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18 Things to Do in Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island State Park, in Corpus Christi, is a sandy beach along the coastline of Mustang Island where you can experience the vibe of a state park. The beautiful attraction offers trails for trekking, hiking and biking, camping, bird watching, and fishing options. The Paddle Park Trail within the premises of this gorgeous park consists of three sets of paddling trails, equal to over 40 miles overall. It is famous for its charisma and fishing in shallow water. Mustang Island State Park is an excellent way to explore the wild side of the place. 

This blog will dig into what you can do in Mustang Island State Park in Corpus Christi and uncover this place’s best experiences. Whether you seek adventure or are a seasoned traveler, Mustang Island State Park awaits you. Book your stay at the OYO hotels in Corpus Christi for a relaxing getaway after exploring different trails, camping sites, and fishing in this area.

18 Things You Can Do in Mustang Island State Park

The Mustang Island State Park is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm. The entry charges for this park are 5 USD for adults and free for children of 12 years and below. You can visit the park from April to October because of less crowd and off-peak season. The park offers many interesting activities you can try on your visit. Let’s explore some interesting activities:

1. Swimming

The beach is excellent for swimming because there are fewer crowds than on public beaches. But it is advisable to be careful around the jetties. Because of the mesmerizing view, you will enjoy sitting near the shallow water at the tide’s edge. 

2. Fishing

The Mustang Island State Park is one of the perfect spots for fishing on the surf in contrast to riding on a boat and going fishing. You can also engage in fishing from the jetties. The place is filled with various sharks. If you want to go fishing in this park, you need to get a permit for fishing. You can get it from the IGA or search for other locations. This stretch of the shoreline is famous among anglers. 

There, you may witness fishing poles at the beach, which are queued up. Bring your pieces of equipment for fishing and see what fish you can catch, and later release it again into the water. Although you can engage in fishing anytime at this place, September to October are ideal for fishing at Mustang Island State Park.

3. Follow the Paddling Trail and Paddle

Paddling is famous here. Suppose you are fond of kayaking, cruise through the Paddling Trail. The Paddling trail at Mustang Island State Park breaks into three systems that take you along the western part of the shorelines of Corpus Christi Bay and Mustang Island. The three trail systems are:-

  • North Trail
  • Shamrock Loop Trail
  • Ashum Trail

The Paddling Trail extends up to 20 miles and provides areas for shallow-water fishing. Cruise through any of these paddling trails and enjoy kayaking!

Pro Tip: Use sunscreen and insect repellant to relax and enjoy the trail while staying protected.

4. Exploring the Park Store

A Park Store is located within the premises of Mustang Island State Park, where you can purchase products for gifting to your near and dear ones, supplies, food, snacks, etc. If traveling with older adults, you can rent a wheelchair from this store when going to the beach. The Park Store has wheelchairs and allows visitors to borrow them. 

The beach wheelchairs have wheels that dive deeply into the sand and cruise it instead of getting stuck. You can borrow the wheelchairs for free, which is a good way of making everyone feel welcome. The aim of providing wheelchairs is that everyone must get a chance to discover the happiness that comes from a beach holiday.

5. Beachcombing

Mustang Island State Park is a good place to search for shells. Suppose you are fond of collecting shells. The earlier you visit the shore, the more likely you will come across sea shells and have a chance to make a beautiful collection. The miles of beautiful shorelines have many seashells for visitors to gather. Sand dollars, besides seashells, are commonly found in small pieces at Mustang Island State Park.

6. Observing Marine Life

Mustang Island State Park boasts a rich marine life. In addition to fish, you can often spot sea turtles near the jetties, starfish, crabs, jellyfish, and other aquatic animals. When observing marine life, ensure that you do not touch the sea turtles and follow the laws that help protect marine wildlife.

7. Watching Birds

Mustang Island State Park is a good place to watch birds. You can explore the Mustang Island Loop of the Central Texas Coastal Birding Trail for birdwatching. As you travel towards the southern part of Mustang Island, cut back towards the beach and look for gulls and shorebirds. You can spot the Glaucous Gulls here, which have a good texture in early spring. Look out for small Snowy Plovers and Red Knots flocks during high tide. In winter, the beach is particularly rewarding for terns and seabirds. 

Strolling through the coastal grasslands will lead you to Sedge Wren and LeConte’s Sparrow. Mustang Island State Park will stun you for its wonderful bird species. Traveling during spring or fall, you will see multiple birds hanging out in the park. During this time, birds migrate from one place to another. So, you get to witness many bird species. 

8. Camping on the Beach

Camping is among the most favorite Mustang Island State Park activities. Waking up on the beach after a good night’s sleep can be one of your favorite memories. The campground has effortless access to hot and warm water, clean washrooms and showers, and a spectacular beach within walking distance. It also has water and electric hookups. Using the dumping station near the campsite is hassle-free. The campground is fun, and you can easily chill out and relax here.

9. Playing Sports on the Beach

What’s better than engaging in sports activities at the beach? At Mustang Island State Park, you can play soccer, frisbee, corn hole, etc. Apart from engaging in sports, you can also use a skimboard, hackie sack, etc. The beach here has a beautiful coastline with plenty of room for playing volleyball, pickleball, and geocaching. Playing with sand and surfing at the beach is always entertaining.

 10. Throwing a Bonfire

If you plan to take advantage of the camping site and camp on the beach for a day, Mustang Island State Park allows you to throw a bonfire. You can enjoy a small beach campfire with your loved ones and those near you. Just ensure to put out the fire with water instead of covering it with sand because sand doesn’t put out the fire alone, which might be a safety hazard. 

 11. Go for a Picnic

Mustang Island State Park is a great place for a picnic. You can bring your food and drinks and throw a full-fledged picnic. This place has dedicated spots, especially for picnicking with picnic tables. You can enjoy your picnic on the sand or use the state park’s dedicated tables for picnicking. You can purchase snacks from the Park Store, enjoy your picnic, or pack lunch from other eateries and stalls to fuel yourself and your family for an afternoon under the sun. The pavilions with tables that the park provides will let you enjoy a quick bite under the shade. In addition to the picnic tables, the park has dedicated guest restrooms with hot showers and portable toilets.

12. Build a Sand Castle

Building sand castles is one of the most famous beach activities. People of all ages, from children to adults, use sand to make their castles. It is a favorite pastime activity of many. Mustang Island State Park lets you make sand castles while having fun at the beach. You can make a beautiful sand castle yourself or enroll yourself in lessons. You can contact the Sand Castle Guy in Port A to schedule a class to create a beautiful sand castle on your own!

 13. Go for Mountain Biking

Ready for a mountain bike ride? Experience one of the easiest mountain biking trails in Mustang Island State Park, which is great for every family member. Explore the 10.8-km out-and-back trail. It is regarded as one of the most effortless trails, which takes approximately one hour and 56 minutes to complete. In addition to mountain biking, this trail is excellent for watching birds and hiking. As a mountain biker, you will go out and back to receive ten miles of panoramic coastal views at Mustang Island State Park.

14.  Sunbathing

You will always have something to do or other activities when exploring Mustang Island State Park. Sunbathing is a famous activity here. You can read a book by your favorite author, dip your feet in the Gulf of Mexico, lie down and relax, or play with beach toys while sunbathing! If you enjoy lying down in the sun, you will love it here. But wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

 15. Running

If you have the habit of running to keep fit and healthy, you will love running on the beach. The Mustang Island State Park beach has a long stretch; you will love running on this lengthy stretch. You can run back and forth along the coastline and the shores or ask someone to pick you up en route. If you run at the beach at sunrise, you can enjoy panoramic views of the entire place.

16. Surfing

Even though the waves at Mustang Island State Park are not massive, it is a perfect place for people fond of surfing. Surfing is a popular activity here. Rent out or borrow tools and equipment required for surfing. You can opt for a guided surfing activity or learn surfing in advance before visiting the place through surfing lessons and engage in surfing here.

 17. Flying Kites

Kite flying is popular on the Gulf Coast of Texas. You can bring your kites to the Mustang Island State Park and engage in flying kites or search if you can borrow kites for engaging in this activity. You can also purchase the things required to make a kite and learn how to make a kite and fly your kite, or engage in fun kite flying competitions with your near and dear ones.

 18. Ranger Programs

Mustang Island State Park offers many Ranger Programs. You can explore these programs to learn more about them. They include many activities, such as watching birds, collecting sea shells or sand drift, going for nature walks, etc. Suppose you love observing and gazing at the stars. They also have stargazing programs. You can opt for them to experience and enjoy the beautiful stars.

Safety Tips: When exploring Mustang Island State Park, look for snakes, specifically in the dunes. Packing sunscreens, food, and drinks is advisable to keep yourself hydrated because the sun and salt water can be overwhelming. 

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Mustang Island State Park’s serene environment attracts you and makes your trip worthwhile. Book your stay at Corpus Christi Hotels Beachfront and enjoy your Mustang Island State Park trip. With OYO, you can await a memorable experience aptly complimenting the place’s charm. Contact OYO at +1 6282027586 for bookings and reservations and grab alluring deals. So, pack your bags today and plan a vacation to the beautiful park in Corpus Christi today.


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