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Top 10 ideas for Valentine’s Day celebrations in Jaipur

Wondering about the best romantic places to visit in Jaipur? Looking for some innovative ideas to spruce up V-Day celebrations this year? You can always seek out some romantic destinations in Jaipur for the special day while also booking nearby couple friendly hotels in Jaipur alongside.

You will find such couples getaways in Jaipur courtesy of OYO Rooms and that too in the very heart of the city as well. There is no dearth of beautiful places to visit in Jaipur with your beloved on Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas to make this year’s celebrations even more memorable!

Best ideas for V-Day in Jaipur

  • 1135 AD, Amer- One of the most romantic places to visit in Jaipur, this beautiful establishment is situated in close proximity to the Amer Palace and offers a passionate vibe present in almost every corner of the space. You will love treating your beloved to a splendid dining experience that is at once regal and charming at the restaurant. Experience historic Rajput magic complete with generous doses of grandeur here. You will both have a ball engaging in intimate conversations while feasting on secret recipes right from the hallowed royal kitchens of Jaipur. There are various sections offered by this restaurant that you can choose from. The Shahi Aangan is a lovely open area that offers a gorgeous view of Jaipur city beneath. The Swarna Mahal, on the other hand, is the main restaurant and the Diwan-I-Khas is a warm area for relaxing with your special someone as well. You will also love the Sheesh Mahal which offers a highly exclusive and completely private dining experience while using dazzling silver and gold for its décor theme. This is simply the numero uno dining experience on V-Day that you can gift your beloved.
  • Padao, Nahargarh Fort- You will love a dekko at Padao which is located at the Nahargarh Fort amidst the breathtaking Aravalli Hills and overlooking Jaipur city rather beautifully. The gorgeous views will keep you awed throughout the evening and this Fort was built by Jai Singh back in 1734 for serving as a line of defense. The restaurant amidst this historic landmark makes for an ethereal setting indeed, complete with the surrounding greenery, ample privacy, and delicious food that will whet your appetite for more! This is a highly innovative idea for making your V-Day celebrations one of a kind! If you are looking for nearby hotels, you can check out the OYO 8412 Hotel Maharani Prime and OYO Flagship 77035 Hotel Samar Palace among numerous others.
  • Rambagh Palace- While searching for one of the most romantic destinations in Jaipur, do not forget the Rambagh Palace. One of the most spectacularly built palaces in Jaipur, this is one destination that couples will simply fall in love with. Rambagh Palace comes with impeccably personalized service and regal interiors, complete with a romantic ambiance that will keep you hooked! You will love strolling around in the picturesque Oriental and Mughal gardens along with taking a look at the shining marble compound with several spots to enjoy some privacy and build bonds as well. You will love exploring the landmark while getting a glimpse into the fabulous life of the royals in yesteryears. The dining experience is a novel affair with a traditional silver Thali served up at the Rajput Room. A 15-minute vintage car ride within the palace grounds is another experience worth savoring together.
  • Chokhi Dhani- Chokhi Dhani is a place to indulge in passionate romance while checking out hordes of cultural attractions on offer. You can spoil your beloved to the hilt here while getting transported back in time to the classic land of the Rajputs in its entire splendor. Find the true essence of Rajasthan and Jaipur at Chokhi Dhani which offers a charming rural ambiance along with a mélange of interesting attractions including delicious traditional cuisine from Rajasthan. You can view folk dances, live music shows, take elephant, bullock cart or camel rides, enjoy the magic and puppet shows and also check out a heady dose of acrobatics in turn. The Chokhi Dhani Village Resort is packed with grand options for guests to enjoy to the maximum!
  • Sisodia Rani Garden- Sisodia Rani Garden is ideal for a romantic evening out with your special someone. The regal architecture of the gardens will transport you back into another world altogether while you will love the wonderful associations of love and passion. These immaculately designed gardens were built as a token of love and appreciation for Raja Sawai Singh’s second queen, Sisodiya Rani. Situated roughly 10 kilometers away from Jaipur, there are lovely paintings depicting the love of Krishna and Radha along the garden walls that you can also check out. There are gushing fountain waters creating a spellbinding ambiance and you will absolutely love taking a walk through the delightful lush greenery.
  • Jal Mahal- Jal Mahal is undoubtedly one of the most romantic destinations in Jaipur that you can visit with your beloved. It offers a unique vista of the semi-submerged Jal Mahal Palace amidst the glimmering Man Sagar Lake. This is one of the best places to travel with your partner in tow. It was originally created as a hunting lodge for Maharajahs of the city and the stone walls are a sight to behold amidst the contrasting glimmering blue waters of the pristine lake. You will love taking pictures together against the backdrop of the architectural landmark with four stories lying below the surface and the fifth and topmost storey appearing above the water surface. You will also love gazing upon the intricate carvings upon the balconies while going shopping with your beloved at the market nearby.
  • Central Park- Central Park is the biggest park in Jaipur and you can readily build bonds here with your loved one. Central Park offers a romantic ambiance with its massive open space including the lovely greenery and also the delightful Rambagh Polo Ground. Bird watchers will love gazing upon a large variety of rare species along with multiple migratory and native birds as well. You can also go on a soothing V-Day run or jog together at Central Park.
  • The Terrace Grill- Hotel Park Prime- Definitely one of the top places to visit in Jaipur for couples, the Terrace Grill at the Hotel Park Prime is ranked higher on the list while being a favorite option for lovebirds who are seeking a lavish dining experience under the stars. The rooftop barbeque facility comes with a spread of several tempting non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes that will tantalize your taste buds while you consume your meal in a trendy and charming ambiance while holding intimate conversations together. You two can enjoy lovely candle-light dinners for a special experience as well.
  • The Forresta Kitchen & Bar- The Forresta Kitchen & Bar offers a splendid ambiance and you will love the delightful forested décor theme along with the beautiful atmosphere. The interiors offer picturesque settings along with abundant natural greenery and water sprinklers to boot. You will love intimate and passionate conversations here over the best cocktails and an extensive menu of lip-smacking favorites.
  • RJ14- Suitable for date nights, RJ14 is all about classic and casual dining amidst a truly romantic atmosphere. RJ14 is known for its cozy vibe along with its opportunities for ample relaxation. You will spend some much-needed me-time together while enjoying delicious meals at pocket-friendly prices. Must-haves on the menu include Paneer Tikka, Dal Bukhara, and Chana Masala.

.Here’s to a highly innovative and memorable Valentine’s Day with your beloved in Jaipur this year!


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