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Foods to Eat & Avoid While Travelling

Travelling is an adventurous exercise to undertake. However, various things need to be taken care of while you travel. All those who get to travel frequently would be well aware that eating out is a great experience. Most travelers venture out to treat their taste buds to a set of unique flavours. 

Also, 10,000 different types of food items are expected to greet you as soon as you hit the marketplace. Therefore, it is bound to get difficult for people to resist the temptation of treating themselves to the best delicacies in and around the country. Also, opt for the best hotels in India to enjoy a hearty meal. The good thing about hotels is: the food they serve is standardized (most of the time).

There is a specific set of food items that people need to eat while traveling.  First thing’s first: get a medical check-up done beforehand to keep yourself covered. The last thing you want before materializing a trip is a medical discrepancy of any kind. So consult your doctor/ medical specialist and make it a point to get your hands on a list of foods you can eat (and need to avoid) while traveling.

Here is a list of foods that you need to eat (and avoid) while traveling

The Foods That One Needs to Eat:

  • Go for Fruits and Cereals

Fruits and cereals happen to be a great source of minerals and carbs, respectively. Travelers undertaking long journeys are required to keep themselves up and running at all times. Therefore, it is essential to eat healthy while you travel. Also, in case you cannot find suitable breakfast options, then go for fresh fruits, right from bananas and mangoes. Then, pair it up with a bowl of corn flakes or oatmeal to enjoy a hearty meal. Also, go for the best hotels in India that provide complimentary breakfast options with stay. It is of utmost importance to eat healthy if you wish to travel with ease. 


  • Drink a Considerable Amount of Water

Many might disagree, but it is a given fact that water consumption does have a significant role in improving the overall metabolism within the body.  Also, all those traveling to states wherein the temperatures are expected to go up, such as Rajasthan, need to keep themselves hydrated at all times. Therefore, carry electrolytes in considerable quantities to keep yourself going. Also, the best hotels in Rajasthan offer tourists and travelers ample food and drink options in the form of buffets. 

  • Keep Hot Food/Beverage Hot

What is hot should always be eaten hot, such as curries. Got for freshly cooked food and avoid undercooked food. All those who have this habit of consuming meats and other heavy stuff should make it a point to go only for freshly-prepared options. Also, carry a thermal flask if you are a frequent tea drinker, as going to a roadside tea stall is not always a great idea.  The last thing you want is to go down because of jaundice or typhoid. You can, however, go for food and beverages if you have booked one of the best hotels in India as the food served there would be hygienic and standardized. 

  • Go for Healthy Snacks

Even snacks can be healthy.  In case you don’t believe it, try out the following snacks:

  • Mozzarella cheese sticks are a hearty snack 
  • Go for a whole-grain sandwich
  • Replace white bread with brown bread
  • Go for vegetable soup
  • Lattes can also be had if and when they are fat-free
  • Enjoy a fruit cup as a sweet dish
  • Go for fresh veggies while preparing sandwiches. Also, remember to wash them thoroughly before eating. Also, go for quarantined hotels in India wherever you go to be safe and secure in times of the pandemic. 
  • Also, avoid fried foods while traveling as these might lead to a potential stomach upset. The good part is: the best hotels in India have a wide range of exciting food items and cuisines to choose from. 


Here is a list of foods you need to avoid while traveling

  • Void ‘Adventurous’ Meats

Red meat, fish, and chicken are delicate but stay away from dog meat and bat meat. Well, you do not know how these meats would react after going into your stomach. Also, there are times when the quality of pork available in certain regions is not up to the mark. There are times when the pork you eat might be stale or refrigerated for long periods.  Each only the foods that you feel are fresh and thoroughly cooked. Go for the best hotels in India and enjoy the best cuisines, all of which are freshly prepared.

  • Beware of the buffet Ghost

If there is one thing associated with buffets, it is overeating. Go for the best buffet, but do not overeat, for it might lead to indigestion as luring and tempting as it might sound. It is always a good practice for travelers to practice self-control. Also, do not eat a lot of stuff at once. Instead, give yourself some time and try to savour the taste of just about everything. The best hotels in India offer exquisite meals (in the form of buffets) that are sumptuous and healthy. 

  • Minimize Street Food Consumption

You never know what goes inside those fritters that are served by the roadside. Therefore, it is not wrong to avoid fast food served in the roadside kiosks. Instead, go for healthier options, such as snack bars and fruits, to stay energized for long. 

  • Avoid Carbonated Beverages

Again, carbonated beverages are damn luring. However, these might end up shooting your body’s sugar levels. Also, consuming carbonated drinks during the summertime can make you feel thirsty. Therefore, go for naturally-sweetened beverages, such as buttermilk or lemonade, as these are rich in minerals and end up keeping your body’s sugar levels in control. Also, check out the beverages served at some of the best hotels in India this summer.

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