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Hotels in Bayan Lepas

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OYO 89540 B Hotel Penang
OYO 89540 B Hotel Penang
OYO 89540 B Hotel Penang
OYO 89540 B Hotel Penang
OYO 89540 B Hotel Penang

OYO 89540 B Hotel Penang

Near Terminal Bus Sungai Nibong, Bayan Lepas
27 people booked this hotel today
4.0 (386 Ratings)·Very Good
Parking facility
Private entrance
+ 8 more
Standard Double
RM102RM34970% off
+ Taxes, · per room per night
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Find best hotels to stay in Bayan Lepas, RM. Offering affordable budget hotels starting from RM102/night. Explore best hotels in Bayan Lepas with premium amenities at OYO Hotels.
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Questions and Answers

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What are some of the best budget hotels in Bayan Lepas?
OYO Hotels in Bayan Lepas are the best budget hotels that are 100% sanitised and safe. Some of the safe accommodations that you can choose from include SPOT ON 89821 Batu Maung Sempoi Inn And Cafe, Capital O 89647 Atta Hotel and OYO 993 88 Mario's.
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Are OYO Hotels in Bayan Lepas sanitised and safe?
Yes, OYO hotels in Bayan Lepas are sanitised and completely safe for a stay. These sanitised accommodations follow a strict protocol on sanitisation, minimal-touch, social distancing and hygiene practices amongst the staff. The hotels are equipped with trained professionals, well-versed with the best safety practises as indicated by the Ministry of health.
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Which is the nearest airport to Bayan Lepas?
Penang International Airport is the nearest airport to Bayan Lepas. From the airport, a one-way trip of 5kms using a taxi costs about RM7 only.
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What are the best OYO hotels near Penang International Airport, Bayan Lepas?
If you are looking for a budget stay near Penang International Airport, Bayan Lepas, go for SPOT ON 89821 Batu Maung Sempoi Inn And Cafe. The hotel is a Sanitised Stay and comes with all essential amenities.
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What are the basic amenities that one can expect in an OYO hotel in Bayan Lepas?
OYO hotels are comfortable accommodations with best-in class amenities like Wifi, TV, AC, Sanitiser Dispenser, Hair Dryer and more such appliances. At OYO Malaysia in Bayan Lepas, you can enjoy rooms with spacious beds, comfortable mattresses, clean linens, and attached washrooms. At most of these hotels, you can also avail daily housekeeping, private entrance 24/7 Check-in, and card payments.
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What are the top attractions and best things to do in and around Bayan Lepas?
Explore marine animals at Penang Aquarium: You'd get to explore a world of beautiful marine life at the aquarium with close to 25 huge fish tanks housing exotic species like the Lionfish, Giant catfish, and the Moray eel, amongst many.

Experience exoctic beach life: Pulau Jerejak is a tropical island that offers a host of recreational facilities. You could take a ferry service from the Pantai Jerejak terminal in Bayan Lepas and reach here within a few minutes.

Endure the Mayalsian History at the War Museum tucked on top of Bukit Maung.The war museum offers insights to the nation’s bloody past displayed through its well-preserved fortress and historical relics.

Play golf and enjoy scenic views at Bukit Jambul Country Club. The club is a famed spot for the golf lovers and hosted some international golfing events like Malaysian Open.
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Do OYO hotels in Bayan Lepas accept credit cards for payments?
Yes, most OYO Hotels in Bayan Lepas offer credit card payment. You can check more details on our website and find a hotel with a credit card payment facility.
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How much do OYO hotels in Bayan Lepas charge for a night?
OYO hotels in Bayan Lepas start at a price as low as RM42 and range upto RM148. The hotels have a host of facilities and the prices vary depending on the available provision and amenities. For added discounts, you can check deals and discounts on our website at the time of booking.
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What are the top destination towns close to Bayan Lepas?
The top destination towns close to Bayan Lepas include
Georgetown: Penang's capital city, George town was named after King George III and holds a rich history. The city has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO to credit the well-preserved cultural and historical heritage.

Batu ferringhi: It’s an exciting beach destination that offers soft and white sandy beach along with exciting waters activities such as jet-skiing, parasailing and windsurfing.The well-famed Jalan Batu Ferringhi road here is quite an interesting spot with a host of accommodation and dining options.

Tanjung Bungah: Originally a sleepy fishing village, Tanjung meaning ‘Flower Cape’ is a popular seaside suburb, half an hour away from Georgetown. It’s built amidst a gorgeous natural landscape and offers water activities with Penang Water Sports Centre situated here.
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