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Best Weekend Destinations in Bangalore to Explore on a Break

Bangalore is one of the most popular cities in the country. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, the city is one of the fastest-growing commercial hubs in South India (Karnataka). In terms of tourism, Bangalore is surrounded by a host of popular spots, many of which serve as weekend getaways.

All those who want to spend some quality time with their near and dear ones can make their way to some of the visually stunning villages and districts surrounding Bangalore, including Bheemeshwari. Book hotels in Bangalore near Bheemeshwari, or any one of your favourite weekend spots and get ready to enjoy a hearty weekend.

There is absolutely no dearth of bite-sized weekend marvels near Bangalore. Get a budget hotel in Bangalore booked as soon as possible because weekend spots near Bangalore tend to attract a lot of tourists and travellers.

Those wanting to enjoy a light and lazy weekend can check out some of the most popular attractions near Bangalore this weekend. Also, romantic couples can make their way to one of the many weekend tourist spots that surround Bangalore.


Check out Ramanagara if the idea is to swat aside all the pressures and tensions that a person tends to come across as part of his work life. The place symbolises tranquillity and serenity and is popular amongst those who want to go trekking and camping in the woods. This very popular weekend spot attracts nature lovers and birdwatchers.

Do carry the camera along because Ramanagara happens to be a photographer’s paradise. Also, stargazing can be done during the night with family and friends along with a hearty little bonfire. It is the best place for you if top sightseeing in Bangalore is atop your priority list. Do check out the local eateries in the area to appease your stomach.

Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills is located at a distance of just about 60 km from Bangalore. Paragliding, cycling, and walking are some of the best things to undertake in Nandi Hills. Also, do make it a point to visit the Bhramashram, which is the ideal spot for people to meditate in the Nandi Hills.

Moreover, the Amrita Sarovar is a man-made perennial spring that ends up attracting a great deal of tourists to this part of Bangalore. If you are travelling to Nandi Hills after landing at the airport, then you would be required to cover a distance of 58 km in order to reach the destination. Get budget hotels in Bangalore booked to enjoy a hearty weekend in Nandi Hills.


Nature and adventure lovers can camp at Bheemeshwari. Located near the Kaveri River, this weekend spot is just the destination that you need to visit to indulge in adventure activities, such as trekking and camping. All those who have been to Bheemeshwari would know that it is the ideal place for all those who want to spend some time whilst introspecting. Do make it a point to book hotels in Bangalore near Bheemeshwari to enjoy a great weekend in the wild.


You can book hotels in Bangalore near Kanakpura to experience peace, tranquillity, happiness and joy. If you are planning to visit Ramanagara, then Kanakpura should be there on your list as Kanakpura lies in the Ramanagara District. The place can be accessed easily via road. Also, Mekedatu is one of the most popular places to visit in the region.

It is a narrow-gauge that offers stunning views. Also, Chunchi Falls is a waterfall that would have all of the tourists in awe. It is a place for trekkers to make their –presence felt. Get hotels in Karnataka (Kanakpura) booked this summer to enjoy a memorable vacation.

Mesmerising sunsets happen to be a striking feature of this very popular tourist destination. Again, the destination is great for all those who want to simplify their lives this summer. Trekking happens to be an activity of choice in the region. Also, do make it a point to visit the Fort of Tipu Sultan if you get to visit Skandagiri. Shiva Temple is also a popular tourist attraction in the region.

Kunti Betta Trek      

The Kunti Betta trek is located at a distance of about 120 km from Bangalore. If you are travelling to this trekking area via air, then get down at Mysore Airport and book a cab. A distance of 33 km separates Mysore from Kunti Betta Trek. Also, budget-oriented travellers can make their way to this area as the place has some of the best hotels in Mysore at its disposal.

In case you are wondering how to travel from Mysore to Kunti Betta via road would be glad to know that there are taxis and cabs available for bookings from the Mysore Airport. Do spend some time at Thonnur Lake to experience peace and silence.

Visit all of these exciting weekend attractions in Bangalore this weekend to get yourself rejuvenated.

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