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Mountain Marvel – Top Tourist Attractions in Manali For Nature Lovers

Manali is the ideal place to travel to for all those who wish to leave behind a largely materialistic lifestyle in order to breathe fresh air. Manali is the go-to place for all those who enjoy nature and the beauty that it holds in store. There are various places of interest that would end up capturing your imagination the moment you set foot in Manali. A visual spectacle, Manali is a favoured destination for all the mountain lovers out there.

How to Travel to Manali from Delhi?

Delhi, just like most other north Indian states, is well connected to Manali (and other hill stations as well) If you plan on travelling to Manali via train, then please note that Manali does not have a train station of its own. Ambala Cantonment is the nearest railway station that connects Manali. Train journey to Manali can also be undertaken by booking a train to Chandigarh, which is 250 km away from Manali. Also, hotels in Manali need to be booked as soon as possible because Manali is a popular tourist attraction during summer, and attracts a lot many visitors from different parts of the country.

Here are some of the major attractions in Manali:

Solang Valley

Solang Valley is a visual respite that would appeal to all those who want to trek and enjoy the beauty contained in the lap of Mother Nature. Paragliding and zorbing are done quite frequently at Solang Valley. It is no less than a visual delight if you are searching for a place to get on with a photography session. The solang valley lies at a distance of just about 15 km from the centre of Manali. So, you can book budget hotels in Manali as you reach the destination. After the check-in is done, make your way to Solang Valley.

Bhrigu Lake
It is one of the best places for nature lovers who want to treat their eyes to fresh water and greenery. Again, this place is the ideal destination for all the photography enthusiasts out there. All those who have a taste of photography can carry their cameras and smartphones along. There is no bad photograph near Bhrigu Lake as this natural wonder is a symbol of breath-taking natural beauty. Get hotels in Manali near Bhrigu Lake to experience peace and serenity.

Hidimba Mandir
The temple is surrounded by thick forest cover, which provides it a largely secluded look and feel. This temple is dedicated to the wife of Bheem, who was one of the Pandavas. The temple is dedicated to Hidimba because of the several good deeds that she undertook during the course of her lifetime. If you wish to check out ancient Hindu temples in Manali, then start with this peaceful and secluded religious destination. The best hotels in Manali are located near the Hidimba Mandir.

Manali Gompa

The place remains crowded most of the time as it is one of the most important religious destinations in the region. It is a place that can be accessed by travelling along the Gompa Road. The place serves as a meeting spot for Buddhist pilgrims. Evenings prayers in the region can be heard from a long way away.

Jogini Waterfall

It is one of the places that offer trekking and top sightseeing in Manali to travellers and adventurers. A picturesque waterfall, Jogini is a picnic spot for families visiting Manali. Moreover, the place is a visual treat as there is greenery on offer (along with a clean and milky stream of water). The waterfall has a 7-kilometre-long trekking route and is located at a distance of just about 3 km from Manali.

Shopping in Manali
Old Manali Market is the best place to shop in Manali if you want to get your hands on cheap and affordable t-shirts, pullovers, accessories, and other stuff. This market in Manali is the darling of all budget shoppers. If you want to shop without worrying too much about the budget, then this market is just about ideal for you.

Similarly, the Himachal Emporium is the place for tourists to travel to if they want to get their hands on the best pieces of craftsmanship designed by local artisans. This emporium in Manali is your go-to place if handicrafts tend to be your thing. Try and book budget hotels in Manali as soon as possible to enjoy a hearty stay in the North of India.

The Signature Food of Manali
Most of the preparations in Manali involve red rice, which is grown locally. Hotels in Manali also make use of red rice on a frequent basis. If you are in for some spicy delicacies, then try out the masala omelet, which is served at various local eateries in Manali. Also, river trout is found in various local eateries as well, which means Manali is just the place for fish lovers.

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