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Essential Backpacking Tips For A Seamless Travel Experience

Travelling with a backpack is always fun. You get to move light and keep the extra luggage hassle aside. However, with only space for the essentials to be carried, you need to play smart. In that case, a comprehensive list with all the essential backpacking tips will help you pack as per the occasion and temperature of the destination. 

You don’t have to worry. We have you sorted! All you have to do is book comfortable accommodation provided it offers all the basic amenities that suit your requirements. In this case, you can always trust OYO family hotels and get going with rooms you deem relatable. 

Must Know Back Packing Tips For A Great Holiday Experience

Embark on your backpacking trip with our ultimate checklist! Gear up tight and make every adventure memorable. 

1. Waterproof Your Backpack

Weather can be unpredictable, and you should be more careful when travelling during the rainy season or to places with heavy snowfall reported. Waterproofing your bag from the heavy showers is important to protect the items inside. Also, you can pack the essential items individually in plastic and make them waterproof. Invest in a waterproof bag! Yes, they can be expensive, but they will be useful under all circumstances.  

2. Don’t Forget Health And Hygiene Items

Even when on a backpacking trip, where everyone lives by the most minimal elements, don’t forget to pack your basic toiletries and daily hygiene items. Try to stay clean and healthy on the road! Get travel-sized soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Also, pack some wet wipes, dry tissues, and sanitary sprays. If you have allergies, medicines must also go in a separate bag. Along with it, pack a first aid kit with bandaids and over-the-counter medicines. If travelling to a remote location, carry bug and mosquito repellent sprays.  

3. Pack Essential Clothing And Footwear

Pack in weather-appropriate clothes and shoes as you will live the rest of the days with limited supplies in your backpack. Check the destination’s weather and pack clothes and shoes based on the season. Keep the least usable clothes at the bottom of your backpack and fill up necessary items at the top. If you are travelling, especially during winter, don’t forget to pack your snow boots. Fit in sandals when it is summer season.     

4. Stay Hydrated

You are exposed to the scorching sun and different weather arrangements on a backpacking trip. Also, there will be places where water resources will be limited or too polluted. In that case, carry your water bottle and fill it up before leaving the hotel. To maintain a steady energy level, you can also carry some healthy snacks and continue having those with water throughout the trip.

5. Leave Space For Miscellaneous Items

Once done packing everything listed above, ensure you have enough space to fit in miscellaneous but important items. These include your camera and phone charger, power banks and cleaning equipment. Also, don’t forget a multitool gadget, a raincoat, and your essential travel documents. Now, mobiles come with GPS, but you can still carry a paper map and manual compass to find routes in tough situations.    

Why Choose OYO?

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Follow these recommendations and tips for a great backpacking experience with all the necessary items readily available. Wait no more and select your destination as soon as possible. Also, book into any of the OYO family hotels and experience an amazing stay within budget.

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