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Indian Street Food Tour in Mumbai

If there is something that Mumbai is famous for other than Bollywood is the wide variety of delicious food, ranging from traditional vada pavs to classic chaats and snacks.

Undoubtedly, the street food in Mumbai is incredible, bewildering, and delicious. Today you will see several types of meals sold by hawkers, including snacks, main dinners, ice cream, and several cuisines. Let’s tour Mumbai’s streets and discover the dishes you must not miss.

Vada Pav

If we are talking about Mumbai, the Vada Pav is synonymous with the city, and you cannot miss it. The ideal place to have a vada pav in Mumbai is from street food vendors, which you will get on any corner of the city. The vada is a big potato patty deep-fried in gram flour, commonly known as besan.

It is served with bread along with delicious hot-and-sweet chutney. Vada pav is an iconic Mumbai street food sold by street food sellers and upscale restaurants. If you want to taste this iconic dish, check out the Ashok Vada Pav and Gajanan Vada Pav stalls.

Paani Puri

When talking about the street foods of Mumbai, we simply cannot miss out on the famous paani puri (you may also know them as golgappa). Paani Puri is a popular chaat food in every nook and corner of Mumbai. A Paani puri plate includes delicious chickpeas, sprouts, or potatoes combined with seasonings to form the puri’s stuffing. This appetizing dish is an irresistible snack for people of all ages.

If you want the best paani puris in Mumbai, the chaat stands on Juhu Beach and the Girgaon Chowpatty are the places to go. In addition, some of the best family hotels in Mumbai, Capital O 702024 Hotel De Juhu Exotica, are located close to Juhu Beach.

Chinese Bhel

Recently, Chinese Bhel has become an addition to Mumbai’s street food lovers. It was created by fusing Indian mixtures and Chinese flavours. This meal is sold at stands outside most of the schools and parks. It is quite popular with kids. Delicious fried noodles served with Schezwan sauce, onions, and chopped chillies make up Chinese Bhel. You can find a Chinese bhel centre at all stations and bus stops.

Pav Bhaji

There is no second thought that the Maharashtrian dish Pav Bhaji is extremely well-liked among Mumbai residents. While this dish can be easily made at home, the taste of Pav Bhaji from some of the most popular snack centres in Mumbai, like the Aditi Fast Food Centre in Vile Parle and Sardar Refreshments in Tardeo, is something you should not miss out on. You can have onions on the side, butter on the pav bhaji, and butter-smeared bread are typical accompaniments to this dish.


In Mumbai, sandwiches are prepared differently than everywhere in the world. The Mumbai sandwich is a well-liked street food snack in the streets of Mumbai. It is grilled and filled with potato and green mint chutney. Most often, office workers and college students enjoy this. You can choose other sandwich options, like those with cheese, paneer, and even Schezwan sauce, which are available in addition to the standard Mumbai sandwich.


You might believe that dosa is most popular in the southern regions of India, but you’d be wrong. Dosa served with hot sambar and delectable coconut chutney is a close favourite of Mumbaikars. You can see dosa stalls in markets and corporate parks because they are a common breakfast food where fresh and crisp dosas are made. Some of the most popular dose stalls in Mumbai are set up near Matunga, Anna Dosa point in Bandra, and the area around the top sightseeing in Mumbai, Sophia College.

Misal Pav

Breakfast is made heartwarmingly enjoyable with this delectable and spiced gravy and chivda on top. Misal Pav is sold from small carts all around the city, especially in neighbourhoods with sizable Maharashtrian populations like Dadar and Lalbaug.


Momos, another recent addition to Mumbai’s street food, are now well-liked. While enjoying the city, you may find momo carts and stalls with sellers selling both veg and non-veg treats. They are healthier if we compare them to other options in the standard steamed variety, but if you wish to reward yourself, you can also purchase them fried. Carter Road’s Kepchaki Momos are worth trying in Mumbai.


Mumbai is a foodie’s paradise, offering dishes with various kinds of flavours and cuisines. When you come to this city, we advise you to taste this well-known Mumbai street cuisine and go out and experience the amazing local street food scene. To make your stay in Mumbai even more exciting and comfortable, book your accommodation in the best family hotels, like the-

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