8 Best Places To Spot Tiger In March In India

Tiger happens to be India’s national animal, and there are various places that one can visit in India to spot the tiger. The first place that comes to mind when one thinks of sighting a tiger in India is the Gir National Park (Gujarat). However, there are various other sanctuaries, such as Sariska, that can be visited by those who wish to watch tigers and other wild animals in their natural habitat.

Book a hotel in India in Haryana (Sariska) or Nagarhole Tiger Reserve (in Karnataka) because these two sanctuaries house a large number of tigers. All of the Delhi residents have this habit of making their way to the Sariska Tiger Reserve as it is one of the most popular reserves in the country, and houses a considerable tiger population. Some of the best hotels in India can be booked by travellers if they want to experience the best facilities while staying in peace.

Here are some of the best places in India to sight a tiger in March:



Bandhavgarh is one of the best places to sight a tiger in the country because the reserve houses a considerable number of tigers. Also, March is the right time to visit the reserve as the skies are clear and there is no fog to be encountered in central India.  The reserve is located in Madhya Pradesh, which means the temperature is quite decent in March.

What this means is: tigers can be sighted with ease as the weather is warm enough to move around. Also, there are cottages established for the tourists visiting the area. However, book a hotel in Madhya Pradesh because by doing so, the visitors are able to explore many more places spread across Madhya Pradesh (in addition to the National Park).


Jim Corbett
Located in the Ramnagar district of Uttarkhand, the place is the ideal destination for all those who wish to witness the beauty and charisma of the Bengal Tiger. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas (lesser Himalayas), the place is the ideal destination for adventure seekers in March because the weather in Uttarakhand happens to be quite moderate during this time of year. Also, there are safaris that one can be part of if the idea is to seek adventure. Book a hotel in Uttarakhand and get to explore many more places in and around the city apart from the Jim Corbett National Park. The place is ideal for family vacation and/or hanging out with friends and colleagues.


Kanha Tiger Reserve

Much like the Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha is also known for its tigers. Madhya Pradesh is the ideal destination for those who have an inclination towards wildlife photography. The fact is; some of the best tiger reserves and sanctuaries in India are located in Madhya Pradesh. The weather is slightly on the warmer side because the Tropic of Cancer passes through the state. Spread across a length of over 900 sq kms, the reserve is just about the perfect destination for those who wish to experience the very best of both flora and fauna. Book a hotel in Madhya Pradesh to experience the very best of hospitality and service.


Kaziranga National Park

All those planning to visit the North East of India can give this place a visit. Add this place to the travel list not just because it houses the Indian tiger, but also because it houses the one-horned Indian rhinoceros. All those who wish to treat their eyes to natural beauty can give this place a visit because it is nothing short of a goldmine for all the wildlife lovers out there. The national park as moist lands as it is located near the river Bramhaputra. Dolphins can also be seen swimming around the area. Visit this place and do not forget to take the camera along as there is a lot to be captured on reel in this part of the country. Hotels in Assam can be booked with ease by going for advance bookings.


Satpura National Park

The Satpura National Park is yet another tiger/wildlife reserve in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from housing the Indian tiger, this reserve also houses Chital, mustang, wild boar, fox, black buck, etc. Apart from its rich wildlife reserves, the place is also known to house some of the endangered species of flora, including various medicinal herbs. All those who wish to spend some time in the arms of nature while realising that the threat to wildlife is very much real. Book a hotel in Madhya Pradesh if the idea is to visit some of the best tiger reserves that the state has on offer. Satpura, along with many other tiger reserves, is located in Madhya Pradesh. So, book a hotel in Madhya Pradesh right away.


Ranthambore National Park
Rajasthan, the land of the Maharajas, is also known for housing tigers. The Ranthambore National Park is one of the hotspots for safari lovers and wildlife photographers. All those looking to spend some time away from city life can give this place a visit. It is one of the most popular tiger reserves in India because of its location and the weather that it has on offer. There is ample sightseeing to be done in and around the area. Also, do not forget to book a hotel in Rajasthan this March because March is just about the ideal time to sight tigers in the region.

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