OYO Hotels & Homes Arrives in Gorgeous Scotland

OYO Hotels & Homes Arrives in Gorgeous Scotland

OYO Hotels & Homes is in Scotland now.

Hullo, Scotland!

We’re excited to announce that we have arrived in picturesque Scotland with our hotels in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. Ever since our inception, we have worked with small and midsize independent hotel owners around the world and empowered them with our operational capabilities and technology enabling them to compete with big hotel chains and achieve high occupancies and, therefore, yields. We are looking forward to engaging with independent hotel owners in Scotland and the rest of the UK to make them more competitive, help the economy and community to thrive.

We started in 2013 with 1 property and today, we host guests from around the world in over 23,000 hotels and over 850,000 rooms, and more than 46,000-holiday homes, adding over 80,000 rooms every month, globally. Every night almost 500,000 heads rest on a pillow in an OYO, a testament to the impact we are creating globally. We opened our doors to the U.K. in October 2018 –  our first market outside of Asia – and established an office in Edinburgh at the start of 2019 and unveiled our first property in Scotland, OYO St Andrews Hotel in Leith in February 2019. Our Scotland team led by General Manager Alex Robertson has attracted talent from well-known global organizations and we plan to double our current headcount as we continue to recruit in Scotland. 

Our success worldwide is made possible because of how we combine technology, revenue management capabilities, and operational expertise, to empower small and independent hotel owners to improve their financial returns whilst ensuring guests have a great experience during each and every stay. Our transformation and renovation team works with owners to transform their properties and improve the look and feel of a hotel and to increase its appeal to visitors. Our flexibility means that we can work with all types of hotels – business, leisure, metropolitan, rural, large or small – with the single aim of delivering value for hotel owners and customers alike.

OYO is backed by investors including Softbank, Airbnb, Sequoia and Lightspeed, plans to invest £40 million in the U.K. in 2019. Since being founded in India, by 25-year-old entrepreneur Ritesh Agarwal, we are today the world’s fastest growing hotel chain and the fifth largest hotel group in the world. Our launch in the U.K. marks a major milestone of our international growth. Jeremy Sanders, entrepreneur and co-founder of the restaurant chain, Coco di Mama, was appointed late last year to lead our business in the U.K.

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