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Experience luxury stay in Jaipur

Looking for luxury hotels in Jaipur? You’re not alone! Jaipur after all, is synonymous with opulence and regalia from years gone by. While there are several 5 star hotels in Jaipur which uphold the tradition of royal elegance and luxury, choosing one for your stay is going to be a tough job indeed! This is because out of all the premier resorts in Jaipur, you have to zero in on one that absolutely caters to all your underlying needs and this is not easy. 

There are several business travellers who look for supreme luxury to unwind after hectic days at work. These are travelers who usually seek hotels near Jaipur Airport or hotels near Jaipur railway station. After all, connectivity is of prime importance. Nothing beats the ease of swiftly checking in after landing in the Pink City before hitting the road for a day of power packed business meetings and other activities. Additionally, where the best hotels in Jaipur score over other counterparts is their ability to offer top-notch facilities to corporates looking for some relaxation after tiring days at work. 

Coming to families, seeking luxury hotels in Jaipur is quite natural since 5 star hotels in Jaipur offer something for everyone, i.e. there are amenities catering to almost every member of the family. What’s best is that top resorts in Jaipur make it a point to offer personalized service for guests which means that each family member is happy throughout the duration of the trip. This is where selecting the right luxury hotels in Jaipur becomes even more essential by all means. Families look for convenience above everything else, i.e. everything they need is at their disposal. They also look for assistance in arranging sightseeing visits and proximity to major transit points and landmarks in the city. This is another area where 5 star hotels in Jaipur score big when you compare them with regular hotels. 

Best 5 Star Hotel In Jaipur

Why choose a luxury hotel in Jaipur if you may ask? 

The whole point of staying in luxury hotels in Jaipur is to savor hospitality experiences which are out of the ordinary. Why do people look for the best resorts in Jaipur? They do so because of their innate need to relax in an environment which gives them a true vibe of the city, its regal past and its need to evolve in a contemporary manner. There are several luxury hotels in Jaipur but the one that you choose must adhere to the few basic principles of catering to fastidious travellers. These could possibly include the following core points: 

  • The customer comes first above everything else- This is one area where top hotels in Jaipur will naturally stretch the extra mile, every time. Customers are to be promptly served, their queries are to be swiftly addressed and their need for service to be promptly catered to. Luxury 5 star hotels in Jaipur are naturally expected to have professional and fast check-in and check-out services for the convenience of customers. The best resorts in Jaipur should also have the requisite manpower and infrastructure for meeting client needs.
  • A strong emphasis on personalization- This is one area which distinguishes the best hotels in Jaipur from the rest. Luxury is all about customization and individual expression. True luxury is being able to enjoy whatever you desire away from home in a welcome and warm setting. That is where hotels must emphasize on having the right infrastructure and arrangements in place for taking care of the wishes of customers in a prompt manner.
  • Little touches steal the show- It could be as little as a thank you card or a prompt feedback form or a special delicacy on the house. Little touches covering housekeeping, in-room amenities, dining and other facilities and concierge are bound to keep guests really happy. These little touches are what they remember and take away from their time in the hotel.
  • Convenience always deserves priority- The customer’s convenience should be the first and foremost priority for any hotel in this segment. Customers should be assisted in getting the right transportation, itineraries for travel and even things like early check-outs, check-ins and timely breakfasts before they venture out for the day.
  • Impeccable Service and Training- What also differentiates 5 star hotels in Jaipur from the herd is service and the level of training that hotel staff members possess. Staff should be impeccably trained in order to assist customers with a welcoming attitude and happy smiles at all times. They should be able to handle guest requests without getting flustered or keeping customers waiting. The quality of service is after all that makes or breaks the best resorts in Jaipur. The city has a famed reputation for kingly hospitality and that is the standard to which luxury hotels in Jaipur must adhere to.

In fact, if you go beyond the conventional paradigms of luxury, it could actually mean the freedom of being oneself, at peace away from the madding crowd. The overall ambience of the place and the location also matter strongly in this context. 

Book 5 by OYO- Metropolitan

Design and Vibe- Why they matter

Jaipur is associated with some of the finest landmarks in Indian history that beckon its regal past. The City Palace in Jaipur harks back to times of royal splendor and remarkable architectural excellence and the same can be said for the Hawa Mahal, one of the country’s most intriguing yet delightful landmarks. The Jal Mahal is a sight to behold and takes one deeper into the exciting vision of the rulers of the city while the Amber Palace will bowl anyone over instantly. Jaipur is also associated with some imposing forts including the Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort which are not just photographic delights but historians’ pleasures at the same time. 

The city oozes history at every corner and has a vibrant street shopping and dining scene as well. The Albert Hall Museum is another must-visit for travelers and will help you learn more about the city’s chequered past and its rich living legacy of the present. With such a broad and imposing canvas as the backdrop, it is but imperative that the best hotels in Jaipur live up to the expectations of customers in terms of their locations and their overall ambience. 

5 Star hotel room in  Metropolitan Jaipur
Rooms in Metropolitan Jaipur

A case in point is 5 by OYO- Metropolitan in Jaipur, one of the top-rated 5 star hotels in Jaipur and a true blue luxury oasis for travelers. The majestic and imposing façade of the property pays a tribute to architectural innovation while showcasing contemporary glamour in an elegant manner. You are then welcomed into a lush lobby with the customer desk that is reminiscent of professionalism and corporate pizzazz in a manner of speaking. The rooms are tastefully decorated and modern but with certain subtle design touches that are clearly inspired by Jaipur’s royal past.

Spacious rooms, mood lighting, opulent washrooms and charming furniture all combine to create a splendid effect that puts you in the mood for more fun and enjoyment as the day progresses. The clear highlight of the property is its rooftop swimming pool set amidst a spectacular backdrop. When you’re relaxing in the lovely blue water with your favorite beverage in hand, the lights of Jaipur twinkling all around you, that is the time when your heart and soul feel that you’re in true luxury. You feel that you’ve arrived and that the world is your stage. It is experiences like these that are the stuff of fables and when you’re in Jaipur it is to be surprisingly expected. 

Connectivity matters immensely when choosing the best hotels in Jaipur 

If you’re seeking true-blue luxury hotels in Jaipur, connectivity is of course, the most important thing by a long shot. This is perhaps where 5 by OYO- Metropolitan, as stated above, caters to your needs with élan. Looking for hotels near Jaipur Airport? It is just 10 kilometres away from the airport. If you’re looking for hotels near Jaipur railway station¸ it is a mere 2 kilometres away from the same. This makes it one of the best luxury hotels in Jaipur if you’re looking to experience traditional hospitality in the city with a modern touch. 

Looking at the location of the hotel at Ashok Nagar near Godam Circle, you will find several points of interest nearby if you’re plagued by wanderlust. Jaipur is never short of interesting things to do and this luxury hotel helps you stay in proximity to myriad attractions while on your trip. If you’re in the mood for movies, INOX Crystal Palm is located a stone’s throw away from the property while you can also check out the Deer Park and Ashok Vatika for relaxing evening strolls after the end of a hectic day. 

The Virasat Heritage Restaurant is nearby and so is the OTH Bistro and Bakers. Other nearby attractions includes the Rambagh Golf Club and Rajasthan Polo Club where the sport of kings is still played. In fact, if you want a fun outing with the kids at a place that is not too far from your hotel, you can try the B.M. Birla Planetarium as well. There are tons of eateries, cafes, art galleries and parks near the hotel making it a great option for both families and business travelers. 

Amenities- The core of a luxury at Metropolitan Jaipur

As any luxury traveler will expect, premier hotels in Jaipur are expected to provide amenities and other facilities that please even the most discerning of travelers. 5 by OYO- Metropolitan is one of the premium resorts in Jaipur that offers a wealth of amenities for travelers. You get free Wi-Fi which is a major positive for business travelers looking to catch up on work in the comfort of their hotel or even for families looking to catch up on some movies and music during their stay here. There are king sized beds in rooms with pleasant air conditioning and full furnishings. Geysers are par for the course along with bath tubs for truly enjoying your time in the shower. 

There is a plush banquet hall that caters to elite gatherings, events and get-togethers in the city along with the swimming pool which is a major attraction due to its open location and the spectacular surroundings. Rooms come with televisions and prompt housekeeping for keeping you comfortable at all times. It goes without saying that there is an elevator to swiftly transport you to your floor while you can indulge in the best Rajasthani cuisine and other modern delights at the in-house restaurant. The dining experiences here can outdo the ambience offered by top 5 star hotels in Jaipur; you dine in a luxurious setting, coupled with immaculate service and the choicest dishes at your fingertips. 

You can easily pay via card across the property while there are CCTV cameras all around for maximum security and surveillance. There are smart locks at rooms for greater peace of mind while daily housekeeping is conducted neatly without a fuss. Check-in facilities are offered on a 24-7 basis for guests along with complete power backup so that your vacation is never disrupted. Rooms also come with irons and electric kettles for helping you savor smooth convenience without having to step out. These are amenities expected from luxury hotels in Jaipur and 5 by OYO-Metropolitan steps up the ante with gusto. The property ensures complete privacy, security and comfort where you can simply bask in the warmth of traditional hospitality and regal splendor without being disturbed. This is the essence of a true luxury hotel by all means. 

Summing Up- Enjoying a luxury stay in Jaipur 

If you’re booking a luxury stay in Jaipur anytime soon, look out for properties like these which offer the best connectivity, proximity to landmarks and recreational zones, quality service and top-class amenities and of course, the best ambience above all else. Jaipur is a city steeped in luxury and elegance fused with elegant manners, warm hospitality and historical wonders.

It is time you experienced the magic that this city has throbbing at its very core and the right luxury hotel can help by a long distance! 

Best 5 Star Hotel In Jaipur

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