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Countdown to Midnight: Epic New Year’s Eve Parties 2024 in Indian Metropolises

New Year’s Eve is celebrated in various ways, and everyone has their reasons. Some like to keep things low-key and have dinner in pyjamas with their immediate family. But others love to have a blast and party hard while entering the New Year. The subcontinent, known for its diversity, doesn’t seem to step back when celebrating New Year’s Eve. 

The metropolises in India have some amazing spots to let you dance and groove into the New Year, with the best of food and live entertainment. Located within the city premises, these areas are easy to reach. All you have to do is book into a convenient place if you are not from the cities mentioned in this space or are an international traveller on tour. You can always select from OYO family hotels and book into the most comfortable room with all the amenities.

Epic New Year’s Eve Parties At Indian Metropolises 

Dancing, food, and great music are the primary things describing New Year’s Eve parties. Here, we will help you with the right details about all such places, exclusive to Indian metropolises.  


Mumbai, the city of dreams, will never push back to offer an unforgettable experience when you are in the space searching for a happening New Year’s Eve party experience. The diverse customs and cultures and Mumbai’s incredible nightlife will add to the experience. Irrespective of your preference for something private or lively nightlife, you will find all sorts of places here. 

Visit the Grand Hyatt Mumbai if you like themed experiences. Maharaja The Royal Resort is the best place for those looking for the most extravagant New Year’s Eve experience. And foodies can try the New Year dinner buffet at Radisson Blu Mumbai. 


Whether you are from Delhi or outside the state, the capital city leaves no stone unturned when offering a grand party experience. With a strong cultural past but a crowd that resonates with the ultra-modern presence, Delhi parties amalgamate the modern and traditional aspects. 

Here, you can expect the best party of the season with the coolest crowd. Head to the Bristol Hotel and sign up for a great evening with lively music, drinks, entertainment and meals. Also, you can try out Gymkhana Club, join the poolside party at Flavor Pirates, or book a table at the Hard Rock Café.   


Kolkata, the city of joy, is all decked up with lights and happening party places to help you move into 2024 with the most memorable experience. Whether you are planning for a friend’s night out or a relaxed evening, the city has the most amazing places. Also, you can try exclusive cruise parties by the heart of the river Ganges.  

Some of the best party locations in Kolkata celebrating New Year’s Eve parties are New Year Glow Party by Sabka Club, Sizzling Night, and Son Park in Manzuma. Also, you can head to New Town Business Club for a joyful and magical evening experience.   


Bangalore has a variety of party places to suit all preferences. From rooftop bars and upscale lounges to outdoor music festivals and hotels arranging parties, you will get to indulge in extraordinary experiences. 

The tech city is home to various 5-star hotels, with a young crowd ready to celebrate their entry to the new year with groovy music and the best foods available. Visit The Lalit Ashok Bangalore to celebrate with the DJs, or you can enter an evening full of entertainment in Oterra Bangalore. You can try Paparazzi 2024, Celestial Super Nova 2024, and Under The Sky, among other popular events.  

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Here is a list of top-rated OYO properties across Indian metropolises: 


New Year’s Eve and parties go hand in hand without a say. And Indians, like other festivals, have made it a ritual to spend it in style, dancing their hearts out in the best party places. To help tourists have the best experiences, there are OYO hotels. We make it a point to help you with the most comfortable stay within your budget.

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