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Here Are Some Responsible Travel Tips For Meaningful Experiences On The Road

Travelling to new places is always fun and adds to your personal experiences! You get to discover the authentic vibe of the visiting place, enjoy food and resonate with their cultural preferences. But, amongst all the fun and entertainment, one shall never forget how important it is to indulge in a meaningful travel experience. Amidst the age of over-tourism, becoming a responsible tourist is the least you can do for the world and help the locals protect the incredible cultural and natural heritage. 

Also, en route to the destination, whether via road, air or train, ensure you maintain basic hygiene and be respectful to your fellow travellers. Don’t forget to pre-book comfortable and convenient accommodations for your family. You can choose OYO hotels for the best of the stays. Let’s continue with your reading task to get a distinctive view of all the responsible travel tips.   

Responsible Travel Tips For On-Road Journeys

Being responsible and respectful will always benefit you! Here is a list of responsible travel tips to help you have meaningful experiences. 

Use Efficient Modes Of Transportation

8% of the global carbon emissions result from travel and tourism. The travel industry is an influential contributor to climate change. How you travel makes a difference! Driving and air travel make up the greatest part of our carbon footprint. All transportation modes require energy, but some are more exhaustive than others. 

When vacationing within your own city or state, you can choose to travel by train to reduce emissions. Once reach your destination, take the bus, or cycle around. Opt for a hybrid, electric, or smaller model while choosing cars.

Pack Light And Smart

Travel light to keep carbon emissions under check! Every extra kilo you pack burns additional fuel. Also, ensure you are packing items that lead to a reduction in plastic waste. Carry reusable masks, refillable bottles, reusable bags, and toiletries of your own. With such small steps, you can make a huge difference.

Also, carrying snacks in containers and not in plastic packets is recommended. People often dispose of plastic packets on the local grounds of the tourist spaces. Even if you have food packets, try to collect them in a bag and dispose of them once you reach your place.  

Respect The Local Culture

Accepting other cultures reflects your respect and acceptance towards them. Respecting the local culture and the people will add to your travel experience. This will not only help you make new friends but will also help you get unprecedented help when in dire need.

Learn some words or sentences of the local language. Ensure you are not passing any remarks or comments on their dressing style and food sense. Also, when residing close to the natives, ensure you are following basic hygiene and not disposing of waste on their grounds.   

Conserve Water And Energy

Beyond transportation, tourism also depends on energy for lighting, heating and electricity. Intensive water use by tourists can put local energy infrastructure and water supplies under pressure, and many destinations struggle to keep up with the tourists’ demand. 

When on vacation, try and conserve local energy and water resources. Turn off the TV, lights and electronics when not in use. Set the thermostat a few degrees higher, or turn off the AC while leaving your hotel room. Handwash your clothes to prevent unnecessary laundering. 

Why Choose OYO?

When travelling to new cities, OYO family hotels in the city can be your one-stop destination for a meaningful stay. You can choose from various OYO properties – Collection O, Premium, Flagship, Capital O, OYO Home, Palette hotels and Townhall. Each property is unique and comes loaded with all the basic amenities. You can access the attached washroom, TV, AC, free wifi, and 24 x 7 room service within the OYO rooms. Some of the OYO hotels have in-house restaurants and parking zones with security. 

Security is our top-notch priority, and we insure your stay under Acko. This is a complimentary benefit, and you will never have to pay. Irrespective of your travel budget, you can book into the finest OYO family resorts and hotels. Book a Wizard member to avail of a flat 5% discount. You can also check property-specific pages for further discounts. All our staff are well trained and will help you with prompt services during your stay.  


When you hit the road, unplanned situations are bound to happen, and the best way to deal with them is to take things as they appear. But responsible approaches on your part can make it all easy. Also, ensure you travel with all the necessary documents (ID card). Choose OYO rooms for your stay. We offer hassle-free bookings for couples, large groups and families with pets.

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