7 Underrated Yet Surprisingly Best Places To Eat In Shimla For All Food Connoisseurs

Shimla, one of the best summer destinations in India during the British Raj, has now transformed itself into one of the best tourist spots in India. Be it Indian tourists or those from abroad, Shimla is loved and admired by just about everybody.

All those wanting to spend a breath-taking vacation in the hills are known to visit Shimla during summer time. Hotels in Shimla near Mall Road are high on the comfort factor and service quality. It is always a great practice to get a Shimla hotel booked in advance as the city gets crowded during summer because various tourists tend to flock this area during summer vacations.

Apart from the various picturesque locations that it has on offer, Shimla is also known for the wide range of eateries and restaurants that it has. The culinary delights offered in the restaurants of Shimla are considered one of the best in North India.

Here are some of the best restaurants/eateries that are loved by tourists:

The Devicos

The Devicos is one of the most popular restaurants/eateries in Shimla. The restaurant throws ample light on the city’s colonial past. Also, the interior one gets to see at the restaurant gives a very ‘Rajasthani’ look and feel. It is not just a restaurant as it turns into a rocking pub during the night. Youngsters would certainly love paying this place a visit because of its fresh and energetic vibe. Those wanting vodka and whiskey can pay this place a visit. As far as the cuisine is concerned, Devicos is known for its.  Right from South Indian to Chinese and a lot more, Devicos has it all for the tourists to savour and enjoy. Book a hotel in Shimla near Mall Road to enjoy a lovely stay.

Ashiana and Goofa
Ashiana and Goofa is a popular restaurant in Shimla that ends up pulling young crowds in large numbers. The restaurant is well lit and serves a wide range of delicacies, including Indian. The food served at the restaurant has become so popular with the masses that people from different walks of life pay this establishment a visit at various junctures during the course of the day. Book a hotel in Shimla and enjoy the best cuisines at various restaurants near the Mall Road.

Seventh Heaven

All those wanting to enjoy the best fine-dining experience in Shimla can give this restaurant a visit. Serving delicious Indian and European delicacies, the restaurant is ideal for all the tourists that wish to enjoy a lavish dinner with friends and family. The prices are quite friendly, which means friends and families can enjoy a hearty meal at night. An interesting thing to note about the restaurant is : it serves only during the night, i.e after 7:30 pm. It is one of the best hotels in Shimla near Mall Road.


Qilaa is one of the best Arab-themed restaurants in town. Known for its warm and cosy look and feel, the restaurant has most of the cuisines that foodies tend to find in Asia. However, the most popular delicacy of this restaurant is Falafel. The Arabic look and feel of this restaurant is one of its striking features. The restaurant offers the perfect blend of culture and luxury. Book a hotel in Shimla near Mall Road and enjoy the best food from Asia.

Baljee’s and Fascination

One of the most fun-filled restaurants in town, Baljee’s and Fascination is a restaurant that doubles up as a snack shop. An amalgamation of Italian and Indian cuisine would greet all those who enter the restaurant. Book stores and other shops greet visitors as the restaurant is located in one of the busiest corners of the Mall Road. Get a chocolate éclair along with a quick bite to eat and explore Shimla. Shimla hotel booking can be done with ease if advance bookings are carried out. The place gets crowded beyond control during peak season as it is one of India’s most popular travel destinations during summer time.


Located within the Oberoi Hotel in Shimla, Cecil is a luxury restaurant that brings its guests a wide choice of curries and breads. Also, the restaurant is known for its luxurious ambience and offers some of the finest views. Also, there is a wide choice of champagnes and wines for the guests and visitors to treat themselves to. Enjoy the very best of Thai and Indian cuisine in Cecil and appease not just the belly but also the soul. Shimla hotel booking can be carried out with ease by opting for advance bookings before the trip gets underway. Make it a point to make all arrangements beforehand as Shimla is one of the most crowded hill stations in India during summer time.

Indian Coffee House
The Indian Coffee House is one exciting South Indian-themed restaurant that is serves excellent filter coffee. Sip it slowly for the taste of it needs to be savoured. Located on the Mall Road, the restaurant is also known for serving some exceptional South Indian delicacies, right from the good old dosa to the rich and tasty idli. This restaurant in Shimla is a must visit for all who wish to enjoy the sight of Shimla’s hills whilst enjoying some hot and tasty filter coffee. Book a hotel in Shimla right away because the peak tourist season is about to commence,

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