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Hotels in Bahau (2 OYOs)

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OYO 90445 Th Hotel
OYO 90445 Th Hotel
OYO 90445 Th Hotel
OYO 90445 Th Hotel
OYO 90445 Th Hotel

OYO 90445 Th Hotel

Malaysia, Bahau
4.5 (35 Ratings)·Excellent
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Deluxe Queen
RM77RM30574% off
+ Taxes, · per room per night
OYO Homes 90575 CK Bahau Homestay
OYO Homes 90575 CK Bahau Homestay
OYO Homes 90575 CK Bahau Homestay
OYO Homes 90575 CK Bahau Homestay
OYO Homes 90575 CK Bahau Homestay
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5.0 (1 Ratings)·Fabulous
Washing Machine
+ 51 more
Signature Four-Bedroom
RM76RM82890% off
+ Taxes, · per room per night
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Find best hotels to stay in Bahau, RM. Offering affordable budget hotels starting from RM62/night. Explore best hotels in Bahau with premium amenities at OYO Hotels.
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Questions and Answers

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How much do OYO hotels in Bahau charge for a night?

OYO hotels feature variously sized and styled affordable room types to accommodate your needs offered at different price points to suit your budget.

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What are some of the popular landmarks in Bahau?

Some of the popular tourist landmarks in Bahau are:

Bukit Taisho: Hill with beautiful scenery which is covered by wildflowers along the way. Hiking is the recommended activity here and the difficulty level is suitable for beginners.

Teratak Za'ba: A museum that is built with the characteristics of Negeri Sembilan architecture. This historical site is dedicated to one of the most influential figures in Malay languages and literature, Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad, commonly known as Za'aba.

Jempol Lake Garden: Visitors can try to spend their enjoyable time at this pretty garden that is equipped with exercise facilities.

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Which are the basic amenities that one can expect in an OYO Hotel in Bahau?

OYO strives to meet your needs by providing top-notch amenities in our hotels, promising comfort and convenience at its best. OYO hotels in Bahau come with air-conditioning, television, and free Wi-Fi as standard in all rooms. Depending on availability, some hotels offer additional amenities such as in-room mini-fridge, CCTV surveillance, cashless payment option, parking facility, elevator, and many more to make the best stay possible. The full list of amenities is available on the property page for further reference on what each hotel has to offer.

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What are some of the best destinations around Bahau for a weekend getaway?

While spending the weekend in Bahau, there are some places that visitors can visit such as:

  • Homestay Kampung Lonek: An ideal place if you want to spend the weekend at peace and away from the city lights.
  • Jelita Ostrich Farm: Interact directly with ostriches and various poultry on this farm. Travellers can buy souvenirs before leaving this farm.
  • Seremban Lake Garden: A scenic garden with a lake and children's play area.
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Which shopping centres in Bahau are closest to an OYO hotel?

Holiday is not complete without going to shopping. Here are some notable shopping centre in Bahau:

  • Pasaraya Billion
  • Pasar Borong Bahau
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Do OYO hotels in Bahau accept credit cards for payments?

Yes, OYO hotels in Bahau accept credit card payments.

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Where can guests go to eat in the Bahau?

Bahau offers numerous restaurants for its locals and visitor and the good news is some hotels in Bahau provide dining facilities in the vacinity. Visitors can try some of the restaurant recommendations such as Famous Food Hawker Center, Wan Tom Yam, Wan Tau Long, and Asam Laksa.

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What are the top tips for finding the perfect Bahau hotel?

Whether going on vacations or business trips, finding the right accommodation to suit your needs is the fundamental step to make your stay unlike any other. Consider these three tips before booking a hotel in Bahau and make the most out of your time here.

  • Location: Your travel to Bahau is incomplete without visiting its local attractions, which is why a hotel located in the vicinity of these attractions would tremendously make the experience better. Having restaurants and other facilities within reach is a great addition too, offering convenience at your doorstep.
  • Amenities: Nothing can go wrong with the presence of an extensive range of amenities at a hotel. OYO hotels in Bahau feature standardized essential amenities for our guests to utilize, taking one step further in providing the best service one could ever ask for.
  • Price: Comfort and affordability are the perfect combination for a getaway to remember, especially when you’re in need of a break without draining the bank. Be sure to check out OYO official website or application for different deals you surely don’t want to miss out on!
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How do people in Bahau usually commute?

Bus: Bus services are not commonly used in Bahau, but buses are available from Seremban for people to commute to other destination.
Train: Train is the most commonly used mode of transportation, and the rails are linked from Seremban Station to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Take a walk/ Cycle: Some people prefer travelling short distances within the town by walking because of the beauty of this agricultural city.

Airport: Visitors can choose to depart from Batu Berendam Airport or Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

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What is the weather usually like in Bahau?

The weather in Bahau is Tropical and most of the time, Bahau has a high temperature up to 34° Celsius. Rainfall occurs from September to December and April to May.

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