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Plan Your Year-End Holiday Now: 10 Essential Tips

Bring the decor, clear the mantle, and collect your calendars- the year-end holiday is approaching!

With the year-end holiday knocking on the doors, it is time to plan the perfect vacation. But avoid rushing and becoming a target of air ticket scams. Instead, sign up for flight rate alerts, go through the fine print carefully before signing on the dotted line, and meticulously check the new air routes that airlines offer.

This blog will discuss ten essential tips to follow when planning your vacations and why you must book your stay in an OYO family suite. So, without further ado, let’s go through the tips!

10 Essential Tips for Planning Your Year-End Holiday

The following are ten essential tips that should be followed when planning a holiday at the year-end:-

Choose the Right Destination

Picking the right travel destination is necessary. Social media is the perfect place to decide on your year-end holiday destination. It gives you a visual notion of what you can expect. Travel portals are great for searching for your holiday destination with fellow tourists visiting the places they have been to and enjoyed. 

Grab the Best Deals

Year-end travel is the peak holiday season, with school vacations and the festive season soaring flight fares and accommodation costs. Search different travel airlines, and agencies will help you grab the best deals. Some platforms even let you compare the prices to make a sound decision.

Note: Students and young adults under 25 can consider booking for discounted prices via a student travel agency.

Lessen Your Luggage

Minimising your luggage and taking only what is necessary will make your year-end holiday breezier. But light packing can be tricky if you are travelling with children. Thus, carrying bottoms that you can pair easily with different tees or shirts is advisable, helping you overcome trouble during your trip.

Note: Check airline restrictions for luggage before embarking on your year-end holiday.

Check Your Travel Essentials

Checking your travel essentials is paramount. These include travel documents like passports, flight tickets, hotel bookings, transport reservations, etc. Ensure that you carry power banks, portable chargers, and other essentials.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must. It covers missing luggage, cancelled flights, or delays in your vacation. Some travel insurers even offer policies catering to adventure trips and alternate getaways. Newlyweds can ask travel insurers to cover destination weddings and international photoshoots. Insurance coverage is handy in case of last-minute changes.

Protect Your Valuables

Travellers often become victims of fraud, scams, and theft, but you can protect your valuables by being alert. No matter where you go, being alert to your surroundings is advisable. Betwixting your sources of cash and keeping your electronic gadgets and devices out of plain sight is a good way to ensure that your trip will be pleasant.

Consider Budget Alternatives

Set a budget and plan your holiday accordingly. Considering budget alternatives like flying in low-cost carriers or non-direct routes can be helpful. Staying at homestays and lodges instead of hotels can help you save money. These small-budget alternatives can make your trip even more memorable.

Keep Your Family Engaged

Keeping your family happy and engaged is paramount. Consider an active vacation with your loved ones. Including the children in your family in planning the trip will keep them excited and happy.

Stay Connected to the Internet

Earlier, staying connected with Wi-Fi used to be a luxury. But now, it is a necessity. Having a trustworthy Internet connection is used for exploring your destination. Online maps will guide you to the correct place upon reaching your holiday destination.

Book Accommodations and Flights in Advance

After following the steps stated above, booking your flight tickets, transportation from the airport to your hotel, and accommodation in advance is necessary. If the tourist spots you will visit have tickets available online, purchase them in advance to travel to your destination stress-free.

Plan Your Year-End Vacation by Staying at OYO Rooms!

India has some of the best destinations for year-end vacations. These destinations are so gorgeous that you would want to visit them again after the New Year celebrations. They offer great hospitality, which makes your year-end vacation special. No matter whom you travel with, booking your stay at OYO’s best family resorts solves all your accommodation-related queries.

With OYO, booking your stay is tremendously easy. It requires less paperwork formalities and assures exciting discounts to the travellers. You can use search filters like a family lodge near me, nearby resorts for family, etc, to get the best accommodations and deals. No matter which kind of room you book, the comfort level will be top-notch because we do not compromise on quality.


Although the holiday season is fun, preparing for what is yet to be done will help manage your travel schedule. You will be at ease and feel less stressed while doing everything on your to-do list. 

Remember that at the end, you should thoroughly enjoy your holiday. Relax and embrace your vacation. So, maximise the year-end holiday season and enjoy your holiday by booking the best accommodations at OYO’s best family resorts.

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