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OYO 266 Parkland Express
OYO 282 Highlanders Hotel
OYO 229 Parkland Hotel
OYO 265 Zermatt Hotel
OYO 267 Parkland Apartments

Cameron Highlands, situated 1500 metres high above sea level, is home to sprawling strawberry farms and the largest tea plantations in Malaysia. With low temperature round the year, this city poses as a perfect holiday destination. This tranquil city was named after William Cameron, a British surveyor who happened to chance upon the fuzzy greenery and meandering hills that prevail as the backdrop of this heaven on earth. Cross the many farms, drive on the winding road along the mountain blanketed in greenery and land in the beautiful Cameron highland of Malaysia. One of the most popular getaways in the country with crisp air and pleasant weather, you are bound to be welcomed with open arms away from the sweltering lowland heat.

Cameron Highlands - Places to Visit

When it comes to the must see places in cameron highland, you have got to visit Mossy Forest also known as Cloud Forest, Elfin Forest, or Upper Montane Forest. Tucked away quietly at the ridge of the 2032 meter-high Mount Brinchang, Mossy Forest offers one of the most exhilarating views and is the best place to visit to watch that sunrise or sunset with your loved ones. A blanket of spongy moss draping every tree and the ground with the added pleasant weather will make you feel as if you stepped straight into a fairytale. Next, head to the newest attraction in Cameron highland called the Lavender Garden which comes just before Tringkap town. A theme park with rows of lavender plants, you will find that this is the perfect place for your next photo shoot. Apart from Lavender, there were many other types of flowers like daisies, peonies, roses etc. for you to take a whiff of. Wondering where you can buy local produce and what to eat in cameron highlands? Step into Kea Farm to learn more about the locals and their lifestyle. You can get everything at one place starting from local produce from nearby farms, everyday products, souvenirs, vendors selling strawberries topped with chocolate or vanilla(you choice!) and fresh vegetables at a wholesale price. But be sure to polish the art of haggling before hitting the market. Cameron highland visit is incomplete without a trip to Boh Plantation. Located slightly north to Brinchang, it is supposed to be the largest and the most famous tea plantation in Malaysia. Take a drive to this tea estate passing by endless lush tea plantations and breathtaking scenery. Sip the famous tea of Malaysia while sitting in the numerous terrace restaurants located right at the edge of the hill and sit back to enjoy the stunning view if the vast tea plantation.

Accommodation in Cameron Highlands by OYO

OYO being your favorite stay partner, look no further to find the best hotel in cameron highland. OYO(s) in Cameron highland are located in Jalan Brinchang, Persiaran Camelia 4, Jalan Besar Brinchang and more! You are bound to find your perfect stay with your partner with our specially customized rooms for couples under ‘OYO welcomes couples’. These budget hotels are best for when you and your partner want that weekend getaway with the added comfort you get from those over the top high priced hotels. Live in style with OYO as we provide you with top-notch amenities in AC, Geyser, TV, and Power back up and one spotless bathroom because we know how important that is! With our varied range of hotels in Cameron highland for tourists and localities alike, you are bound to find a stay that you will fall in love with. Sink into the bed of flowers which Cameron highland is with your favorite stay partner, OYO.

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