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Go For Offbeat Destinations For A Quiet New Year 2024

The New Year calls for new resolutions and new beginnings. It’s time to leave the past year behind and manifest a fresh start in every aspect of life. So, if you are planning something different, why not start by trying offbeat destinations in various parts of the subcontinent? 

The natural beauty of these offbeat places will surely allure your spirits and help your body rejuvenate. Don’t worry; you can always book OYO family hotels in or near these places and spend a great vacation with family and friends. Continue with your reading task to find out more about such places. 

Offbeat Destinations For A Not-So-Crowded New Year

While Goa, Kullu, Shimla, and Manali are the most common names, located a stone’s throw away from these places, they are our offbeat places. Once here, you will find yourself amazed by nature’s elegance and the cosy hospitality of the local people.    

1. Gokarna, Karnataka

Also famous as the newest hippie haven, Gokarna is a great place to plan a vacation filled with solitude and peace. Comprising multiple beaches and great cafes, you can just stroll around the Gokarna and enjoy much-needed privacy with your fellow travel mates. Also, for those who are spiritual by heart and love exploring interesting architectural spaces, here you have plenty of options available. Gokarna is home to the famous Mahabaleshwar Temple, a huge lingam of Lord Shiva and the Murudeshwara Temple. 

2. Askot Uttarakhand

“Askot” comes from “Assi Kot” or “eighty forts” that once adorned the region. Located at 5412 feet, Askot has some stunning views for visitors to enjoy during their stays. Shoved away from people’s eyes, Askot lets you spend a New Year’s Eve in silence away from the party crowd. During the day, you can also plan a tour of the local places. Visit Narayan Swami Ashram, Askot Sanctuary or Jauljibi.   

3. Gulmarg, Kashmir

If you want to enjoy snow while the world welcomes another year, then Gulmarg is the place. Kashmir is gorgeous in winter! Gulmarg especially remains covered in a blanket of white snow. Home to the 7th best skiing spot in Asia, Gulmarg can be fun with you ticking off some must-dos in your bucket list as the year ends. Plan a cosy and peaceful New Year’s Eve when done with the adventure. Visit the 110-year-old St. Mary’s Church and pray for your near ones’ great health. 

4. Puducherry, Tamil Nadu

In contrast to Goa’s party crowd, Puducherry can be your steady escape to spend some quiet and peaceful time with yourself. This Tamil Nadu town is known for the Aurobindo Ashram and its strong French connection. While here, you can walk through the French Quarters, check items at Pondi Sunday Market or visit the botanical gardens. History buffs can tour the Puducherry Museum and Aurobindo Ashram daily.  

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The New Year is a time to be merry and remain close to your family and friends. So why wait? Hurry up and plan a vacation to one of these offbeat spaces. Also, book into OYO family hotels as we offer easy check-ins with minimal documents.

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