Kollam Beach – An Ideal Beach Destination in South Kerala

I have always felt a strong affinity for sea beaches. I somehow think they take all my stress and anxiety away and fill me up with the calmness that I require. This is the reason I love to visit the beaches all around the world. Recently in February, I went on a family trip to Kollam Beach in the state of Kerala. Before we started for Kerala, I did all my research about the places famous in Kerala and about the offbeat shores of this state. Kollam is one of the most famous tourist spots in Kerala. But more importantly for me, this place got all the votes in my family because of three main reasons. 

For me it was simple, I wanted to visit the beaches in this area. My grandparents and mother also favored this place because of its spiritual values and aspects. My father being a zoologist, also gave his vote to this place because of the enormous reserves of flora and fauna in this area. So ultimately, we all decided to pay a visit to the town of Kollam in Kerala.We started our journey in the early morning and took a flight to reach Kerala. From the airport, we took a private car to reach our hotel in Kollam. The mesmerizing views of the city made the road trip a joyful experience. After reaching the hotel, we rested for a bit and then finally left for the famous Kollam beach in the evening.

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A Guide to the Kollam Beach

kollam beach

First, let’s talk about facts! Kollam beach or Mahatma Gandhi Beach is considered to be the best destination for weddings in Kerala. This beach if one of the few beaches of India which has a lifeguard outpost. The Kollam Port is renowned for the famous international cashew trade and is the second largest after the Port of Cochin. Before Independence, this was one of the favorite ports of the English and Portuguese. There is a 45 m tall lighthouse on this beach called the Tangasseri Lighthouse. This major landmark of Kerala was constructed in 1902. One can also find the relics and remains of the reign of the Portuguese in this area. You can get the enchanting panoramic views of the Arabian Sea from this area of Kollam. 

Things to Do In Kollam Beach

kollam beach

The serene beauty of this beach will calm your senses. Strolling through the sandy beach, you’re sure to be mesmerized by the view of the sun setting on the horizon. The beach is ideal for games like football and badminton, and kids can also build their sandcastles here. One can also play Frisbee with their friends and family on the beach. You can also arrange family picnics here but make sure to maintain the cleanliness of the place. One can also enjoy the solitude of this beach and read their favorite novels by the shore. You can also buy handicrafts made by the locals of this area along the beach. One can also go surfing with proper professional guidance at this beach. One of my all time favorite activities at the beach is to collect the shells washed up on the beach. You can also take some exquisite photographs of the beach and the nature around it.

How to Reach Kollam?

Kollam beach

Kollam is located around 1.5 hours away from Thiruvananthapuram and hence is quite accessible from all the states and cities of India. One can take their preferred means of conveyance- air, rail, and road -to reach this place in Kerala.  

By Air: The nearest airport to this place is 66km away at Trivandrum – The Trivandrum International Airport. In addition to domestic flights from all states of the country, there are international flight services available to this place from countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Colombo, Singapore, etc.

By Rail: Almost all the major trains of India pass through the station at Kollam. A daily train, the Kerala Express travels every day from Delhi to Kollam. So, one can get direct trains from any of the Indian cities to the city of Kollam in Kerala. 

By Road: The city of Kollam is connected by NH- 220, NH- 47 and NH- 208. Once in the city, you can commute from one place to another using buses, taxis or personal cars.

Other than these modes of transport, one can also take a ferry boat from the nearby railway station to the city. In Kerala, people generally prefer to use boat services to travel to many places within the state.

Best Time to Visit Kollam Beach?

kollam beach

Kerala is incredible throughout the year. You can travel to any part of it, especially to Kollam at any time of the year. But we preferred to visit the town of Kollam in the winter. Please note that all seasons are magnificent in this place. The winters are cold and the temperatures circles around 20 degrees Celsius, making it the ideal time to visit. However, March to May is the summer season here and is quite hot in Kerala. So it is advisable to avoid traveling to this place if you cannot bear high temperatures.

The monsoons are simply unbelievable here. The period from June to September marks the onset of the rainy season here. The temperature is quite low in this season, and the locals enjoy the rains very much. If you are a rain lover, then visit this place to see the magnificent beauty of the area during the storms.

Dos and Don’ts While Visiting the Kollam Beach

We all know how our planet is at stake because of the rising pollution and global warming. So, while visiting places like Kollam Beach, please try to maintain the cleanliness of that place. This would ensure the safety of the area, along with keeping the site clean and free from pollution. Some basic dos and don’ts that you should follow while visiting this place are: 

  • Never litter or make the place dirty by throwing any objects or packets at the beach.
  • You will come across many friendly people at this place. They smile and greet everybody they meet along their way. Please try to greet them similarly.
  • The mother tongue of this area is Malayalam, and most people converse using this language. People also speak English, but it is nice to know a bit of the local language. Even if you don’t know the language, you can say “Namaskaram” while greeting people in this place.
  • Although the local people are friendly here, do try to respect their privacy and boundaries.
  • The people of this tend to be very passionate about their different festivals and rituals. Try to respect and participate in these festivals to get the essence of the place.
  • Do take permission before you click snaps of any religious sites or the local people of this area.
  • Always look for options that can help to decrease the rate of carbon emissions in the area.
  • Kindly refrain from activities which can destroy the calmness and serenity of the beach.
  • Don’t forget to carry an umbrella and water bottles along with some comfortable slippers to the beach.

Places to Visit Around Kollam Beach

kollam beach

There are many places to visit around the beach, which can enhance your travel experience. Along with visiting this beach, you can also pay a visit to the following sites around the beach.Ashtamudi Lake: In Malayalam, ‘Astamundi’ means “eight coned.” One can take houseboat trips through this lake and enjoy the marvelous bounty of Mother Nature found here. 

Palaruvi Waterfalls: The name of the waterfalls means “milky streams.” It stands around 300 feet tall on the Kollam Shencottah Road and is an absolute delight to the eyes.

Thirumullavaram Beach: Another famous beach in this town is Thirumullavaram Beach. This place is perfect for sightseeing and spending some quality time with the family.

Kulathupuzha: Here, Sastha temple is built on the river Kulathupuzha. This beautiful temple is quite famous among the Vishnu devotees.

Mayyanad: Dotted with temples and shrine, this place is worth a visit while in kolam.

Jatayu’s Earth Centre: This is a new park with a 6D theatre for entertainment lovers.

Rameshwara Temple: This is an ancient temple of the region dating back to the early 12th century. This temple is decorated with fascinating sculptures.

Thenmala Deer Park: This Park is built inside the forest located by the Kallada River. You can view different varieties of deer like Sambar Deer, Axis Deer, Spotted Deer, etc. 

Asramam Adventure Park: This is an ideal place to experience backwater cruises. If you’re traveling with children, this place is amazing as it has loads of fun rides. 

Karunagappally: This beautiful town is another great spot for tourists. Take a houseboat ride to this town to make it an experience you’ll never forget. 

Thangassery Beach: Another popular tourist spot renowned for being the Old Portuguese trading unit of the early 1500s. 

I always dreamt of visiting Kerala once in my life. But, never did I think that a small town could satiate the restless traveler in me and fill me with such serenity. Needless to say, Kollam has earned a permanent spot on the list of best places I’ve ever visited! 

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