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Enjoying the vibrant nightlife in Jaipur

Nightlife in Jaipur has an added tinge of warmth, splendor and regal montages to it, considering the historic appeal of the city and its rich traditions steeped in years of elegant lifestyles and military prowess. There are tons of places to visit in Jaipur at night along with hordes of other Jaipur attractions that you can sample when the sun sets. Jaipur is synonymous with luxury, hospitality and regal splendor, something that lends its characteristic edge to everything that the city offers, right from its dining hotspots and premier hotels to its historical landmarks and of course, its nightlife hangouts.

After spending a beautiful day in the city, exploring major Jaipur attractions like the City Palace and Hawa Mahal in addition to other places like the Nahargarh Fort which incidentally is also one of the best places to visit in Jaipur in evening, you can simply wind your way down to the below mentioned attractions that truly lend a special spin to nightlife in Jaipur above all else.

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Places to visit in Jaipur in evening- A brief look

Let us first take a look at the list of Jaipur attractions to watch in the evening before you move onto the pulsating nightlife in Jaipur. After spending a beautiful day in the Pink City, exploring its bazaars, vibrant markets, museums and of course, the lovely palaces, you can hop over to any of these destinations for amazing sunset views and evening ambiences.

  • Hawa Mahal– Arguably the most famous of all Jaipur attractions, this is definitely one of the top places to visit in Jaipur in evening. The Hawa Mahal is closed at night but the evenings lend it a special aura of its own that is hard to fathom or put into words. Simply looking onto the beautiful Jaipur city with the setting sun playing the mood-setter and casting its mellowing rays all over the horizon is an experience that should not be missed. The better weather in the evening also adds to the winds that this particular palace is noted for. 5 PM is the closing time for the Hawa Mahal and the best part is that tickets for entry are absolutely free of cost.

  • Jal Mahal– While this can also be one of the places to visit in Jaipur at night, you can also consider this as a top evening attraction. The Jal Mahal floats on the pristine Man Sagar Lake and paints a really pretty picture that you will never tire of capturing on your smartphone or camera. Simply walking along the banks of the lake with the night lights shining within the palace and getting reflected upon the water is true romanticism by all means. The calm and tranquil ambience is a major plus point. While you cannot enter the Jal Mahal, you can enjoy the sheer photographic spectacle and man-made wonder that it is, with some help from Nature.

  • Amber Fort and Palace– Amber Fort or the Amer Fort as it is also called, is a well-known tourist landmark in Jaipur. This was built way back in the 16th century for Raja Man Singh himself and offers amazing views of the city itself with several activities in store as well. The fort comes alive in the evenings with light shows in a couple of languages within its premises. There are elephant rides that you can take along with browsing through the lip-smacking food items being sold by vendors all around. The evenings are when the place comes alive and resembles a carnival of sorts. The light shows are usually priced at INR 100 for every individual for Hindi and at INR 200 per person for English. The elephant ride costs INR 1,100 for a single person or a couple while entry tickets are INR 25 per head for Indian nationals and INR 550 per head for foreign nationals. Foreign students will be charged INR 100 per head while Indian students will be charged INR 10 per head. The fort closes at 5.30 PM.

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Nightlife in Jaipur- Enjoying the biggest hotspots in the Pink City

When it comes to letting your hair down and basking in the splendors of the city, there are no dearth of places. Truly enjoying the nightlife in Jaipur is possible if you’re at the best and hippest places in town. Here’s taking a look at some of them:

  • Reds– One of the best hotspots for experiencing the pulsating nightlife in Jaipur, Reds offers a plush venue with vibrant crowds in Mall 21. The central location aside, the joint offers vast options in terms of beverages and lip-smacking beverages. You will be able to lounge about here in style while enjoying some great cocktails and music at the same time.

  • 100% Rock– 100% Rock is situated at Hotel Sikha and is an ideal pub for those who love rock music. This place is where you will feel the throbbing heart of the nightlife in Jaipur with the vibrant dance floor, live music and DJ console along with a young crowd willing to experiment with a wide range of food and beverages served at the bar.  The Margarita and Long Island Iced Tea are top options here along with finger food like the Honey Chili Potatoes and Spring Roll. The outdoor seating zone is a huge plus point along with karaoke provisions.

  • Geoffrey’s Pub– Rock and Sufi lovers rejoice! Geoffrey’s Pub is the best place in this regard at the Hotel Park Prime with a fabulous ambience. This is where you will enjoy amazing music and a vast range of cocktails and other drinks when the sun sets. The menu has Chinese, Thai, Western and Indian options galore. The British-esque styling and interiors will wow you instantly to say the least!

  • Steam- The Taj Rambagh Palace– One of the hippest nightlife in Jaipur hangouts, the neatly restored bar cum restaurant within a steam engine is a fabulous experience when you are in the city. The food is straight from a fine-dining gourmet menu with impeccable service all throughout. The romantic décor is simply fabulous and you will enjoy the Falafel Wraps here along with the Pizza Calzone and Sangria among other drinks.

  • Maharani Express Bar– Care for a dip into regal times gone by? The Maharani Express Bar is just right for you! This is a vintage bar which is still comparatively light on the pocket with a wide range of drinks and finger food to keep you happy. The mood lighting and ambience are spectacular and so is the live music played here.

  • 3D’s Restro-Lounge– 3D’s Restro Lounge stands out for its beautiful rooftop seating area and the lovely ambience along with the tasty items on offer including Pasta, Peanut Chaat, Honey Chili Potatoes and a lot more. There are live sports screenings at this hotspot and the rooftop bar and outdoor seating zones are amazing to say the least.

  • The Fireball– This is one of the best young places if you’re looking for a slightly different taste of nightlife in Jaipur. This cool hip establishment comes with a well-stocked bar and amazing ambience along with a plush discotheque complete with mood lighting and a cozier look and feel. There is ample security and the impeccable service of the staff at this joint (at Hotel Ramada) is another plus point. The finger food here will keep you glued without a doubt!

  • Amar Jawan Jyoti– In a break from the norm, if you’re in the mood for doing something different at night, Amar Jawan Jyoti is a great option. It obviously looks imposing during the day but at night, it takes on a special dimension with the tranquil ambience and splendid lighting. This is a great place to go at night if you’re in the mood for silent contemplation.

  • Aza– Coming back to the festive whirlwind that makes up nightlife in Jaipur, Aza is another fabulous option at the Fairmont. This joint has a great bar at the lobby level and this is well stocked with the choicest beverages in tandem with a whisky bar, cigar room and an outdoor zone where you can truly relax and unwind. The plush and comfy leather chairs add to the ambience and you can indulge in some vintage liquors and cognacs while you’re here.

  • The Grunge Lounge Bar– One of the finest places to visit in Jaipur at night, the Grunge Lounge Bar offers some of the tastiest snacks and finger food along with a provision to watch cricket and some of the most exotic cocktails that you will come across in tandem with other attractions. This is the it location for the cosmopolitan well-heeled youth of the city and a fun destination for spending your evenings. You will get access to a large variety of beers, wine, cocktails and even mojitos among other varieties. Some of the top attractions here include the Chicken Supreme, grilled Fish, Golden Girl Naughty Kitties and Cheese Platter among others. A live band plays here on Fridays and Wednesdays generally, adding to the sheer charm of the establishment.

  • Bar Palladio– This is one of the most unique cafes cum restaurants in Jaipur and is one of the top choices if you wish to have a fun evening with loved ones over fantastic drinks and lip-smacking cuisine. This is the ideal spot for a candle-light dinner with your special someone. The restaurant itself is inspired by the grandeur of Mughal architecture and offers light music, a globally inspired menu and well stocked bar. Located within the regal Narayan Niwas, Bar Palladio is for those wishing to get a taste of luxury nightlife in Jaipur.

  • Playboy– Who doesn’t know the famous Playboy Club? This club will keep you entertained with its sheer luxury, special décor theme and amazing laser lights, complete with a top-class food menu and talented DJs at the console. This is the place to be if you’re in the mood for a boys’ night out!

  • Jawahar Circle Garden– Taking another break from the usual nightlife routine, this is one place that resembles a soothing oasis at night. It is supposedly Asia’s biggest circular park and comes with several walking tracks and a beautiful rose garden. The musical fountain here changes colors and churns out a whopping 270 effects with water levels going up to a massive 25 feet. This looks all the more enchanting at night and you will enjoy lounging about here, just taking in the vibe of the city with loved ones for company.

  • LIT 360– This is one place where you will find a wide range of cocktails, finger-licking grub and a wonderful rooftop experience where you can gaze upon the city and its twinkling lights. There are live sports screenings held here along with special events like Bollywood night and Ladies nights. This is one of the best destinations to visit in Jaipur if you’re looking for a fabulous ambience and spirited partying.

  • Masala Chowk– If you’re steering clear of the bubbly for a different kind of night indulging in varied delicacies, Masala Chowk deserves a visit on your part. This open-air food court comes with several outlets offering Rajasthani cuisine and several other street-food savories. Right from Aloo Tikki and Dal Baati to Pyaaz Ki Kachori and Samosas, you will find everything here. The Faluda ice cream and Laddoos here are to die for! You will find food varieties from many other States and not just from Rajasthan. The place remains open till 10 PM and is a fun place for a family visit as well.

Rounding off the experience with a luxury stay in Jaipur

All that partying and nightlife in Jaipur is certain to get you exhausted and you would naturally want to come back home to regal splendor, comfort and convenience. All that is offered by a true 5-star hotel in Jaipur like the 5 by OYO-Metropolitan that is strategically located only 2 kilometres away from the railway station. If you want to foot it to the airport from here, rest assured that you’ll only have to cover 10 kilometres. This luxury hotel offers uniquely designed modern rooms that will give you the best of Jaipur’s hospitality with a contemporary touch.

You can also expect the very best of amenities at this luxury hotel in Jaipur including free Wi-Fi, king sized and super comfy beds, a swimming pool, air conditioning, impeccable furnishings and in-room amenities, televisions, housekeeping services, geysers, elevators, bath tubs, card payment facilities, CCTV surveillance, smart locks, 24-7 check-in facilities, electric kettles, power backup and irons for maximum convenience. The hotel comes with a banquet hall as well if you’re thinking of hosting an event or corporate meet while on your trip.

Talking about nightlife in Jaipur, this hotel is another top pick if you go by the rooftop swimming pool. Imagine unwinding after a hard day at the pool with your favorite beverage in hand, looking out onto the splendid lights of the regal city below and enjoying the unparalleled ambience. Sounds great doesn’t it? Round off in style by feasting on a mix of traditional and global cuisine at the hotel’s in-house restaurant and hit your comfy pillow for a good night’s sleep. Sometimes, simplicity is bliss and it doesn’t get more luxurious and comfortable than this!

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