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Food Highlights Of India: 5 Best Culinary Experiences

India is a country that is famous for its culture and food. The country offers a wide range of cuisines and several fantastic flavours and ingredients spreading across international borders. But your overall experience in India will improve if you enjoy India’s culinary treats at the top sightseeing spots in India.

So, here are the top 5 culinary experiences that you must try out in India.

1. Keralan Food In A Houseboat

The beautiful backwaters of Kerela are considered the top sightseeing in India by everyone.

If you’re heading to Kerala in south India, we recommend renting a houseboat for a stay and seeing the state’s lovely backwaters. A night spent on a houseboat offers tranquillity and delicious meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included in the houseboat feast.

The fact that this experience is a catch-and-cook (fresh fish is caught from the river for cooking) is what makes it so thrilling. This provides a special experience because you can choose the fish and see the dish made live by an in-house chef.

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2. Kolkata Puchka

You won’t be able to finish the first plate of street cuisine in Kolkata without wanting more. Although you may recognise this dish by other names like Golgappa, panipuri or pani ke patashe, we assure you that puchka is certainly different from them. Puchka is the most loved street snack that Kolkatans are most infatuated with. Every visitor to this city has to try the puchka. There are puchka vendors on every street and corner. Hence finding one is simple.

The spicy and tangy mix of tamarind and chillies make this dish very addicting for chaat lovers. Treating yourself to this delicacy on the street as cars drive by and crowds of people are queuing to try the same food is a hectic but enjoyable experience.

The best family hotel in Kolkata: The OYO 78107 Diamond Plaza Hotel

3. Delhi Thali

When you’re having trouble deciding what to order, you can just enjoy selecting many small dishes from a large thali. A thali is a collection of different food items assembled on a single plate. There are little vessels filled with savoury, spicy, and sweet meals, numerous rice dishes, as well as curries. Everything is served in one meal, including appetisers, salads, desserts, and the main course as well.

If you order a bigger thali, there may be 30 dishes or more. To share the food, it is typically ideal to try this experience with a group or family. To get the most out of a thali joint’s limitless refill policy, go there on an empty stomach. Eating from a thali is a special experience because you get to sample several different foods at once and don’t just stick to one.

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4. The Golden Temple Langar In Amritsar

The Golden Temple comes to mind the moment you think about Amritsar. The Langar Hall, the biggest communal kitchen in the world, is located in the city. Here, volunteers prepare and distribute food to tens of thousands of people. The cuisine here tends to nourish both the stomach and the soul. The facility, which offers visitors limitless meals, is run by volunteers and contributions. The food is great, wholesome, and plentiful for everyone and changes almost daily.

The wonder of eating here is witnessing that regardless of caste, religion, or social standing, everybody could eat the same meal together at the langar.

You can book your stay at the best family hotel OYO 12371 Hotel Queensland, which provides standardised amenities at the greatest price. This hotel is a few miles away from Sri Harmandir Sahib and Jallianwala Bagh.

5. Dessert Box in Varanasi

Visitors to Varanasi are unable to resist stopping by one of the many sweet shops and treating their taste senses.

The abundance of milk and curd produced in the holy city may be the reason why so many desserts use these components as their base ingredient. For example, you must taste malaiyo, a unique winter dessert prepared with milk, saffron, cardamom, and even rosewater. The Banarasi Thandai, which is typically served in a Kulhad (clay pot), is another cold milk-based beverage. It contains milk, as well as seasonal fruits and dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and pistachios.

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Having an exotic plate on the table can make you smile. And, when you are travelling to India, you can get this all with the help of OYO, which provides the best family hotels and resorts in India.

The culinary experience in India is unforgettable because it is not only serving food, but there is some magic and a story behind each dish and its recipe. The served dish will narrate the story with its delicious flavours and aroma. Some ingredients might be new to you, while some you might have heard of before but tried uniquely. So, from breakfast to dinner, whatever you try, you will find a unique flavour in every dish.

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