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8 Exciting Activities to Add to Your North Goa Travel Itinerary in 2021

From pristine beaches to swaying palm trees to the coolest shacks, North Goa makes for a mesmerizing vacation at any time. All the major beaches, restaurants, hotels, and sightseeing spots have meticulously implemented social distancing to ensure a safe experience for all tourists.

Enjoy sipping freshly harvested coconut water while enjoying the tropical climate in North Goa. Wondering where to book a safe stay at budget hotels in Goa? Book Oyo hotels that are adhering to WHO guidelines to ensure safe accommodations for all their guests.

Here is a list of some beautiful places to explore and other activities to add to your North Goa travel itinerary:

  1. Morning walk at the Vagator Beach

The Vagator Beach which is famous for the Sunburn festival often is secluded at other months of the year. The rugged coastline and rocky cliffs make this beach one of the most photographed beaches in India. Wake up early and go for a morning walk along the beach while basking in the unforgettable sunrise views. Once you’ve worked up an appetite with all the walking and jogging, head on to the local eateries to savour some Goan breakfast. If you visit this beach during the afternoon and evening hours, explore the flea markets around the beach and pick up some souvenirs. Book sea-view rooms at budget hotels in Goa to wake up to panoramic views of the Vagator beach.

Location of the beach: Vagator, Goa

Top attractions: Scenic cliffs, sunsets

  1. Dine under the skies at Anjuna Beach

Nestled at the edge of the Aravalli range, Anjuna beach is one of the best beaches in Goa. Be captivated with mesmerizing sunset views, waves thrashing on the boulders, and a scenic coastline along the Anjuna beach. Book sea-view rooms at budget hotels in Goa to wake up to spectacular sunrises during your stay. Explore the various nightlife destinations around the Anjuna beach on your next vacation. Enjoy a candlelight dinner under the starlit skies at the beachside restaurants on the Anjuna beach. You can book a memorable stay at the hotels in Goa that are right by the beach.

Location of the beach: Anjuna, Goa

Top attractions: Photography, nightlife, water sports, cafes

  1. Go Jet Skiing at Calangute Beach

Often nicknamed the ‘queen of beaches’, Calangute Beach is a beautiful golden sand beach in North Goa. Take a walk barefoot on the sandy coastline of Calangute beach. Enjoy a scrumptious lunch of freshly caught seafood at the local shacks and restaurants set by the beach. After a lip-smacking breakfast, head onto the flea market that features handicrafts from Kashmir, Delhi, Tibet, Indonesia, etc. Go for a thrilling jet skiing ride on the tumultuous waters of the Arabian Sea. You can book some of the best hotels in Goa by the Calangute beach.

Location of the beach: Calangute, Goa

Top attractions: Jet Ski, Parasailing, Handicraft market

  1. Romantic walk by the Candolim Beach

If you are looking for a peaceful ambiance in a tranquil setting, head onto Candolim beach. As there are no commercial activities by the beach, enjoy a solitary walk or read a good book under the colourful umbrella shades. This beach is often popular with couples and honeymooners. Bask in the blissful surroundings while watching a majestic sunset across the crimson skies. Plan a romantic honeymoon by booking your stay at the best hotels in Goa set by the Candolim beach.

Location of the beach: Candolim Beach Rd, Goa

Top attractions: natural beauty, water sports

5. Shop pottery at Bicholim Market

Visit the Bicholim Market to check exquisite pottery by local artisans. Pick up beautiful ceramic dishware at affordable prices from the local shops. Don’t forget to bargain to get the best rates! If you are wondering how to travel to Goa from Mumbai, you can check out the navigation tips on Google maps.

Location of the beach: Bicholim, Goa

Top attraction: pottery

6. Explore adventure sports at Baga Beach

Capture some instaworthy photos of waves thrashing on a pristine sandy beach. Take a stroll barefoot on the sand while the cooling waves wash your feet. Do not miss out on some thrilling water sports right on the beach like parasailing, banana boat rides, etc. Enjoy sunbathing while basking in the majestic views of the beach and sea. Savour some mouth-watering Goan delicacies at the local restaurants. You can book your stay at hotels near Baga beach for an unforgettable holiday in Goa.

Location of the beach: 30 minutes’ drive from Panaji

Top attractions: water sports, Goan cuisine, photography, nightlife, sunbathing

7. Plan sightseeing to Bom Jesus Basilica 
This historical church features Baroque architecture, high ceilings, and a blissful ambiance. This is a pilgrimage site for Roman Catholics made famous by St. Francis Xavier. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of the top sightseeing in Goa.

Location of the church: Old Goa Road, Bainguinim, Goa

8. Go scuba diving at Grand Island

Perched amid the most spectacular surroundings, Grand Island is a must-visit place in North Goa. If you love water sports, prepare to have the time of your life at the Grand Island. The popular Scuba Diving sites are Suzy’s Wreck, Shelter Cove, and Bounty Bay around Grand Island. Go snorkelling or scuba diving to explore the exquisite underwater creatures and vibrant coral reefs. If you love to record your underwater adventure, take a GoPro camera while scuba diving.

Top attractions: Surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving

Whether you are travelling solo or with a group of friends or your spouse, add these activities to your Goa itinerary for an unforgettable vacation.

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