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A Complete Guide on the Best Lip-smacking Street Food in Jaipur

It certainly would not be wrong to say that Jaipur is one of the most popular destinations for all the street food lovers out there. If you are someone who loves spicy and savoury delicacies, then Jaipur is a destination that you cannot afford to ignore. Right from snacks to the traditional Rajasthani cuisine, there is ample choice at hand for all the foodies. 

Book hotels in Jaipur city near the marketplace and you will get to treat yourself to some lip-smacking delights. Right from the good old pyaaz (onion) Kachori to the humble gol gappa, you will find all of your favourite street foods under one roof in Jaipur. If you are someone who has impeccable taste for street-side delicacies, then Jaipur is just the place.

Jaipur is Well Connected to Other Parts of the City

Another great thing about Jaipur is: its location. The place lies in close proximity to Delhi. This means all those residing in Delhi can make their way to Jaipur within no time. It takes less than 3 hours to travel from Delhi to Jaipur via road. NH 48 is the quickest way to reach Jaipur via road. Also, if you are someone who wishes to embark on a leisurely road trip, then Jaipur is just the perfect place to travel to. Also, remember to book budget hotels in Jaipur as soon as you plan on visiting the place because Jaipur does attract a lot of people from different parts of the country during the peak travel season. 


Also, those travelling by air can book a flight from anywhere in India to the Jaipur International Airport in Sanganer. An 11 km journey from the airport would take you to the centre of the city. It is here that you will end up finding some lip-smacking delicacies. Also, do go for Jaipur hotel bookings well in advance in order to make your life easier and convenient. 

The Best Culinary Delights to Try Out in Jaipur:

Jaipur is a foodie’s delight. It is one of the best places for all those who wish to try out different varieties of street food, right from traditional Indian to Chinese fast food. Here are some of the best street foods in Jaipur that need to be tried out without fail:

Kathi Rolls

Kathi rolls happen to be the favourite fast food for many. All those who wish to try out something spicy and savoury can go for Kathi rolls without thinking much. Also, non-veg lovers cannot stay away from this bite-sized delicacy for long. Subhash Marg in Jaipur is the ideal place for all those who wish to treat themselves to mouth-watering Kathi rolls. Also, as far as the ratings are concerned, Al-Bake is one of the highest-rated restaurants in the vicinity. Wash it down by going for a glass of lassi. Also, make sure you go for Jaipur hotel bookings in and around this restaurant because the restaurant is located in the heart of the city. 


Pyaaz Kachori 
Pyaaz Kachori is one of the most popular local dishes to try out. All tho0se who happen to be fans of the traditional Indian street food varieties cannot stay away from the humble pyaaz kachori. All those visiting Jaipur should try out this delicacy without fail. Do pair it up with the sabzi to enjoy a hearty snack. Also, if you are having this snack during the evening, then it is best to pair the pyaaz kachori with a cup of tea. The best place to enjoy pyaaz kachori is the Rawat Mishtan Bhandar in Jaipur. Also, do go for Budget hotels in Jaipur beforehand in order to stay away from all the trouble. 


If egg is a guilty pleasure, then omelette is something that should definitely be there on your culinary list. The good old omelette is best enjoyed with a wide range of savoury ketchups and chutneys. It is the ideal breakfast hub for all those who wish to dig into something light and tasty. Also, it goes without saying that eggs and omelettes make for a hearty breakfast. Sanjay’s Omelette Corner in Jaipur is the ideal place for you if omelette happens to be your guilty pleasure. Also, go for Jaipur hotel bookings near the heart of the city if you wish to go on an eating spree. Also, it is essential to go for quarantined hotel bookings as soon as possible because health comes first, and so does the need to stay hygienic


Ah, nothing can beat the joy of enjoying a king-sized glass of lassi on a scorching day in Jaipur. Lassi is best enjoyed chilled. So, if you are craving for something filling and tasty, then lassi is something that should definitely make the cut. To sweeten the deal, it is served in earthen pots (kulhads) which makes it possible for the lassi to stay chilled for a considerable amount of time. The lassiwala stationed near the M.I. Road is the ideal place for everybody to enjoy a hearty glass of Lassi. 

Rabri Ghevar
All those wanting to try out the most popular traditional sweets of Rajasthan should try out the Rabri Ghevar, which is served at several sweet shops scattered in and around Jaipur. If you are someone who has a sweet tooth, then there is a shop near Johri Bazaar that no foodie can afford to miss. Check out the Johri Bazaar and many other popular marketplaces in Jaipur because it is here that people would get to treat themselves to a wide range of savoury delicacies. Also, going for hotels in Jaipur near the airport is a great idea for those who wish to travel with ease. 

Wishing you a happy journey, foodies. 

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