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Kerala in the monsoons: A nature lover’s paradise

Imagine taking a ride in the traditional boat house or as the Keralites call it ‘Kettuvalam’ in the beautiful backwaters of ‘God’s own country” as you spot a stretch of lush greenery as far your sight can reach.

If you’re one to enjoy the spirits of monsoon from the warmth of your home- imagine being tucked in cozily in a tree-house while you listen to the sweet symphony of the raindrops against the window and read your favorite book. It surely seems like any traveler’s paradise, doesn’t it?

If travelers were moths, Kerala with its heavenly waterfalls, exotic wildlife, amazing locals and mouth-watering cuisine would be a blinding light. It attracts loads of nature-enthusiasts and travel-junkies each year but it is during the rainy period that a wandering sightseer stumbles across the other side of this coastal gem.

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The Magic Of Monsoon In Kerala

Alappuzha Beach

Even more so than Delhi’s winter or Manali’s snowfall, monsoons hold a special place in our hearts. It’s the season of our forgotten childhood, of pakoras and chai, and the Bollywood introduced ‘season of romance.’

We love it-despite the torture it inflicts on our white shoes, the world wars missing umbrellas unleash the cancellations of all hang-out plans and days of running noses. Our love affairs with this season go back a long time, and every year that it reappears again, we have another soulful encounter.

Besides, giving food to your artistic soul, Kerala has much more to offer during the rainy season. If you’re scheduling a trip to Kerala, here is a list of 5 things that make monsoon the best time to visit Kerala.

5 Reasons To Visit Kerela

1. Rejuvenate With A Traditional Ayurvedic Treatment

Shirodhara in Kerala

When people specially visit Kerala for its famous traditional Ayurvedic treatments, monsoon naturally becomes the best time to visit the place to avail of the treatment’s benefits fully.

During monsoons, the weather becomes perfect- cool, dust-free, moist and aids in the process of opening up your skin pores- making the therapy most effective. The post-treatment weather is also just perfect to help your body detoxify and rejuvenate.

Where: Kerala has many ayurvedic centers like Punarjani Traditional Village, Marari Beach, Kumarakom Backwaters, Grrenix Village and many more. Besides wellness centers, Kerala has many Ayurvedic resorts, five-star hotels, and even Ayurvedic houseboats.

2. Scenic Beauty Under The Monsoon Spell

Kerala is known for its glorious waterfalls that become all the more beautiful under the touch of the monsoon rains. Here are some of the major monsoon attractions in Kerala.

Roaring Waterfalls

Athirapally Falls

Kerala is known for its glorious waterfalls that become all the more beautiful under the touch of the monsoon rains. They are your go-to destinations if you’re seeking solitude in the lap of nature, phenomenal photography frames or simply a treat for your senses.

You should definitely visit Athirapally Falls, the largest one in Kerala to witness how it comes to life during the rainy season.

Locations: Athirapally, Vazhachal, Thommankuth, Thusharagiri, Kozhikode, Palaruvi, Kollam.

Rejuvenating Beaches

While one may choose many other seasons than monsoon to pay a visit to the beaches, Kerala is living testimony to the statement that some beaches like Varkala and Alappuzha flourish in full glory under the monsoon rains.

The moment you will step your foot on the wet sand of the beach and see the silently waving coconut trees against the light breeze is the moment you’ll fall in love with Kerala’s beaches.

Location: Kovalam, Varkala, Kochi, Alappuzha

Magnificent Backwaters

Boat House in Kerala

You simply cannot visit Kerala and not acquaint yourself with its backwaters. Hire a traditional houseboat and observe the lush, green valley around you as you munch on South Indian delicacies and spot aquatic life.

Locations: Alleppey, Alappuzha

3. Celebrate With The Locals!

Thrissur Elephant Festival

Join in the festivities and get a taste of the local culture. Witness the thunderous applause and enthusiasm of the audience in the ‘Snake Boat Race’, pay homage to the temple in the ‘Elephant Feeding Ritual’, rejoice in the harmonious symphonies of the ‘Nishagandhi Monsoon Raga Music Festival’ and encounter the rich, cultural heritage of Kerala in the ‘Onam Festival’.

 – Champakulam Boat Race Alappuzha

Champakulam Boat Race
Champakulam Boat Race

When: June or July

Location: Alappuzha, Champakkulam, Pampa River

How to get there: Nearest railway station: Alappuzha Railway Station. The best way to commute is to hire a taxi which takes 17 minutes and costs ₹460- ₹550. Alternatively, you can drive- the approximate fuel cost is ₹120- ₹190.

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport. The best way to get from Kochi to Champakulam is to board a train which takes 1h 36m and costs ₹600 – ₹1,700. Alternatively, you can take a bus, which costs ₹900 – ₹1,200 and takes 1h 51m.  The driving distance between Kochi to Champakulam is 70 km. It takes approximately 1h 1m to drive from Kochi to Champakulam.

Njangattiri Aanayoottu

When: July

Location: Njangattiri Bhagavathi Temple, Pattambi, Palakkad

How to get there: Nearest railway station: Shoranur, about 18 km. There are 9 direct train(s) from Shoranur to Palakkad.  The fastest way to reach Palakkad from Shoranur takes you 0h 35m, which is to take Chennai Exp from Shoranur to Palakkad.

Nearest airport: Coimbatore International Airport (Tamil Nadu), about 55 km from Palakkad. The quickest way to get from Coimbatore Airport (CJB) to Palakkad is to take a bus via Coimbatore which costs ₹430 – ₹600 and takes 1h 9m.

4. Monetary Perks

The off-season perks are unlimited when visiting Kerala during the monsoon season. Put your Indian spirit to test and get your hands on all those discounts, offers, low rates and complete your trip on a shoe-string budget.

5. Fewer Tourists

Kathakali dance
Kathakali Dance

The off-season tag doesn’t just lighten the weight on your pocket but also promises you utmost privacy. So, if you’re an exploraholic, you can wander around at ease, without having to worry twice about getting a table at your favourite restaurant.

When monsoon offers you the ‘right time’, it becomes your responsibility to find its complementary ‘right place.’

This monsoon, put your inner wanderers to action and have the best monsoon vacation ever.

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