Best Places To Visit In March In India To Enjoy Last Leg Of Winters

Winter time in India begins in November and goes on till March. There are various exciting places in India (in the North) that encounter an extended spell of winter. The likes of Dharmashala and Dalhousie, among others, offer ample opportunities to people to enjoy the last leg of winter.  Summer begins making inroads in India as soon as March begins. Therefore, it is a given fact that people looking to enjoy the last leg of winter can definitely make their way to the hills in order to enjoy those strong gusts of wind.

Be it Lansdowne or Ooty, there is absolutely no dearth of tourist places in India for those who wish to experience the dying moments of the winter. Book the famous hotels in India to enjoy a hearty stay while enjoying the best services.

Here are some of the most popular places in India to enjoy the dying moments of the Winter:


Mussoorie is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the North of India and is loved by almost everybody. Right from the Camel Back Road to the Gun Hill, there are various exciting destinations for tourists to explore in and around the area. Also, the food one gets in Mussoorie is just mouth-watering. Right from the street food, including boiled corn and eggs, to multi-cuisine restaurants, Mussoorie has it all for the masses. Book a hotel in Mussoorie this summer and enjoy the best services and amenities


Dharamshala is the ideal place for the tourists to go to if they want to enjoy the final moments of winter in the country. Dharamshala is known for its Buddhist look and feel. There are various Buddhist monasteries that have immense religious which the tourists would find in and around the region. Also, the temperature in March is quite cool and breezy, which means the visitors can enjoy a hearty time with family and friends in the region. Book a hotel in Dharamshala and enjoy a great vacation at one of India’s biggest summer hotspots.

Ooty is the queen of the hills and is one of the best places to visit in India if the idea is to beat the heat. The temperature in Ooty remains quite cool and breezy during summer time as the hill station is located in the Nilgiris District. Known for its colonial look and feel (and good food), the place is a delight for all those who wish to explore the southern part of the country. A prominent summer destination in colonial India, the city is known for its churches and lakes. Visit this place in summer by booking a hotel in Ooty at the earliest.


Manali is one of the most visited summer hubs in India’s north. Located in Himachal Pradesh, the town is known for the peace that it provides. All those who love picturesque towns with hills and greenery can give Manali a visit because this place would end up giving some of the international destinations a run for their money. Also, do not forget to visit Manikaran, which is a place of great religious importance to all. There are hot springs available at this Gurudwara, which means the tourists can stay warm and cosy even if the temperature drops drastically.


One of those very popular hill stations in the south of India, Wayanad is not a very cold place to be in terms of its temperature. However, the temperature remains cool and breezy during summertime as there is a lot of greenery around. Also, there is plenty to do for the touring parties in Wayanad, right from trekking to sightseeing and everything in between. Hotels in Wayanad cannot be easily booked once the peak season gets underway because people from various parts of the country come to Wayanad during March. Book a hotel in Wayanad and enjoy the best facilities and amenities this summer.


Sikkim is a less travelled destination and a lot of people are unaware of the locations it has in store because travelling from the north and/or south of the country is a real task. The distance that separates Sikkim from the north Indian states is immense. However, there are various flights that run from various parts of India to Gangtok. Known for its vibrant cultural festivals, food and tribal history, Gangtok is one of the tourist destinations in India that have been gaining popularity off late. Hotels in Gangtok are also easily available, but it is better to go for advance bookings.


An adventurer’s delight, Rishikesh is the ideal place to go for all those who love to live life on the edge. One of best destinations for holidaying in India’s north, what works well for Rishikesh (as a tourist destination) is the fact that its temperature remains quite decent during summer time. Just avoid this place during monsoon because rain might end up interrupting adventure sports and other related activities.

Munnar is one of the best destinations for holidayers who wish to explore the south of the country. Known for its clean roads, house boats, lakes and good food, the destination has a special place in the minds of all tourists and hodophiles. Munnar, much like Ooty, is a town with a colonial past. Old-school rails that run on steam form an important part of the city. Book a hotel in Munnar to enjoy the best services and amenities at affordable prices.

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