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Couple friendly Places to visit & in Hyderabad

Are you on the lookout for the best couple-friendly hotels in Hyderabad? Hyderabad is a beautiful city with its own storehouse of charms, attractions, and things to do, particularly if you are looking to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart. To ensure that the fun and merriment continue unabated, book couples getaways near Hyderabad’s biggest attractions.

You can venture online for finding top couple-friendly hotels near me without any hassles whatsoever. There is no dearth of places to visit in Hyderabad, especially ones that have a romantic and tranquil air about them. Hyderabad has its own cultural legacy and a strong whiff of romance linked to it as well. It is time that you should surprise your partner with an amazing date and overnight stay nearby on Valentine’s Day. Rest assured that you can readily book hotels that are couple-friendly courtesy of OYO Rooms. These are 100% secure and offer complete privacy along with well-trained staff members to cater to all your requirements with aplomb.

Best romantic destinations in Hyderabad

There are several truly romantic places to visit in Hyderabad. Some of them include the following:

  • Necklace Road– A long drive with your beloved can be a great idea if you are at Necklace road. This is a wonderful experience late in the night on Valentine’s Day or the day before. Necklace Road is named so for its curvy pathways and bends right around the Tank Bund which is similar to the way that a necklace is worn by any individual. There are several restaurants operating successfully in this area including the likes of The Water Front, 1857, Bidri, and Ohri’s Tansen that you can check out for a romantic meal together. There are several couple-friendly hotels nearby that you can book for a fabulous V-Day spent at Necklace Road. You can also spend time at the charming parks alongside Necklace Road in the afternoons or evenings which come with lush natural greenery. Choose either Lumbini Park, Sanjeevaiah Park or Nehru Park nearby.
  • Golconda Fort- One of the best places to visit in Hyderabad for couples on Valentine’s Day, the Golconda Fort is a tried and tested marvel. This famous landmark is named after the phrase Shepherd’s Hill or Golla Konda. This was built over 62 years by the Qutb Shahi dynasty and the Fateh Rahben gun is one of the most historically vital cannons since it was used in the very last battle at the Golconda Fort when it was besieged and captured by Aurangzeb. You will also love the interesting acoustics of the fort along with the architectural marvels. Spend a lovely sunset here with your loved one, watch the sky turning dark and hold hands together under the stars! Nearby hotels include SilverKey Executive Stays 28107 Khajaguda and OYO Home 33412 Glaring Stay among several others.
  • Olive Bistro- Another one of the most romantic destinations in Hyderabad is Olive Bistro at Jubilee Hills. This is a premier restaurant that is housed in a charming white bungalow with ample serenity and a peaceful ambiance overall. The rusticity of the place has been wonderfully ensured along with a delightful décor theme that will take you back in time with its Mediterranean influences. You can add a special dimension to your romantic dinner date by feasting on the exotic lineup of dishes here which are paired with an extensive list of wines too. The lovely cobblestone alleys and pathways are a sheer treat for proposing to your beloved in a magical ambiance that you will not find elsewhere.
  • Falaknuma Palace- The Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad is one of the most charming destinations that you can visit with your partner and dates back to the 19th century while offering a royal elegance of its own. You can book a dinner here at one of the top restaurants while also enjoying the magical ambiance here. Every inch and corner of this palace comes with its own special vibe and this will delight you immensely.
  • Hussain Sagar Lake- The Hussain Sagar Lake is a man-made wonder and a great place to drop by with your beloved. You can spend a lovely date night on Valentine’s Day here with several watersports activities available along with the prospect of witnessing glimmering sunsets that are simply too beautiful to say the least. The night ferries commence from around 7 PM while offering fabulous experiences for couples by all means.
  • Taramati Baradari- You can also take your date to the quantum amphitheater Taramati Baradari which is situated near PBEL City for celebrating this special day in an atmosphere made special by renowned singers of Ghazals and Sufi melodies. This was once home to an iconic dancer named as Bhagmati and was later transformed into a lovely theater by the State Government which hosts wonderful dance and Ghazal nights on special occasions. This is an offbeat experience for music-loving couples without a doubt!
  • Ramoji Film City- Undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in Hyderabad for an amazing experience, Ramoji Film City is a major attraction for couples who love their movies and is a key attraction in Hyderabad for tourists as well. Ramoji Film City gives you an opportunity to get behind the scenes of famous movies over the years and live studios. You will get a chance to witness backstage work that goes with Hindi movies and other regional hit films as well. You will find several attractions at the location including adventure sports such as swinging, climbing through the loop, bungee ejection, cricket, and football, and also studio tours including the Japanese Garden, Mughal Garden, Sun Fountain Garden, Angel’s Fountain Garden, Askari Garden, and Sanctuary Garden among numerous others. The Movie Magic Park will put a smile on your face with its quirky earthquake tremors while Filmy Duniya has fabulous acoustic effects simulating a free fall! Action Studio is another attraction while there are numerous fine dining restaurants here that you can also take a closer look at.

Now that you know which destinations are great V-Day destinations in Hyderabad, plan your hotel bookings and activities accordingly!

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