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Jaipur for luxury travellers- Hospitality at its finest

When it comes to Jaipur, the Pink City conjures up images and visuals of grandeur, opulence, magical corridors and pathways, regalia, jaw-dropping architecture and a classy and sophisticated way of life that resonates with the well-heeled, fastidious and refined traveller of today. While there are quite a few 5 star hotels in Jaipur that you can check out at leisure, not every choice firmly connects with the true blue luxury traveller. When it comes to choosing luxury hotels in Jaipur, for these luxury travellers, only the best will suffice and nothing less.

As a result, it is often hard to find true 5 star hotels in Jaipur that not only take care of the amenities and facilities but also the golden rule of luxury hospitality, namely high-quality service. This is the benchmark for all Jaipur luxury resorts and hotels, namely the ability to provide the best service to customers at all times in order to thoroughly pamper them during their stay. As the biggest and best hospitality mavens would say, taking care of guests is an art that only the best Jaipur luxury hotels can take care of. This is where the underlying difference and value proposition of a 5-star property can be clearly demarcated from any other regular property. The most important part is that this inherent differentiation must be clearly done by the guest himself/herself. That is where service works as a major differentiator at all times.

Best 5 Star Hotel In Jaipur

A little story about quality service

A fascinating story is in order here. Back in its heydays, just like one of the thriving 5 star hotels in Jaipur today, there was a premier hotel chain in the country that offered plush and magnificent accommodation, complete with all the top-notch facilities of the time (probably Wi-Fi was not available then) and of course, promised impeccable service. It had a concierge service that guests paying big bucks would be able to avail of from time to time. Legend goes that once, there was a seasoned business tycoon who had just shifted his patronage from another luxury hotel to this one for a short stay in the city where his factories were based. Now, quite naturally, the relationship manager or sales manager as they were probably called back then, was in high spirits, having possibly bagged a major client for a yearly package which he hoped to sell successfully during that trip itself. However, the gentleman did not have any time to discuss any such deal which left the relationship manager a little anxious since the hotel was absolutely new at the time and did not have sizable revenues to fall back on.

All said and done, this gentleman was a model guest. He stayed at his own leisure and rarely bothered the hotel staff with any outlandish requests. Except for one little thing. One night, at possibly 11 PM-12 AM, when the gentleman was expected to finish packing for his flight the next morning, the hotel customer service desk received a call from him- I need help with an urgent little request from the concierge. Can you send someone up to my room please?

Upon arriving at his room, the hotel concierge was expecting something out of the ordinary and had kept a cab waiting outside the hotel along with keeping the housekeeping manager on standby. However, he was taken aback when the client merely stated-

 I’ve forgotten to pack something as a token gift for my little daughter since I’ve stayed away from her for a very long time. I notice that you have a wide selection of chocolates and confectionaries and she’s got a real sweet tooth. Can you pack me something that a little child will love, something that’s cheerful and yummy at the same time? But only if it’s possible you know. I don’t want to burden you with anything at this unearthly hour.

Now there were two choices before the concierge. Either, he would have to take the long road, call up the in-house restaurant manager and get people in place for either whipping up a specialty bakery product or packing some chocolates and other confectionaries especially for the client’s daughter. That would probably take an hour or slightly longer.

Or else, he would just inform the highly accommodating client that the bakery was closed and the restaurant had scant manpower at the time. Also, the few that were there, were looking after those having a late dinner on the restaurant premises. He decided to take a gamble and confidently told the leading industrialist-

No problem Sir. Give me a little time. I’ll see what I can do and rest assured, I will definitely get you something to take back home for your daughter. I request you Sir to refrain from worrying about the same and to get some rest before a long flight tomorrow. I will have the gift packed and ready for her when you check-out tomorrow.

Upon being acknowledged by the guest with a relieved smile, the concierge burnt the midnight oil to get the gift ready and packed just in time for the early check-out of the esteemed client at 4 AM in time for the 6 AM flight back to his home city. The client was evidently delighted although he did not have much time to exchange pleasantries or to express his gratitude since there was a flight to catch and check-out formalities to be completed. The concierge, however, was happy at being able to do his duty in the best possible manner.

The very next day, however, the hotel got a call from the client’s office, one of the country’s topmost industrial conglomerates. The company confirmed its intentions to enter into an agreement with the hotel chain for all its properties throughout the country, particularly in the location where this concierge was based, and also sent a special note of thanks from the company Chairman himself, the esteemed guest, who thanked the concierge from the bottom of his heart for being able to please his little daughter when he got back home. The rest as they say is history with the concierge doing pretty well for himself and an entire hotel chain shoring up its presence in the country on the back of a single little job done by one of its concierges. Little or of tremendous value? You take your pick!

That’s the difference that impeccable service makes. While there are plenty of 5 star hotels in Jaipur, the ones that take care of clients like their own, are the ones that ultimately thrive and build up a loyal following of luxury travellers who feel comfortable and relaxed at the property, almost as if it is a second home for them. That is what this story indicates and that is what you should ideally be seeking when you choose to check into Jaipur luxury hotels.

Book 5 by OYO- Metropolitan

Finding the perfect hotel for the luxury traveller- Your best pick

Metropolitan Jaipur: Spacious Rooms

As mentioned previously, there may be many 5 star hotels in Jaipur but finding the best luxury hotels in Jaipur is no less a task! You have to filter through the options available towards finding something that suits you the best. Another aspect which must be mentioned in this regard is the fact that the right luxury hotel in the city will be a blend of both luxury and tradition. If you talk of Jaipur luxury resorts, they are often found wanting with regard to embracing modern amenities and the whole contemporary vibe. They are often too deeply rooted in tradition and this makes them somewhat at the opposite end of the spectrum as opposed to dynamic luxury travellers who may appreciate the opulence of the past but want it to be soaked generously with a sprinkling of contemporary amenities and facilities. That is where you should certainly take a closer look at 5 by OYO- Metropolitan in Jaipur, situated in a prime locality at Ashok Nagar, near Godam Circle.

One of the best 5 star hotels in Jaipur, 5 by OYO-Metropolitan is all about enjoying Jaipur’s famed hospitality in a more modern and comfortable manner. This luxury hotspot is located a mere 10 kilometres away from the Jaipur Airport, a ride that takes just 20 minutes or so. Land at Jaipur, hop out into your cab/waiting car and zoom away to the luxury and comfort of 5 by OYO-Metropolitan in quick time. There are beautiful rooms that have been carefully curated for luxury travellers who expect nothing but the highest levels of comfort and pampering. Every room has been uniquely designed, drawing inspiration from Jaipur’s rich cultural history and legacy while enabling guests to unwind with the choicest in-room furnishings and other amenities. The luxurious rooms enable supreme relaxation with free Wi-Fi and LCD televisions for entertainment along with room service on a 24-7 basis to cater to all your requests. There are mini-fridges and coffee makers in rooms to take care of those late night pangs or sudden impulses as well!

The rooftop swimming pool is the key highlight of this property. Enjoy splashing about all day if you’re free with your preferred beverage in hand. At night, after a hectic day at work or a day spent sightseeing, cool off in the brightly lit pool with a spectacular night-time view of the city for company. This is the ultimate high for any luxury traveller and it is provided with panache at 5 by OYO- Metropolitan, Jaipur. This makes it one of the top 5 star hotels in Jaipur and so does its emphasis on impeccable service and housekeeping for extra comfort and convenience during your stay. The in-house restaurant has a wide range of cuisines prepared to satiate even the most fastidious connoisseur while there is 24-7 room service to get you everything you need in quick time minus any worries!

There is daily housekeeping to keep your rooms in mint condition along with king sized beds, geysers, bath tubs, irons and in-room safes among other necessities for luxury travellers of today. Card payments are accepted and of course, you can stay secure in the knowledge that the premises are guarded by CCTV cameras. The banquet hall is where you can also host events or office meetings during your time in Jaipur. For more intimate gatherings with colleagues/clients, the conference room is a major plus point as well. 24-7 check-in services are provided for full comfort when you land in Jaipur (no more waiting till a certain time period in the lobby for checking in!) and there is full power backup as well. You can choose from immaculately designed Classic (2X), Deluxe (3X) and Suite (4X) room options of varying sizes. Rest assured, there are spacious rooms on offer that are fit for a king at this hotel.

Being one of the top 5 star hotels in Jaipur, 5 by OYO- Metropolitan is naturally located in close proximity to some of the most buzzing destinations in the city. The biggest convenience is its strategic location near the Airport which gets you into the cocoon of welcoming bliss and warmth without much fuss once you arrive at the city. This hotel is the true epitome of quality service, customer centricity and supreme luxury without any dilutions. That is what you should essentially be seeking during your stay in Jaipur and this property provides the very same feeling with added doses of care and warmth for company.

Best 5 Star Hotel In Jaipur

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