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Hotels in Mersing

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Capital O 90949 Pelangi Beach Resort Mersing
Capital O 90949 Pelangi Beach Resort Mersing
Capital O 90949 Pelangi Beach Resort Mersing
Capital O 90949 Pelangi Beach Resort Mersing
Capital O 90949 Pelangi Beach Resort Mersing
Mini Fridge
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OYO 90914 Hotel Mei Wah
OYO 90914 Hotel Mei Wah
OYO 90914 Hotel Mei Wah
OYO 90914 Hotel Mei Wah
OYO 90914 Hotel Mei Wah
5.0 (4 Ratings)·Fabulous
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Find best hotels to stay in Mersing, RM. Offering affordable budget hotels starting from RM120/night. Explore best hotels in Mersing with premium amenities at OYO Hotels.
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Questions and Answers

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What are some of the best budget hotels in Mersing?
OYO Hotels in Mersing are the best budget hotels including OYO 703 Myra Hotel,OYO 89763 Bluewater, OYO 89573 Hotel Lii View,OYO 702 D View and OYO 89573 Hotel Lii View.
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What’s the distance between Kuala Lumpur to Mersing?
The road distance between Kuala Lumpur and Mersing is 351.6 km.
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How do I get to Mersing from KL?
The best way to reach Mersign from KL is by taxi and bus. It takes 6hours by and may cost between 30-80RM. By taxi it takes about 4 hours and costs between 50-80RM.
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What are the best attractions in Mersing?
Masjid Jamek Bandar Mersing: Tucked on a hilltop this gorgeous blue and white mosque and offers views of the South China Sea.

Pantai Air Papan: A drive to this white sand beach is breathtaking with stunning views of coconut palm groves and rice paddies. It;s a low-key beach where you can jog, play soccer and even swim as the water is clean.

Kuil Sri Subramaniam: A welcoming hindu temple with decorated pillars, little altars and colourful ceiling decorations.

Fushun Temple: A small old Chinese temple dedicated to Tua Pek Kong, done-up gorgeously with ornately carved pillars and sculptures will soothe your soul.

Gunung Arong Recreational Forest: A hike up to this forest is an experience worth a try. The forest is home to an assorted array of flora and fauna along with peaceful hiking trails.
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What is the best budget OYO hotel near Mersing Museum?
OYO 89763 Bluewater can be a good option to stay as it is budget-friendly and packed with all essentials amenities.
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What are the best things to do in Mersing?
Adventurous Snorkeling & Island Hopping- Explore Sibu Kukus Island (Hiking), Tekek Island, LIMA Island (Snorkelling Nemo), Mentinggi Island and Shaz Resort Tinggi Island.

Savour seafood- You will find reasonably priced delicious seafood and with the local dining, you can never wrong.

Try Fishing- Take a ferry ride from Penyabong Jetty to Ah Fatt Kelong Fishing and get hands-on experience at Fishing.

Shopping- Visit the local shops of Mersing to grab souvenirs and local delicacies. Some of the best ones include Perusahaan Keropok HJ Puteh, Kuantan Seafood Mangrove Port Co. Ltd, Perusahaan Keropok HJ Ramli (Keropok Ikan)
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Which OYO hotel is near Bus Station, Mersing?
OYO 702 D View is located near Bus Station Mersing.
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What are the basic amenities that one can expect in an OYO hotel in Mersing?
OYO hotels are comfortable accommodations with essential amenities like Wifi, TV, AC, Sanitiser Dispenser, Hair Dryer and more such appliances. At OYO Hotels in Mersing, you can enjoy rooms with spacious beds, comfortable mattresses, clean linens, and attached washrooms. At most of these hotels, you can also avail daily housekeeping, private entrance 24/7 Check-in, and card payments.
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Do OYO hotels in Mersing accept credit cards for payments?
Yes, most OYO Malaysia in Mersing offer credit card payment. You can check more details on our website and find a hotel with a credit card payment facility.
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How much do OYO hotels in Mersing charge for a night?
OYO Hotels in Mersing start at a price as low as RM59 and range upto RM13. These hotels offer a host of facilities while the prices vary depending on the amenities. For added discounts, you can check deals and discounts on our website at the time of booking.
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