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Making Wise Travel Payment Choices: Cash, Debit, or Credit Card?

Travelling to a new destination can be overwhelming but full of fun. You must have spent a lot preparing for your vacation, from booking transportation and activities to food and accommodations. Therefore, knowing how to handle your expenses effectively via different payment choices like cash, debit or credit card when travelling is essential. The best time to begin considering travel expenditures is before spending your money.

Deciding on the mode of payment becomes simpler after planning the vacation itinerary. This blog will help you decide which payment option is better and why booking OYO family resorts is the optimal accommodation option. Hence, let’s dive in!

Is it Good to Travel with Cash,  a Credit Card, or a Debit Card?

Which one is better among the three when travelling? Many think taking cash from local ATMs when arriving at your desired location may be a better option. Others prefer using a debit or credit card while travelling because it is more trustworthy and can fetch points on your account.

So, which one is more suitable? It depends on your needs, requirements, and preferences as a traveller. When pondering whether to travel with cash or cards, here are some advantages and disadvantages you should consider:

Merits of Using a Credit or Debit Card While Travelling

The following are some benefits of using a credit or debit card on your trip:

  • Cards are easier to use. They are widely accepted, allowing you to purchase, book accommodations, and pay for services easily. 
  • They have built-in security features such as PINs, EMV chips, and fraud protection.
  • Electronic transactions provide detailed statements, making tracking and managing expenses easy.


Demerits of Using Credit or Debit Cards While Travelling

Here are some demerits of using a credit or debit card while travelling:

  • In remote or less developed areas, cards may not be widely accepted. It’s advisable to have some cash on hand for such situations.
  • If you are abroad, international transaction charges are imposed on all purchases.

Merits of Using Cash

The following are some benefits of using cash on your trip:

  • Cash is accepted everywhere, ensuring you can make transactions in places where cards might not be as widely recognised or accepted.
  • Some dealers or ATMs may charge fees for card transactions. Using cash helps you avoid these additional costs.
  • Cash transactions are generally quicker than card transactions, especially for small purchases.

Demerits of Using Cash While Travelling

Here are some disadvantages of using cash when travelling:-

  • Carrying a significant amount of cash poses a security risk.
  • Cash transactions offer no built-in fraud protection. 
  • For significant purchases like hotel bookings, using cash can be inconvenient. Dealers may prefer digital payment methods for larger transactions.
  • Keeping track of expenses with cash can be more challenging. Electronic transactions provide detailed statements, making it easier to monitor spending.

Which One is Best to Use?

Many Indian travellers use credit or debit cards as the primary payment mode because of the convenience that these cards offer. They let you make transactions quickly, avoid the hassle of carrying huge amounts of cash, and access advanced security features. This transformation depicts an evolving financial landscape where tourists prioritise clarity, rewards and security.

Stay at OYO Rooms and Make Judicious Payment Choices While Travelling!

Your travel payment choices must be judicious when travelling and exploring different places across India. Whether you are on a culinary tour or are exploring different activities, your payment choice must be wise. Regarding the accommodations, booking a stay at an OYO family suite is the best choice because you can choose from various categories, from premium stays to basic rooms.

Booking OYO hotels is a great choice as the most affordable rooms have all the basic facilities of premium rooms. Choose a comfortable family suite in your desired destination based on your budget and enjoy the benefits.

The following are some highly-rated OYO family hotels all over India:


Therefore, should you select cash, debit or credit card when travelling? A mix of all three is the solution. If you research before your trip, you can safely ascertain how much money as cash you must carry on your trip and where and how much cash you should withdraw on your vacation. You must also know your bank’s and credit card issuing firm’s policies regarding domestic transactions. Furthermore, booking OYO family hotels is a great way to use your hard-earned money judiciously while enjoying your holiday.

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