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A Trip Through Puri: Major Attraction for Tourists to Witness

Puri is a great destination for those who want to explore untapped beaches in India. When it comes to beaches, people think of Goa while Puri gets left behind. However, a trip to Puri is not just about beaches, but also about the various places that people can explore. Take this for an example: people visit Puri in order to seek blessings at the Jagannath Temple, but there is a lot more to be done in Puri apart from just visiting the temple.

All those wondering how to travel to Puri from Delhi would be heartened to know that air travel and train travel is possible in Puri. The Biju Patnaik Airport in Odisha is the best place to land for all those travelling by air. Also, cabs and taxis can be booked from the airport to reach the centre of the city. There are other domestic airports as well that can be checked out by tourists. Also, get hotels in Puri booked as soon as possible to make life easier for yourself.

The Best Places to Visit in Puri (Apart from Jagannath Puri)

Daya River

Daya River is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Odisha. It is the ideal place to visit for all those who wish to experience the serenity and natural beauty. All those who are tired of their regular work life and want to enjoy a break can make their way to Daya River. A boating festival is held every year and the river also houses vast scores of fishermen near its shore. Boat races are held during Kartik Purnima. Do make it a point to book budget hotels in Puri to enjoy a trip like no other.

Atharnala Bridge

The bridge is not just a vantage point, but also provides the viewers with a spectacular view of the Jagannath Mandir. This bridge happens to be of great historical importance and is visited by all those who wish to dive into the history of Odisha. Hotels in Puri near Atharnala Bridge can be booked by those who want to try their hand at photography as this bridge is one of the best places for aspiring photographers to travel to in Puri.

Sudarshan Museum 

This crafts museum is the ideal place for you to travel to in Puri if you want to treat your eyes to the various breath-taking pieces of art made by local artisans and craftsmen. The museum provides ample opportunities to local craftsmen to showcase several tricks of the trade. Also, there are various interesting restaurants in the vicinity to check out. Do make it a point to try out the Malpua, which is a popular dish to try out in Odisha.

Golden Beach
Golden Beach is one of the places for top sightseeing in Puri. There are various fun activities and food items to be tried out at Golden Beach. Camel and horse rides are some of the attractions to look forward to for the tourists visiting the beach. Also, bhel puri is served quite frequently by local vendors, which means all your snacking requirements would be taken care of at the beach.  Budget hotels in Puri near the beach are available in abundance. Those in love with the sea can give this place a visit this summer.

Other places of interest in Puri include Swargadwar beach, Crafts Museum, Astaranga beach, etc. Make it a point to book the best hotels in Puri to enjoy a great stay in India’s east this summer.

Shopping in Puri

Bomkai saari is the most important piece of clothing to buy in Puri. There are various exquisite designs in Puri for shopaholics to check out. If there is one thing that is popular enough to buy in Puri, it’s the Bomkai sari and nothing else. Get to the Grand Centre in Puri and you will get to see the best-shopping outlets. Also, silk sarees happen to be a rage during festivities and special get-togethers. So, these can be bought as well. Moreover, go for hotels in Puri to enjoy a comfortable stay without having to spend too much. To visit the Grand Central shopping arcade in Puri

In terms of food, visitors can try out 
Food to Check Out in Puri includes various varieties of seafood, right from prawns to fish. Malpua is also a popular dish to try out in Puri by all those who consider themselves die-hard foodies. It is served as a dessert in Odisha. So, if you want to eat something sweet, then try out Malpua. Ukhuda is yet another sweet dish that is also had as breakfast. Ukhuda is a rice paddy that’s coated using sugar and/or jaggery.  Hotels in Puri are there to be booked online, but you need to move fast. These are served at various local eateries in the region.

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