is so popular among tourists that San Antonio is almost synonymous with the RiverWalk. A romantic stroll by the river while snacking on some Tex-Mex is the best date you can have with your partner.

The river starts from E. Hildebrand Ave and leads you to Mission San Francisco de la Espada, the first mission in Texas.

The area is generally highly cheery and colorful, with a plethora of eateries, shopping areas, art galleries, live theatres, and street food stalls. The oldest restaurant on the RiverWalk, Casa Rio, opened in 1946 and is still operational. Since then, the RiverWalk and the various businesses and restaurants surrounding it have grown considerably, and it is now the most popular attraction. You may walk, bike the entire trail, or take the boat to see San Antonio's current and historical culture.

The Riverwalk is the epicenter of social life in San Antonio and is located close to the best hotels such as OYO Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk.

The Alamo

When in San Antonio, visitors should not miss out on a visit to The Alamo, a site of crucial historical significance. Here, the Battle of the Alamo took place between a Mexican army of 30,000 and a small force of the United States army. The battle was quick (some believe it lasted all of 20 minutes) and bloody. Alamo became the center of Texan independence soon after, with the now-popular battle cry to “Remember the Alamo!”. The former mission is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a monument of national importance.

What To See

There are ample places to visit in San Antonio. So whether you are a sports enthusiast, a Tex-Mex fan, or a love for art, culture, and history, San Antonio won't disappoint you in any way.

Natural Bridge Caverns San Antonio TX

The Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio have a surreal appearance that makes you feel like you've been transported somewhere in the Marvel Universe. Inside the natural bridge San Antonio, several flowstones resemble chandeliers suspended from the ceiling.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park & Mission Trail

The San Antonio River Walk leads to the city's five well-known missions, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including the famous Alamo (Mission Valero). These missions are significant places in San Antonio's history. It is the best site for history buffs to learn about San Antonio's early days and the lifestyles of Spanish people.

Established by the Franciscans, the missions were a result of Spanish efforts to colonize and evangelize the area.

Visitors can drive between the missions but could also choose to bike between them – and thanks to the city’s bike-share program, this is easy to do. If you are pressed for time, make sure to visit Mission San Jose and Mission Concepción, along with the famous Alamo mission.

Japanese Tea Gardens

You should take some time to visit the Japanese tea gardens or Sunken gardens. The park is designed beautifully and has many Japanese structures like pagodas, ponds with koi fish, waterfalls, and more.

Witte Museum

Witte Museum is an excellent place for people who would like to see the wildlife and culture of Texas from ancient times to the present. It showcases various textiles, dinosaur skeletons, antique artifacts, cave paintings, lifestyle statues, and much more.

San Fernando Cathedral

San Fernando Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals in the United States, and it is the final resting place of many Alamo heroes. Do not miss the 24-minute video art installation by Xavier de Richemont at the Cathedral.

McNay Art Museum

This Art Museum is the finest destination for art lovers to learn about different art forms and styles from America and Europe. This massive palace, built-in 1920, is one of the most well-known destinations for art lovers.

What To Do

San Antonio is filled with unique places to explore. There is so much that you can do and have a great time. Here are some of the things you must do if you are in San Antonio.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Enjoy rides and activities at Six Flags Fiesta, a theme park with five separate theme zones and a waterpark, to spice up your stay in San Antonio.

Sea World

Meet stunning marine mammals such as killer whales, beluga whales, sea lions, dolphins, and more. Sea World is one of the most well-known marine-themed parks in the world. Enjoy some thrilling rides while making friends with sea creatures.

River Walk Boat Cruise

RiverWalk boat tours are a lot of fun. You travel with a group of friends and your gang and just have a good time while exploring San Antonio.

Eat, Drink and Shop at Historic Market Place

While munching on some delectable Tex-Mex cuisine, the historical market is the most incredible spot to buy souvenirs for friends or anything else at a discount. The market square is stunning on its own; it glows brightly at night and is impossible to miss.

Meet The Land Creatures

You may visit one of San Antonio's many zoos and aquariums to make friends with some wild animals and marine creatures. The most famous zoos are San Antonio Zoo, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, and San Antonio Aquarium.

Take The Grand Bus Tour

Many bus tour services in San Antonio can help you get a broad overview of ancient San Antonio's rich heritage and current lifestyle.

Natural Bridge Caverns & the Canopy Challenge

Natural Bridge Caverns are the largest commercial caves in Texas and are only a 30-minute drive from St. Antonio. With intriguing formations, winding passages, and massive open rooms, the caves are a spelunking delight. The cave tours typically last for about 70 minutes with two kinds of tours on offer. Those looking for more thrills can try the Canopy Challenge which comprises a course of ladders, platforms, and ziplines 60 feet above the ground. There are similar courses specifically designed for toddlers and children as well.

Visit Pearl District and Farmers Market

Enjoy a fabulous night in the town at the charming Pearl District in San Antonio. Pearl is a lovely historic district turned city center where visitors will find unique boutiques, stores, restored buildings, and some of the top restaurants in the city. Make sure to catch the wonderful Farmers Market here every weekend. The Market – with its pedestrian-only street and delicious baked goods, produce, and sauces - is the best place to wander around and meet the locals.

Food in San Antonio

San Antonio has a diverse range of foods to offer due to its past. Whether you’re looking for classic American, Mexican, or Italian, you’ll never be out of options when you think about where to eat in San Antonio. There are fantastic restaurants and cafes along the River Walk, Historical market square, and all over San Antonio. Try the classic smoked chicken at The Barbeque Station in the city. Enjoy the best medley of America and Mexico in the Tostada Bean Burger at Chris Madrid’s. Visitors can also sample the legendary San Antonio puffy tacos at Henry’s Puffy Tacos.


Authentic Italian food in a pos, elegant setting. A must-try here is Shrimp Paesano. Perfect place for a dinner date.


Schilo's has aged over 100 years and has been serving mouthwatering German food. The meat here is to die for. Come here for a brunch, lunch, or dinner, and their huge menu will take care of everything.

El Marisol

Come here for some authentic Mexican food in San Antonio. The restaurant has been open since 1970 and has served classic dishes.

Shopping Spots

If you're searching for gifts for friends or yourself, there are ample places to go. The market areas provide excellent discounts, and the experience of shopping in San Antonio's well-known shopping destinations is unforgettable.

Historic Market Square

San Antonio's historic Market Square has been a popular shopping destination for many years. Over 100 locally-run specialty stores and businesses, including a diverse selection of modest cafés and diners serving typical Tex-Mex fare, can be found here.

Looking for curios or unique collectibles? Make your way to El Mercado, considered the largest Mexican market in the country. The market sells everything from artwork, dolls, sombreros, blankets, jewelry, and apparel to shoes and delicious food.

Blue Star Arts Complex

Blue Star Arts Complex is admired by many individuals who are always looking for something different. Various galleries, eateries, and bars make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

Alamo Antique Mall

The Alamo Antique Mall is one of the best places to find one-of-a-kind artworks, vintage trinkets, and unusual ornaments and flower vases, among other things.

Popular Events

Extravagant festivals celebrated by communities are something you should attend if you are at the right time. These are some of the famous festivals in San Antonio.

Memorial Day Artisan River Walk Show (May)

A great festival that celebrates art. Many artisans join this festival and display their various artifacts along the River Walk.

San Antonio Stock Show And Rodeo (February)

The best event for sports fans. If you happen to be in San Antonio in February, don't miss out on this fantastic Rodeo event. Enjoy yourself while watching skilled cowboys flaunt their abilities.

Ford Holiday River Parade And Lighting Ceremony (November)

This festival is one of the most significant events in San Antonio. They host a show where they light up and decorate the boats based on different themes, and they take a stroll across the river while the local public dresses in costumes to cheer them up.

Best Hotels in San Antonio

OYO Hotels in San Antonio offer a comfortable and pleasant stay at the best rates. Equipped with the best services, top amenities, free Wifi, and ample parking facilities, OYO hotels promise a great stay in San Antonio.

You can also avail of hotel discounts and hotel deals on different OTA sites as well as on the OYO website. We offer weekly rates and monthly rates as well, starting from $30 per night.

OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base North

If you are looking for hotels near Lackland AFB San Antonio, this Oyo Hotel is our best recommendation. The hotel offers excellent service and all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. The rooms are spacious and appealing. Alamo is about 10 minutes driving distance from here.

OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland near Seaworld

The OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland near Seaworld is a budget hotel with conventional facilities. However, you can also dip in their pool on a sunny, sweaty afternoon. It is one of the finest and most reasonably priced hotels near the San Antonio Airport. With OYO's exceptional check-in service, you can expect nothing but the best there is.

OYO Hotel San Antonio East

Finding affordable hotels with exceptional service and near popular attractions is difficult, but not with OYO. This OYO hotel is one of the best San Antonio hotels near the Alamodome and other tourist attractions. It includes all of the necessary amenities with guaranteed high-quality service.

Book hotels in San Antonio and enjoy your trip!

Good To Know

1. Where are the ticket counters located for the RiverWalk barge ride?

You can find ticket counters in Historia, Rivercenter, and Aztec Theater.

2. Are pets allowed on the RiverWalk?

Pets with a leash are allowed. Some restaurants may restrict but not all.

3. If I had to cancel a hotel reservation in San Antonio, will I get a refund?

Refund policies are different for different hotels, though most hotels do offer some amount back on cancellation. Read more about the hotel you want to book on Oyo to find accurate details.

4. What are the weather conditions in San Antonio?

The hottest days are between July and August. January is the coldest. It rains pretty heavily in the month of June. The best time to visit is between November and April. The temperature is moderate to cold during this time of year.

5. Are there any RV Parkings in San Antonio?

Alamodome provides RV parking facilities, however, you will have to make reservations in advance.

6. How many days will it take for a San Antonio trip?

3 days are enough for you to learn the history of San Antonio and explore its cuisine, parks, zoos, aquariums, shopping areas, fests, and more. If you are interested in attending the events, you might want to add a couple more days.

7. What can I do in San Antonio with my kids?

San Antonio is a place that serves people of any age. Your kids can have fun at the SeaWorld, Zoos, Aquariums, River Barge ride, amusement parks, and gardens. We think introducing them to San Antonio’s history and culture isn’t a bad idea either.

8. Why choose Oyo from booking hotel rooms in San Antonio.

Oyo promises the best rooms at the lowest prices and with all basic amenities. Our hotels are located near tourist attractions so your traveling charges are reduced. We offer a seamless check-in and check-out process with free cancellation.

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Questions and Answers

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✅ What are the best cheap hotels in San Antonio, TX?
OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland near Seaworld, OYO Inn & Suites Medical Center San Antonio, and OYO Hotel San Antonio East are all great options for those looking for the best cheap hotels in San Antonio. Each of these hotels offers comfortable rooms, superb customer service, and a variety of amenities that will make your stay enjoyable.
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What are some of the best pet-friendly hotels in San Antonio, TX?
Some of the best pet-friendly hotels in San Antonio are OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base West and OYO Hotel San Antonio East. These hotels offer great value for your money, and they are also pet friendly. So, if you're looking for a place to stay in San Antonio that is both pet-friendly and budget-friendly, then these two hotels are worth considering.
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How much does the Avg hotel cost in San Antonio, TX?
An average hotel in San Antonio, TX costs around $85 to $140 per night. However, you can get an OYO Hotel such as OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland Air Force Base North for as low as $75 per night. OYO Hotels offer great amenities and are a great option for those looking to save on accommodations.
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What are the best Shopping Malls in San Antonio, TX?
Following are the best Shopping Malls in San Antonio: North Star Mall - The North Star Mall is a popular shopping option in San Antonio. It is an indoor mall, which is good news for people who don't like the heat. It also has a lot of famous stores, like Dillard's, Saks Fifth Avenue, JC Penney, and Macy's. Plus, there are over 200 other stores to explore. If you're hungry, you can go to the food court or one of the three sit-down restaurants: Kona Grill, Luciano's, or The Cheesecake Factory. The Shops at La Cantera - The Shops at La Cantera is one of the most popular shopping centers in San Antonio. It has almost 200 stores and service providers, including 6 anchors. There is a wide range of food options, as well as a full spa and wellness center. Alamo Antique Mall - Antique shopping is a popular activity in San Antonio because the city has a rich history. The Alamo Antique Mall is one of the best places to find unique art, classic Western art, military pocket watches, and decorative ceramics. The mall is a beautiful building in Downtown San Antonio. At the 3-story mall, you can find glassware, jewelry, antique coins, old magazines, and vinyl albums.
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What are the best hotels near at&t center, San Antonio?
The best hotel near AT&T center is OYO Hotel San Antonio. It is just 2.6 miles away from the center which is about a 7 min drive. It comes with a lot of amenities and is conveniently located near the center. Plus, it costs only $110 per night and is super comfortable, making it a great choice for travelers.
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What is the best season to visit San Antonio, TX?
There's no better time to visit San Antonio than during the winter and spring. The weather is pleasant, hotel rates are lower because there aren't as many people traveling around this part of Texas - which means you can get a better deal. If you're looking for a more affordable trip, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of spring or fall. The weather is still pleasant during these times, but there will be fewer people visiting the city.
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What is the nearest hotel to San Antonio Airport?
The nearest hotel to San Antonio Airport is the OYO Hotel San Antonio Lackland. It's just a 17-minute drive from the airport. The rooms are warm and inviting, with modern furniture and wooden floors. The bathrooms are chic and well-equipped and it also has a swimming pool where guests can take a dip.
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What can I do with kids in San Antonio?
There are a lot of things to do in San Antonio with kids. Following are the top places you can visit: SeaWorld San Antonio - SeaWorld is the nation’s largest and world-renowned marine life park where you can encounter thousands of animals from all around the globe. It stands out because of its nighttime animal shows and fireworks. San Antonio Zoo - The San Antonio Zoo includes a lot of animals such as rhinos, hippos, tortoises, and more. The new area at the zoo called "Wild Australia" is a fascinating place to explore. Witte Museum - The Witte Museum is a natural history museum that is focused on the cultural history of the region. It is located on the banks of the San Antonio River and was founded in 1926.
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How cold is San Antonio, TX?
The winters in San Antonio are short and cool, with an average temperature of 43°F. It is partly cloudy year-round, with occasional snowfall. There can be hot days, even in the middle of winter, but it can also get cold at night. The temperature typically ranges from 43°F to 96°F and is seldom below 31°F or above 101°F. San Antonio experiences all four seasons, but the winters are relatively mild compared to other parts of the country.
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What are some of the best beaches near San Antonio, TX?
Some of the best beaches near San Antonio are Matagorda Bay, Corpus Christi, and Surfside Beach. Each of these beaches has something unique to offer visitors. Matagorda Bay is a great place for swimming, fishing, and kayaking. The water is clean and there are plenty of beach activities to keep you busy. Corpus Christi is famous for its beautiful beaches and warm water. It's a very well-known spot for surfing and sunbathing. Surfside Beach is a small town with a big beach vibe. It's a great place to relax and enjoy the incredible views.
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