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The Best Beaches in Kannur

With a coastline that spans an impressive 8 km, Kannur is a busy city located in the Indian state of Kerala. Kannur is a relatively urbanized city of Kerala and is commercially and politically important. Located in Kerala – a city that attracts locals and foreigners primarily for its unrivaled backwaters – this beach city of Kerala is no stranger to thousands of tourists. Kannur Beaches and coconut groves are a pleasant sight for sore eyes, and you will cherish visiting them. 

Kannur has always been historically significant for the Indian subcontinent. In the early twentieth century, it witnessed several battles between the local kings and the colonizers wanting to capture Kerala and harness its resources. In the 12th century, Kannur was an active port, receiving regular trade shipments from Central Asia. The Kolathiri kings ruled this city around this time. Its rich history, busy streets, welcoming population, and scenic beauty will call out to you if you ever decide to visit Kerala. Regardless of how you love to travel, you will find something recreational for yourself in Kannur.

Find Best Hotels In Kannur

Kannur Beaches – a Fun Way to Relax

Kannur Beach

With an 8 km long coastline, Kannur boasts incredible variety when it comes to beaches. The city houses close to 6 small and large beaches along its shoreline. 

1. Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

Kannur Beach

The Muzhappilangad drive-in beach is Kerala’s unique beach wonder. This Kannur beach is considered to be Asia’s longest drive-in beach and is bordered by large black rocks that prevent high-tides and waves from troubling tourists. These black rocks are home to blue mussels, a marine animal considered to be a delicacy all around the world. This beach is well protected on the sides by thick groves of coconut trees. There is an unpaved road that cuts through one of these groves. Taking a hike along this trail will lead you to the Muzhappilangad beach. Many locals also prefer to do bike stunts and car drifting, for this beach’s sandy yet firm shores are perfect for such activities. In April every year, a beach festival is organized by the locals. This festival features music, dance and great seafood.

Things to Enjoy at the Muzhappilangad Beach:

  • You can take your rented SUV right up to the white waters kissing the brownish-golden sand. During the day, this beach is the perfect place to lounge and unwind . Lounging on this beach will treat you to a gorgeous view of Northern Kannur.
  • You can watch the thousands of exotic migratory birds that come to Kerala during various seasons. Birdwatching is a prevalent activity in the region and attracts many wildlife enthusiasts. Some of the rarest bird-species that have frequented the Muzhappilangad beach are pectoral sandpiper and Caspian Plover. Other birds include white-bellied eagle, egrets, Eurasian Oystercatcher, and Common greenshank. 
  • You can even tie a makeshift swing between two trees and enjoy the cool breeze. If you are someone who cannot spend a day without a bit of adventure, you will love to parasail or paraglide on this beach. You can even enjoy a catamaran ride around the gorgeous shoreline. 
  • If you want to explore this beach further, visit the Dharmadam Island. You can sunbathe or take a walk along this private island.

2. Payyambalam Beach

Kannur Beach

This Kannur beach has dancing turquoise waves that frolick along the golden sands of the shores. Surrounded by palms and casuarinas, this beach is both calming and exciting at once. You will enjoy the lush fragrance of the surrounding gardens while watching thousands of water sports happening right in front of you.  

Things to do at the Payyambalam Beach

  • While here, you will see the iconic Mother and Child statue that was built by Kanai Kunhiraman. You can also swim or boat in the calm waters. Surfing is a popular activity that you can try at this beach. The stretching blue sea and soft sands offer many opportunities for playing beach volleyball and water sports. 

3. The Baby Beach

As the name suggests, this beach is figuratively the baby of the Kannur beach. A part of the Payyambalam beach, it is a rocky outlook where you can spend time sipping a cup of delicious chai while the waves wash your feet. 

Things to Enjoy

  • As the sun colors the sky in red at sunset, you will have a tantalizing view of the horizon from this beach. You can also sip some tropical drinks while you enjoy the city’s coastline.

4. Ezhara Beach

Kannur Beach

This Kannur beach is another rocky landscape you can explore if you wish to explore the busy tourist spots of the city. Rocks cover a large part of this beach’s shore giving a rustic yet natural charm to the beach. Seagulls often flock this beach and add to the beauty of its calm waters.

Things to Enjoy at Ezhara Beach

  • The calm waters of the Arabian sea wash the rocks, making it an alluring place to swim or just lounge. You can watch mesmerizing sunsets while the pleasant breeze cools you down.  

Other Beaches You Can Visit in Kannur

Kannur Beach
  1. If you are looking to spend some time alone, spend your day at the Meenkunnu beach. It lies about 12 km from Kannur and is not frequented often by locals. Although not a main Kannur beach, this beautiful beach is a tourist’s paradise. You can sit amid the Palm trees or on the sand and sunbathe for a while. 
  2. Another beach lying a little away from Kannur is the Thottada Beach. Tall palm trees ensconce the soft sands of this beach, making it incredibly pretty. Though not very popular for adventurous activities, you can go for a quick swim or surf on its crystal waves.

Lodging in Kannur

Kannur is both a populous city and a favorite of both local and international tourists. The entire city is dotted with hotels and guest houses, both small and big, to accommodate tourists of all kinds. Most high-end resorts find a home around Kannur beach and popular tourist destinations. Some resorts also offer private villas and cottages that provide stunning views of the beach. Most high-end resorts come with swimming pools, a gym, a spa, suites, and guided tour options. If you wish to stay at a budget hotel, you must stay near the city center, preferably away from the main tourist spots.

Tickle Your Tastebuds

Kannur offers plenty of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian eating options. Vegan food might be difficult to find. If you want an authentic taste of South-Indian Cuisine, you will find many small restaurants in the main market and the city center. Street food options are also delicious. If you are looking to taste the lip-smacking Malabar cuisine, you can visit one of the Kannur beaches. Restaurants situated near the beaches also offer unique seafood dishes. Idli, Vada, Sambhar, and Uttapam feature predominantly in the local cuisine. One of the most famous sweets of the region – the Palada Payyasam – can be tasted in various restaurants around the city.

Say Yes to Shopping

Kannur is known all around the country for its exquisite textiles and handicraft items. Many shops in the local markets sell earthenware, saris, textiles, ivory carvings, pottery, and brocade fabrics. If you want to take a souvenir home from Kannur, you can easily buy a Kathakali mask. Shops near tourist spots and beaches also sell jewelry and handicrafts made of sea-shells. Kannur also has some of the best designed gold jewelry found in India. If you want a taste of Kerala even after you get home, you can shop for tasty banana chips.  

Festive Moods

Theyyam is a famous festival celebrated in the winter months in Kannur. Most temples in the city organize this festival in either November or December. If you happen to witness this festival, you will hear a lot of folklore. Folk dancers and singers in colorful attires grace the streets, and homes light up beautifully in celebration of the divine. The dancers usually perform a complex set of rituals before dancing in appreciation of the Lord. The Koottiyoor Vyasakh Mahotsavam is also a vibrant festival celebrated in Kannur in May.

Getting to Kannur

Kannur is well-connected to the rest of the country by road, rail, and air.

  • To reach Kannur by air, take a flight to the Calicut International Airport, Kozhikode. From there, you can easily take a bus or a cab to Kannur. 
  • To travel to Kannur by train, you can board a train heading to Kannur Railway Station. Traveling by train will take you to Kannur without too much hassle.
  • Kannur is connected very well to other major cities of Kerala through State Highways. Regular bus services connect Kannur to the capital and other metros of Kerala.

Using Cameras and Mobile Phones

Most tourist spots in Kannur will allow you to carry a camera or a mobile phone with you without charging extra fees. If you visit a sacred spot, check with the locals to see if cameras are allowed. Places of historical importance and other recreational spots might charge you a fee for carrying a camera or a mobile phone. Kannur is a perfect vacation spot if you are looking to experience and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of nature. As you observe the blue seas caressing the sandy shoreline of this beach town, you will find yourself enchanted and captivated. For a rejuvenating trip, head to Kannur on your next vacation.  

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