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Revisiting the Hotel Room Etiquette as a Guest

Staying at a hotel is no rocket science. Those who travel frequently would know that accommodations are not hard to find if you know where and how to search for them. Also, it should not be hard to understand a set of rules and etiquette that need to be followed while you are staying as a guest. 

The best hotels in India can be booked if the idea is to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable stay. First, however, make it a point to follow a set of rules to make life easier for everybody (and yourself as well) while staying at a hotel. 

To begin with: make all of your hotel bookings online well in advance to avoid last-minute confusion and problems. Seasoned travelers are well aware that hotel booking in India is a challenging task during peak tourist season. Therefore, it is always a great decision to get accommodation of your choice booked before embarking on the trip. Also, you might as well manage to get your hands on a few exciting discounts if you go for bookings. 

Here are a few other etiquettes that need to be followed while staying at the hotel as a guest:

Check Out pet Accommodation Policies Well in Advance

Well, there might be times when pets are not allowed inside the hotel area. Not all high-end hotels have facilities and amenities to accommodate pets. Therefore, it is essential to tell the person making a reservation well in advance if and when you plan on bringing your pet along. If the hotel you choose does not allow pets, ask them to cancel the reservation there and then look for a hotel that allows pets. It needs to be noted that many of the best hotels in India allow pets. Do make it a point to check the pet accommodation part out well before getting things underway. 

Tipping can Come in Handy
Tips can come in handy at various junctures. Right from the housekeeping staff to serving food, everybody loves to get their hands on a few extra bucks. Tipping someone is not just about showcasing how rich or well-to-do you are.  It has more to do with valuing the efforts put in by the staff members to make your stay comfortable. Take this for example: if you visit a hotel frequently and the valet that parks your car knows you, you can tip him to recognize and acknowledge his services. Something similar can be practiced with the members of the housekeeping staff as well. 

Try Not to Make Unnecessary Noise

Noise can turn out to be quite a nuisance, especially during your stay at a hotel. To clear the air of all the doubt: it is lovely to talk to people and get along with them. All of us love chatting with people in lobbies and having food (and there is nothing wrong with that). What you need to avoid is aimless talk and noise. Do not jump all around the place during your stay. Also, let the hotel staff do their job with ease. Being a guest (at a hotel) is easy if you know about the dos and don’ts. 

Avoid Food Wastage as Much as Possible

A thing that works against the buffet system is: it prompts people and guests to fill up their plates right up to the brim. This is likely to cause large-scale wastage as not all the food that is being taken ends up going into the stomach. Therefore, it is always important to take as much food as you can eat (and leave the rest). There’s no point being greedy. Also, make it a point to go for quarantine hotels in India (wherever you plan on staying) to make sure everything is hygienic and safe. 

Being Respectful to Those Who Clean Your Room

There is a common belief that those who clean our rooms are ‘inferior.’ Many people tend to nurture such fickle-mindedness. However, it is essential to note that no job is above or beneath and equal. Many of the budget hotels in India have this habit of treating their staff members with great respect. As a guest, you should always take out time to admire the hard work that members of the support staff are putting in. The next time you make a hotel booking online in the same hotel, the way you behave with the support staff will have a role to play in the kind f service you get. 

Do Fill Out the Survey Form After Completing Your Day

Survey forms are an essential part of the mix. Survey forms are used to quantify customer satisfaction. It is also the hotel’s way of valuing the customers’ feedback. If there is something that needs to be improved, then the survey form is the best way to make yourself heard. Also, the best hotels in India make it a point to go for improvements after thorough consideration and deliberation. The idea is to know what the consumers think and want. 

Elevator Etiquette is Also Essential
Barging into the elevator isn’t the best way to go about things. It is a mistake that even the well-learned men are likely to make, albeit unwittingly. The best way to go about things while entering into the elevator is: let the people in the elevator get out before getting in. Also, maintain a smile and talk politely to others who might be sharing the elevator with you. Also, wash your hands thoroughly as and when you use the elevator, as many people use the lift throughout the day. Finally, enjoy a hearty stay, but do not forget to be polite. 

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